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What is a cool anime fact you know?

Title. A fact that you know of a anime. Maybe it had to do with the process of creating said anime, or how it came to be.

If I had to contribute. I read somewhere that ReZero in terms of LN rankings was below the top 200 light novels when it was decided it will have a anime adaptation. Correct me if I'm wrong.

The undervaluing of anime began in the 60s when Tezuka tried to sell Astro Boy to a broadcaster who at first estimated 300,000 yen per episode, which was in-line imported American cartoons. But anime production was more expensive than that. In the end it came around 550,000 yen per episode, which was too little, but Tezuka tried to have anime more attractive by being cheaper than live-action which averaged at 600,000 yen. Other people in the industry resented him for that move.

And of course it was too little. Tezuka cut down on everything he could. From not paying himself for adapting his own work to not having enough staff for production and running on low-funds after just the pilot. This lead to him to outsource work to people who were already employed elsewhere and basically freelanced in their off-work time.

This also started Miyazaki's dislike of most anime and desire to make the highest budget and best projects he could make since he's been criticizing Anime since the 80's for their overreliance on cost saving measures.

Episode 31 of Space Brothers has the first voice acting ever recorded in outer space.

Oh yeah that guy who does like a conference/seminar at Jaxa?

It was pretty amazing.

The K-On! Girls, who in real life had no musical experience, learned the instruments their characters played so they could perform as a proper band at concerts.

"Mio" even made the effort to learn bass left handed like her character, depsite being right handed.

thats actually really amazing

Also, Mugi's VA Minako's last name is also Kotobuki, and she is younger than Mugi. She was familiar with piano when she was younger, just like Mugi and she play some of the difficult parts that are meant for other instruments in live concerts. She is also Asuka's VA.

Daisuke Ono, a very famous Japanese voice actor and the official voice for Jotaro Kujo from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, only entered in the "seiyuu's" world just to dub his favorite character in the high school.

That character was none other than Jotaro Kujo himself.

That's so cool, I'm glad he decided to pursue it because he's the perfect Jotaro IMO

Totally agree! I can't think in another one to voice Jotaro Kujo. He's acting is perfect, as Takehito Koyasu is the definitive DIO.

This one is pretty cool. The almost 2 meters tall layout for Violet Evergardens first tráiler

Not related to the production or anything, just a cool detail I found out about :

In Neon Genesis Evangelion there a lot of scenes of Shinji just listening to his SDAT (walkman-type thingy for music). He is always listening to track 25 and 26 on loop. (weird when you think of what episodes 25 and 26 were)

And in Rebuild 2.0, right before the plot completely breaks from the original series, Shinji's SDAT starts playing track 27, prompting a really confused reaction from Shinji.

Detective Conan's mangaka was once married to Minami Takayama, who voices Conan in the anime.

Bakuman IRL?

It took 70 animators to animate Akira. Over 300 colors were used in the movie, and they had to create 50 new ones just for the film. Additionally, they used 24 frames a second. The movie is 2 hours and five minutes long, which is 7500 seconds. That's a total 180,000 frames. I don't know if that's a big deal in the animation world, but that's a lot of frames. No wonder the scenes were so fluid.

≫Over 300 colors were used in the movie, and they had to create 50 new ones just for the film.

I don't know what that means, but animating one ones (24fps) is a rarity in anime. Disney does it, but they don't do background animation.

Originally Elfen Lied (anime, not manga) suppoused to have good ending, but studio changed their plans.

Oh, did they not like their current vehicle of transportation through common air space? I guess you could say a purchase really gives one a change in perspective then.

It's not important at all and a very small detail, but since HxH is popular, I guess I'll post it here.

In Yorknew City, Kurapika meets with several characters, 2 of which are named Basho and Baise. Without going into spoilers about who they are, Baise looks an awful lot like the french word for "(romantic) kiss", which is baiser. It's safe to assume Togashi named this girl like that on purpose (it's also a much dirtier slang but that wasn't the intention). Basho is the name of the most famous Japanese poet, which once again fits the character pretty well and shows Togashi kinda likes making up new side characters.

Dragon Ball Kai's Buu saga was not supposed to be released in Japan but was instead planned entirely for the foreign market. Toei changed plans, however, due to the failure of the Toriko anime and quickly replaced it with the Kai Buu saga. For this reason, you can hear parts of the OST use Fight it Out, the original/foreign OP, instead of Kuu Zen Zetsu Go, the replacement/Japanese OP.

Saiyans are all named after vegetables. Frieza's henchmen, fruits. Ginyu Force is dairy, Namekians are types of slugs, GoDs and angels are types of alcohol, Universe 11 is named after kitchen appliances.

Toriyama loves doing this.

Everyone who works for Freeza is named after a food that you keep refrigerated.

OG FMA. Sorry for some mistakes. The story behind russian song (Brothers or Kyoudai) in scene of burning house. All orchestral music for this title was recorded in studio located in Moscow, so representative of Sony Music decided to record one song in russian. They brought original text in japanese, translated it on the spot and then recorded in the same studio. I think it’s kinda awesome, you know.


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