Thursday, August 2, 2018

[Angolmois: Genkou Kassenki] Episode 4 everyone's impressions

Episode 4
"Back to the Capital"

Jinzaburou kills Ginshichi and sends the wounded Teruhi back. Then, throwing caution to the wind, he leads the night attack on the now prepared Goreyo forces. Onitakemaru opens a path through their defenses, but the Goreyo Cammander, Kim Bang-gyeong and the Mongol vice-Marshal Liu Fuheng are unperturbed, suspecting they are under attack by only a small Tsushima force. Having caused enough fear and damage, Jinzaburou orders a retreat, even after hearing the cries of the Sasu village women and children held captive. Suddenly, a small Toibarai force assaults the Goreyeo soldiers with arrows, giving Jinzaburou's men an opportunity to rescue the villagers. Before they retreat, the Toibarai commander, Nagamine Hangan, tells Jinzaburou they are acting under orders from Japan. Meanwhile, Liu Fuheng wants to capture the fighter who slayed their general days earlier and decides to pursue Jinzaburou himself. He first encounters Onitakemaru, then is confronted by Jinzaburou, but is prevented from chasing them into the night by his men. The Mongol army Marshal, Hindin, is advised by his priest that they should leave for Hakata in 7 days, so Hindin decides to continue his invasion of Tsushima. Meanwhile, while returning to the capital, Jinzaburou supports Ginshichi's son Sasamauru from being bullied by the other Sasu survivors.

Probably the most undeservedly underwatched show this season. The filter is a little off-putting, especially this episode where all the action was at night making it even harder to see some things. But the pacing is great, the fights feel authentic, and the art - especially the character art - is fantastic.

I really wish we could binge it all or have longer episodes. It's that kinda show where you need way more than 20 minutes to take everything in. Would love to get a backstory on how MC is so good with the sword/his training growing up

I was surprised at how much of the gore was on display, so used to shows these days trying to shy away from it by angling the camera away from the wounds.

Be that as it may, I have noticed an obvious decline in this episode in overall animation quality, most obvious in the forest scenes.

A really big fan of our two MCs, hope none of them die...

The first scene of the series had the MC about to come under a hail of arrows. Hope that isn't what happens.

Yeah, that is why I am not really expecting both of them to survive u.u

Has any scanlating group picked this manga series up? I love historical Seinin, and this seems like a series right up my alley.

I’m really surprised to the genre isn’t more popular

Why is this anime underwatched? It's amazing.

The filter has been mentioned before but yeah that, the animation isn't great in fact it's really crappy at times and these types of shows don't tend to do well especially in this subreddit.

Still enjoyable but I wouldn't say its a must watch this season.

Because it's quite lacking in quality. I was happy to see a historical anime about the Mongol invasion of Japan because I love history and the topic is one of my favorites, but the show just doesn't hold up for various reasons. The battles are unrealistic and unclear, for example. I could explain this anime's shortcomings in-depth if you want.

Really like the princess, I knew she wouldn't die but still makes me happy that she survived. ^_^

same, really like the sexual tension between her and MC. When she got annoyed that his clan healing method was for everyone and not unique for her haha

Another grat episode! I'm in love with the opening theme! So good.

Man that after credits scene :(

Also barely even 3 days have passed since the guy who went to get reinforcements left. Now they'll have to survive for 4 more days without a place where they can defend and stay safe. This show is really getting more and more interesting.

≫Barely even 3 days have passed since the reinforcements guy left.

The Mongols landed on Tsushima on the night of the day he left. The first day was what was shown on episode 2 and episode 3. The night raid takes place on the night of that same day. They are watching the capital burn on day 2.

Also, and this is pure speculation, something tells me the guys isnt going to send reinforcements, he just wants Jinzaboru to hold them for that amount of time so he can prepare the defense of Mainland Japan. If you want to put your hopes on outside help, I'd rather rely on the purple guys.

Was not expecting back up but they came at a great time. Really like the fight between Kuchii and that mongol general. Damn did not expect that post ED stinger.

I really hope the kid ends up killing Jinzaburon, not out of malice or anything but just because it would be highly poetic.

It reminds me of Vinland saga, only in that series the kid is the protagonist.

i feel like it would be pretty difficult to hold enough of a grudge to warrant killing someone in those circumstances, since ultimately his anger would be entirely misdirected if he killed jinzaburo

He's a kid whose father was killed trying to save him. That's a life long grudge right there.

He’ll grow up and realize that the real enemy were the Mongols for putting his dad in that position

After amazing ed music came after credits scene...I was expecting something will screw their initial plan, but damn.

Jinzaburo is a great man.He knows how to be a true leader. Really want him to survive. Him chewing grass and slapping it on everybody including princess made me laugh.

Great episode. Definitely can look forward to next week


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