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[Overlord III] Episode 4 everyone's impressions

Episode 4
"Giant of the East, Demon Snake of the West"

Ainz disciplines Lupisregina for an oversight on her part; Ainz goes with Aura to investigate the Giant of the East and Demon Snake of the West. Meanwhile, Carne Village readies their defenses. 

Ains bullshiting his way to explain why he gave the red potion was awesome hahaha, i can never get tired of him doing that.

While everyone else is playing trifling mind games, Ainz-sama is playing virtual 4-D Space backgammon. How does he he do it? We may never know.

Imagine if Demi was in the room

"Two or three steps ahead? You insult Ainz! He thinks hundreds of steps ahead"

meanwhile ainz sitting there "uhh yeahhh let's go with that"

Usual Ains sasuga-ing his way to victory.

What I like about Ainz is that he's not an idiot, but he's also not usually the smartest guy in the room either, but he's still clever enough to bullshit his way through a conversation even if he has no idea what's happening. None of that generic light novel MC "I'm smarter than everyone without trying," nonsense.

"I'm still only 70 years old!"
"I love you the most Ainz-sama!"
"I love you, too, Aura"

Imagine FBI walking into Nazarick

He loves the NPCs like children. The light novel sometimes uses children interchangeably with NPC.

Which makes Albedo very... awkward...

It fills Ainz with regret. His change to her console is the reason why she isn't punished so heavily for assaulting him.

Ouch! For anyone in Nazarick, that must be the most painful thing Ains can say to them.

Everyone in the room pretty much freezes up when they hear that word, Nabe and the maid actually start shaking from his exclamation. Some parts in the novel have Albedo ask Ainz if they want the person killed on the spot. Ainz notices that he messed up in his communication realizing that as her boss, it was ultimately his fault. Initially Lupus still takes the blame and he actually has to convince her a little that it actually isn't her fault.

Actually Albedo was still in punishment after trying to rape Ainz from episode 1, she wasn't supposed to be in this scene it was anime original.

On today's episode of 'My Undead Skeleton Lord Can't Be This Cute!" Aura joins Ainz's harem.


Careful now. He kneecaps for that now!

Prefer Elder Litch, more gargeous! :D

Seeing Aura blushing is pretty cute.

Bad doggo!

"Oh shit did I just win the Ainz-bowl!? I didn't even know I was in the Ainz-bowl! Shalltear and Albedo are gonna be pissed..."

Best boy Demi cannot understand why Ainz does not want to serve Happy Farm products to his guests.

The way he worded that Humans should be happy with whatever they are served sounded almost like a threat.

Someone call the police on Ainz! he is molesting a child!

I always love how Ainz talks out of his ass to explain why he does things

I think I'm going to start calling Tuesdays "Bone Daddy Day." This show is so dang good.

i love that this show can sometimes make you forget that it is technically an isekai show.

Because it does something that most isekais don’t:

“Magical World” isn’t a setting, it’s a world. It has worldbuilding.

Setting up what’s normal in this world is great because the characters of Nazerick aren’t normal to this world in any way. Showing how the two worlds clash is fantastic.

I particularly like that it implies that an entire building got isekai'd out of the game and into the new world. Imagine one of the shittier isekais doing that, some random weebs house just showing up in fantasy rural england.

Seems like the 4th episode of every season is Ainz being a badass and wrecking stuff up. I just love that

Mainly because they've been adapting 3 volumes per season, so every 4th episode is the end of another volume. Every volume has at least one great scene haha

I just love that Lupu who is sadistic healer become a good puppy in front of Ainz when he's lecture Lupu

Fuuuuuuu why must we have to wait another week for the next episode....!

Looks like we're finally about to get some action. Cant wait to see how lupis fighting looks animated.

The episode didn't properly convey how tense the Ainz anger scene was. It's like the first time he's ever been angry at the NPCs.

Really missed an opportunity to sell that God complex by making everyone respond to his wrath with great terror.

I'm also surprised they gave the troll subjugation stuff half an episode. Feels sort of random what they choose to focus on.

I wonder if it’s lupisregina who is attacking the village at the end of the episode? Since Ainz said that only 3 people are important in the village, maybe she thought she can kill the rest of the village ?

Ainz asked if the naga had a troll subordinate, which seemingly he was going to have replace the giant and have them attack the village.

Lupis passed the first test by requesting to defend the village, from here we'll see if she lets everyone die besides the 3 she was told to protect or saves everyone.

As a LN reader i always feel that sometimes the events in the anime are too rushed and sometimes to slow (compared to the parts that are rushed). And it make me worry because i don't know if it's set in stone that we are getting more seasons. There's enough material for at least 2-3 more seasons but at the pace we are going i'm not sure if this season will end at the point i'm expecting it to end. And i really hope it does because that would certainly ensure more seasons to be aired :D

Interesting how nobody talks about the little sister... Ainz only mentioned 3 people but forgot the little sister. Oh boi...

Was an intresting episode, had fun elements, serious tones, character building, world building and Ainz with his pimp cane (I know, it's a mace).

Found it better paced and structured than the last episode (felt choppy and spliced together).

Hyped for the next episode, war is on the horizon.

How will Commander Enri handle the situation.

God damn it. This show is killing me. I almost never watch things that are airing live, but decided to make an exception for Overlord and the episodes always seem to end just as I'm really getting into the rhythm.



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