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[Steins;Gate 0] Episode 16 everyone's impressions

Episode 16
"Altair of the Point at Infinity: Vega and Altair"

Rintaro continues his efforts to qualify to study overseas, which seems to trouble Mayuri. Meanwhile, Daru and Maho continue to develop the Time Leap Machine with little success when Rintaro arrives and discovers it. He then angrily rants about how it is impossible to save both Mayuri and Kurisu, and that he chose to sacrifice Kurisu in order to protect Mayuri and the Beta worldline. Maho counters that Steins Gate must exist, and they must merely discover the "formula" that will lead them there. With neither side backing down, Rintaro takes his leave and encounters Mayuri, who reveals that she heard his argument with Maho and Daru. She tells Rintaro that she regrets convincing him not to continue to try and save Kurisu, as she can tell he is still suffering and not truly happy in this worldline. 

Best episode of 0 so far. Last week I was kinda thinking that SG0 was moving very slowly compared to the original series, but now I think I'm realizing that this series is just one giant build-up to a huge climax.

Also if you don't know who Orihime-sama is, I was recommend looking at the Tanabata wikipedia page which explains the story. Although not necessary it explains the metaphor that this episode used describing Mayushii & Okabe's relationship

It's almost like Dejavu. A slow start following with one hell of an emotional rollercoaster in the second half just like season 1.

≫I think I'm realizing that this series is just one giant build-up to a huge climax.

That's definitely what they're doing. The next few episodes (if done well) are going to be pretty crazy and emotional. It's gonna be one hell of a rollercoaster from here on out.

Yea, this issue between the two of them is something that's been bubbling up for awhile and it finally spilled over in the sad emotional way I expected. Now that this has happened I 'm not surprised to hear things will start REALLY rolling from here.

Oh how I wish I had the will power to just wait for the series to end and binge it.

Fuck my heart can't take seeing Mayuri cry.

when Mayuri cries, i cry

Anyone who doesn't is a psychopath, tbh.

Ruka also looks good when crossdressi-

Oh wait.

Well, he just looks great in general.

I was still hoping for this

I am so confused right now.

I was confused why Ruka wasn't wearing a skirt, then I remembered.

When your neglect and lack of communication make the sweetest girl in your life cry.

Am I the only one who ships Okabe with Mayuri?

Definitely not

But most people don't

I never would've guessed that Daru would give us one of the most emotional and dramatic scenes so far. You could feel the frustration in him, Okabe, and Maho. Major props to all the VAs. I felt bad for Mayuri standing outside the room listening to all that.

Mayuri is the second most miserable character of the show, must suck to know that the reason your best friend/love interest feels miserable is because of you and not something you can fix.

Daru's voice actor fucking nailed it after he punched Okabe. Steins Gate, in general, has always been so good with the voice acting and delivering such great emotion.

If only he'd called 0kabe "zasshu".

I'm will never stop being surprised whenever I'm reminded of the fact that both of them share the same Seiyuu.

Good to see them really flexin' the all-star voice cast this episode, giving everybody the spotlight. Daru's outburst had me in tears when he was talking about how nobody is here for shits and giggles.

I really wish Last Game was still the ED theme though. Would've felt perfect right after Mayuri's big Arclight moment.

His VA did a fantastic job, a way better performance than what he gave in the visual novel which was honestly pretty surprising.

Damn that confrontation between Maho and Okarin was intense af

Honestly, each of the confrontations this episode were intense. Okabe vs Daru, Okabe vs Maho, even Okabe and Mayuri.

And he's been confronted by Suzuha recently as well. Though, much like the original, it's got to be Mayuri who ultimately makes him man up and do what he needs to do.

Great emotional episode, but while I generally don't like "comparing" people's pain, I gotta say Maho, even though I get where you're coming from, I don't think you can really compare your technical competitive failures of self-worth with Okabe's failures of seeing his loved ones die over and over and over (or the people he hurt)... so I don't think Maho can truly claim to understand Okabe's feelings here. Edit: Of course, I don't mean to belittle or make light of Maho's own struggles, but yeah, hope you see what I mean.

Gonna play devil's advocate for Maho here. I'm guessing that she had been the smartest person that anyone knew for basically her entire life until Kurisu shows up. Now, a girl that is only 17/18 is not only getting all the praise for her work, but actually doing everything better, faster, smarter than Maho can. I mean, Kurisu fucked around and built a machine that can send memories into the past. For someone who's entire life is based on their intelligence and academic achievements, it had to have been a huge blow. Now get this: it keeps on happening. She was constantly reminded that Kurisu was Superior when she was alive, and then she dies, but there are even more reminders everywhere that she can't solve a problem that Kurisu either already did or probably would've in a fraction of the time.

While I agree that she can't compare to the external emotional trauma that Okabe has had to endure, the effect on her ego and psychological state shouldn't be understated. The comparison between Mozart and Salieri from earlier is so fitting now.

Good Maho analysis, thanks. I don't mean to condemn or disparage Maho's own hardships, sorry. But yeah, I just don't agree with Maho using her own failures as a comparison with Okabe's and claiming she understands, that comes off as somewhat tactless. Again, I do get where she's coming from, though. But if Okabe pushed the subject further - even though he himself does need a push to try and stand up again - he probably could've "won" that argument with Maho.

Also, Okabe's emotional trauma isn't just external PTSD, it's affected his ego and psychological state as well, just pointing that out.

Man, the conflict is real. Okabe doesn't want to try again, but the world needs him to. And while Maho and Daru aren't wrong, they don't know the feeling of losing someone you love over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again. Okabe has already tried way too many times; the burden of being the observer of time is too great for one man to bear.

And this just reminded me of how badass Okabe really is. If you remember, one failure was enough to break Kurisu in the movie; nobody else would've lasted this long.

Also the fact that, if kurisu would have simply continued, she would continue to, without okabe. Its his friends which gave her more courage to try again.

I always thought suzuha should have travelled back in time, after making the time leap machine first, but that is another discussion.

People bash the movie a lot, but I'm glad it exists. Even if kurisu is put through a fraction of okabe's pain it still is a masterpiece in its own way.

Jesus Christ that was an intense episode, I'm a sobbing mess right now.

Seeing Okabe snap at Daru, then immediately yelling at Maho, and then Daru getting angry enough to actually PUNCH Okabe. Then to top it all off, Mayuri telling Okabe that maybe he should've saved Kurisu instead of her and how his eyes have always been full of regret and suffering because he saved her. This is the moment the waterworks started flowing.


I can genuinely say this is the episode that affected me emotionally the most! The perfect start to the END GAME, and a worthy carrier of the title "Altair of the Point at Infinity -Vega and Altair-", which actually merged parts of both "Arc Light" and "Vega and Altair".

The merging with Arc Light was done perfectly (not over yet), this is what we all wanted when we saw the first scene of the first episode 4 months ago. Can't freakin wait!!!


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