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[Sword Art Online Alternative Gun Gale Online] Episode 12 - FINAL everyone's impressions

Episode 12

Pitohui's attemt at killing Llenn with her own weapon backfires when P-chan self-destructs, but she still manages to put a stop to Llenn's counterattacks before killing M for his betrayal. However, Fukaziroh manages to give Llenn the opportunity to deal Pitohui a fatal blow, reminding her of their promise before finishing her off. After Squad Jam 2 ends with Llenn's team ending up in second place due to a sneak attack by the remaining team, Goushi invites Karen and Miyu to meet with the real-life Pitohui, explaining how he formed a masochistic relationship with her. Goushi brings the two to Elsa Kanzaki's, where it is revealed Elsa is Pitohui herself. Although Karen had already figured out Pitohui's identity due to Elsa and Goushi knowing details that they would only know from reading her fan letter, she is taken aback when Elsa kisses her. A post credits scene shows LLENN and Pitohui back in Gun Gale Online as they enjoy the game again together. 

T-S mercilessly shooting them in the back is truly a testament to a winning battle royale strategy.

It’s that strategy that gave me the only win in pubg I ever got.

It's detestable, but no one can deny how fucking effective it is. There's a lot of youtube videos out there with newbies getting into second place in PUBG with no weapons. Just real camping style.

Funny how in game we hate that strategy but IRL it would be best one to have unless you are immortal.

And also I had one Fortnite game like this for fun. No weapons, just camping, then I danced with last guy, he shot me and won. Oh the times... :)

Did some of the crowd just gave the winners the finger?

Yeah, the LN alluded to the fact that the winning team couldn't go back to the bar because they'd be lynched if they did xD

Well, yeah. Doing barely anything and killing the 2nd place winners is just scummy. I'd even understand that of a sniper but people in what looked to be powered alien armor who could probably tank bullets short of a point blank sniper rifle? Fuck them.

They beat literally 2 teams; The Machinegun Lovers (because they ignored the satellite scan saying they were behind them, thinking it impossible and a system error) and LF (By spraying them down just after the fight with PM4). The rest of the time they were just riding around on bicycles.

They were not popular at all.

To those wondering, the anime adapted the first three volumes.

There are currently 7 volumes of Alternative.

LN 1 - 1st Squad Jam
LN 2-3 - 2nd Squad Jam
LN 4-5 - 3rd Squad Jam
LN 6 - Side Story
LN 7 - 4th Squad Jam (first part)

To those not liking the 2nd Squad Jam due to the whole Pitohui thing, the latter Squad Jams goes back to casual fun like the first one.

Does Fuka participate alongside LLENN again, or does she go back to being a side character?

Fuka always joins in every Squad Jam

LLEN... I'm gonna protect you.

P-chan and LLEN's bond is lowkey one of my favourite things. LLEN’s a badass till the end, I love it. What a way to win, LLEN. That’s savage.

P-chan died for her sake. Twice.

That was fucking stupid. Absolutely anti-climactic end to the Battle, Fuuka cutting off LLENN's hands, LLENN finishing off Pito with a bite to the neck, the reveal of M's name, the whole deescalation of Pito wanting to kill herself, all of it was fucking stupid and I love it!

Seriously, what a great goddamn show! I'm genuinely impressed by how they managed to keep that delicate balance between "Taking itself too seriously" and "So stupid it's impossible to take seriously". Characters were also super fun, with Fuuka managing to steal all of the spotlight the moment she became the main cast member. Really hoping for season 2, just because I want to see more of their crazy shenanigans!

Season 2 with more Elza interactions with Karen fucking when?!

≫more Elza interactions with Karen fucking when?!

Pretty sure you missed a comma somewhere in that sentence, but I wouldn't mind the alternative...

LLEN is what Killing Bites is!

[[Go for the throat]]

That was an incredibly fun ride! Appropriate end to SJ2, the meet up was satisfying (even though I think everybody had figured out Elsa was Pito). I really hope they give us a second season!

Lmao . The group of Samus's stole the glory. Not gunna lie, this show blew past all of my expectations. Action was great especialy when the music starts to kick in. One of the shows that i got hyped the most for every week.



The trophy, not the glory. Everyone who cares about this tournament knows they just tricked their way to victory.

Men and women dressed in black should be careful of firing weapons that were in the hands of enemies.

But this episode should've been called Psycho LLENN. Has her hands cut and herself kicked so she could bite Pitous neck and ultimately chomps her to death like some animal, that's metal.

I was really impressed by the series. It was an amazing, fun ride that fully committed to be that. The characters were fun, the humour was fun, the battles were uncompromising and fun. I would be glad to have more of this.

  • What's with the Star Wars references in this show lmao
  • Fucking christ, LLENN-chan straight up bit Pitou to death after she let Fuka cut her hands off. Most hardcore loli of all time
  • So, M-san was actually an overweight stalker and of course he'd enjoy Elsa's punishment. He's lucky as hell that he's become her manager despite that past (even if he's actually her lapdog). Dude's living the dream. The creepy-ass big boi from Perfect Blue must be living vicariously through him
  • The yuri ending I never knew I wanted!
  • Also, major props to Tomori Kusunoki, who did an outstanding job as LLENN-chan and Karen (and lent her vocals to that catchy ED too). For someone who's new to the scene, that's impressive
God bless this show. I'm gonna miss those precious murderous lolis. I need a S2 or at least cameo appearances in SAO.

Holdup. Same VA does LLENN and Karen? Damn.

And P-chan.

And she was the person making the "pew pew btoom btoom" sound effects in the recap episode.

As an LN Reader, SAOGGO Alternative's adaptation was an enjoyable ride. It was fun seeing people in the comments in the earlier episodes theorize and speculate on the real Identity of Pito, and this finale gives the answer. This was such a rollercoaster of fun to watch, and now that this Side story over, We now have to wait for the upcoming Alicization Arc of the main series this coming October. This was enjoyable from start to finish, no doubt.

≫speculate on the real Identity of Pito

Honestly, does anyone not see it coming? Kanzaki Elsa was mentioned countless times in the beginning and Karen sending letter makes it more obvious.

Two things made it quite obvious, Pito not being able to compete on the first SJ due to a prior engagement (which she lied about), M appearing out of nowhere knowing Karen was LLENN, and the fact that Karen is only participating in the first Squad Jam because she didn't get tickets to Frozen Elsa's show in the first place, the first two are what really give away the twist tho.


Manager almost bamboozled me thinking "Pito is not Kanzaki Elsa?! What?"

Then we have Pito being a Bi, suddenly kissing Karen. I can't tell now if Pito is scary or amazing... probably still scary.

Looking forward to S2 with these amazing characters again. For now the wait for Alicization in a few months begins.


Wasn't that easy to figure? I had a hunch the moment Llenn thought it stood for mapper and he was flustered, and was certain the moment he said he loves insane Pito.

Wow, when Pito recited the Erlkönig her german pronounciation was absolutly terrible, still gave me flashbacks to 7th Grade though when I had to learn the whole thing :D

Cool Episode nonetheless, I have to admit the show was pretty good overall!

That was probably my favourite example of a video game anime. It was so over the top that it bordered on comical, but the VR platform allowed it to keep some level of intensity. Even if it's fake, you're still face to face with Pitou being fucking nuts.

I also thought that a crazy person who admired SAO to the point she would kill herself to imitate it was a good way to introduce stakes to the tournament, without actually emulating the other game in GGO.

I honestly enjoyed this episode so, so, sooooo much, especially because we got to see a badass LLENN, and y'all know I love some badass LLENN. The only problem I had with it, however, is that we quite obviously already knew the identity of Pitou. Pitou, you're precious just like LLENN and literally everyone else in this ily. You just didn't get the stuff you needed because it was way too obvious.

I loved this so much, including the entirety of the anime itself, the adaptation, in my opinion, was a really good one. I hope we get something related to a season two or at least an OVA of the next SJ's, because I need it to satisfy my heart. Fuuka!! Fuuka!! I loved Fuuka, too, in this episode. We saw a laughable Miyu, as always, in the 'real life' part of the episode, especially in the bit where M was talking about stalking Pitou, and Miyu said, "Officer!" or something like that. Thank you, coolest and most comedic SAO character, for making me laugh a thousand times.

Who's LLENN when thicc M can obviously be your best girl?

Yuri end!
What a way to cap off the season. I had a ton of fun watching this show, LLENN was great all the way through.

Holy crap that fight was awesome! LLENN is an absolute savage.

Overall, i had a lot of fun watching this series and i really hope we get a season 2.


And wow that was a lot more brutal than I was expecting. Loved it though. Nice to see that Pito really was Elsa like everyone was speculating. As someone's who's always liked the world and ideas of SAO but hated Kirito, this series was exactly what I wanted to see. Hoping for a season 2!

Absolutely wonderful. Season 2 please. Please.

Real Pito is just as wonderful as I expected her to be. The final part of the fight was great, and the best part of all.

All the theories came true. M standing for Masochist. Kanzaki being Pito. (Though the bait with the manager having the same VA really threw me through a loop, I was 100 percent believing it till Karen walked up to Kanzaki )

10/10 Loved this anime so much. #LlennXPito #Canon #FukaXTheWorld

I wasn't expecting the side story to be this good, in fact it's probably better than the main storyline.

A perfect balance between action and comedy, really enjoyed this season, here's to hoping for a season 2

This was a great finale. Overall it was a fun ride.

Ah ... and Pito/Elsa is a cute crazy sadist.


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