Wednesday, August 1, 2018

[Jashin-chan Dropkick] Episode 4 everyone's impressions [Dropkick on My Devil!]

Episode 4



i couldnt stop laughing because they actually did that

the madmen

Wow they actually went in order for this one! First half is CH26 & CH27 and the second half is CH28 & CH29.

It's hilarious that despite how bloody and brutal this show is to Jashin, they still changed the scene with Mei. Instead of throwing a telescopic sword, she actually shoots Jashin with her service firearm and grazes her tail.

Wait, why did they even do that? LOL. No wonder that I found strange that the officer was just casually carrying a sword.

Probably something to do with gun violence. Wait, this is Japanese, they know cartoon violence =/= real violence. Never mind.

having a cop wrongfully arrest the MC, then attempt to use a registered police weapon to then murder them during the illegal incarceration probably is a good thing they censored that ijs

*looks at America and the controversy with cops killing citizens at times using excessive force*

Ah yes, the "put your saliva on something you want" strategy, one of the most potent weapons of little brothers against sisters.

But not of little sisters against brothers ;)

Does Jashin get more bearable later on? Does she develop redeeming qualities or is she a piece of sh*t for the entire run?

She reminds me of an Umaru without the humour and with the shitty personality pitched to max

Yurine is great tho I wouldn't mind a spin-off with just her and Medusa

I doubt it, the point is making her as much of a scumbag as possible so then Yurine punishes her with brutallity.

That way it feels deserved so you dont feel bad.

At least thats what i get from this, might need a manga reader to answer.

Minos is such a fun character, I wonder when we will have an episode that is more focus on her.

Yea I know we’re still fairly early on but I feel like we could do with more of Minos and most of the side characters really, they’ll run the Jashin/Yurine dynamic a bit thin if they keep relying on it so heavily in my opinion

Do they ever explain why none of the pedestrians find it weird that a naked half snake girl is walking around the city?

They probably think she is a cosplayer or something

I’m really glad they explained what a wood chipper does, I would’ve been totally lost without that

Also I love just how much of a scumbag Jashin is, putting that kids toy in her mouth so he wouldn’t want it back was great

I want a full episode with Medusa in, why do they keep throwing in the best girl for only 5 minutes at the end of each episode :(

They are always the best 5 minutes every week tho
Passive-Aggressive Medusa wow not even Jashin is bitchy enough to handle that side of Mei-chan.

I never expected Tachibana Mei to grow up into a obsessive otaku cop..

Mei Tachibana

Knew I had heard that name in another anime.

I always liked her name. Came to realize the name Tachibana itself is apparently fairly common as it keeps showing up across anime/manga series.

Potential comment face to update the "mods" modabuse pic

I think it is first anime for me where someone loves to be tortured by others. God dam you Jashin-chan.

P.S OK can someone explain why Yurine is wearing eye patch. I know she is wearing because then she was summoning Jashin-chan her eye was damage, but now in this episode in shower segment looks like her eye is ok or isn't.

The head dropping scene was terrifying as fuck

That crappy flute music in the background kills me every time. 🤣

I had to pause after the English scene. The hardest I've laughed at anything in anime for quite a while.

The "translations" the show provides, along with the over the top YES and NOs feel like they should be getting their own mention on this sub as a streamable clip or something.

This reminds me of Mashiro and her Nessies

She's going straight into that wood chipper, isn't she?

I like how Yurine beats the shit out of her right there in the police station and the cop doesn't even care

Oh my god, she's a chunni cop. And she has the same name as the main girl from Say I Love You.

HAHA I knew she was gonna say "my heart." This lady is a riot; Jashin is adorable though so I don't blame her.

Carrying a sword around, she really is chunni. She's also a fucking psycho, holy shit.

I guess that makes me a freak too, Jashin is a cutie (even if she is a jerk)

I want to make Minos howl

So is that a girl or is this a Gasper situation?

Jashin's imagination is hilarious

Stop pranking the cinnamon roll!

Oh shit, she actually made her mad. You're in trouble now.

DAMN, she even got me! That was good payback.

Good for Medusa getting Jashin-chan back for that prank. That cop was one big werido and I like how Jashin-chan roommate only wanted her back so she could do the chores.

I didnt know cows howled at the moon. But it was cute af

Also I hate characters who are dicks to other characters for no reason and never learn and basically have no character progression. I also hate the enablers too. I hope they stop with the Medusa/Jashin stuff. Hopefully they both learn after their tea party

I wouldn't expect the dynamic between Jashin and Medusa to change, they already mentioned this episode that they've known each other for centuries-- Jashin is one of the few people aware of 'passive-aggressive Medusa' who only comes out every 1000 years or so.

This is the gimmick of the show, Jashin is an asshole but immortal so she can't die which allows Yurine to constantly kill Jashin for being a bitch.


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