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[Steins;Gate 0] Episode 15 everyone's impressions

Episode 15
"Recognition of the Asymptotic Line: Recognize Asympote"

God. They already developed a brainwashing machine.

My thoughts exactly. It makes it more and more convincing that the professor becomes the antagonist

Wouldn't this also mean that Maho is possibly apart of that group in the future, if she's the one that created the brainwashing machine?

That's what I want to know; What role does Maho play in the darkest timeline?

My theory is that she'll be integral in completing the Time Machine. I have no idea if they'll ever actually complete the Time Leap, but she'll adapt Kurisu's theory to help Daru in creating the endgame Machine. Whether or not she survives to see her work in action remains to be seen, we don't see her during Suzuha's flashback of when she left. Meanwhile, whoever is behind everything (Professor very likely) will use Maho's brainwashing machine.

It's because you lack confidence that instead of making the first move,you're waiting and hoping for her to.

I came here to feel, not to be attacked....
Also found it kind of odd how future Yuki seemed to be carrying grocery shopping in a run down city, not to mention teenage Suzuha geared up and carrying a gun.

The future is ruined but they still survive in the wreckage. Mayuri took Kagari to a hospital as a child, there were still doctors working and functional orphanages. Things get worse as time goes on, but when Suzuha was a child there was still a society within the warzone.

≫I feel far better than I ever did just sitting around waiting and not knowing.

I'm a random internet stranger, but I'm proud of you even if it didn't work out!

Thank you, kind stranger! I found myself saying the same things Daru did afterward, like "It was too good to be true", but now I know for a fact I am better off now than I would have been still thinking I had a shot.

This scene was so damn touching. I even had to shed a tear there, what a beautiful pic and episode! <3
But that ending with Kagari tho... I feel like shit is about to go down next week 🤯

I'm glad Suzuha got to have a picture with her mom where they're both smiling :')

I can feel Gilgamesh inside Don Hashida before he reverts back to Moe Moe Kyun mode.

Couldn't believe he also voiced Gilgamesh haha, him and Daru are so massively different. He also did Toji from Evangelion, Kogami from Psycho Pass, and Karl from Monster. His range is truly impressive.

LMAO that airport arrival scene. Maho hidden behind the suitcase was genius.

She's on the Mugi workout routine probably

I'm impressed she managed to carry those. xD

Hiyajo being able to sort of brainwash Daru is quite scary…

I loved that Suzuha had a similar reaction - she looked at the brainwashing machine with disgust. Understandable, since it seems she saw many of her friends get the advanced version of that treatment.

Rimi what are you doing here?


This is probably the last time we'll be happy for a while. Damn. God fucking damn.

is the anime "finally" reaching the turning point, similiar to what happened with episode 12 in OG Steins;Gate? (I'm anime only)

There were a couple of moments that felt like that, but then the next ones were again lighter, so there is not a definite "SHIT GOES DOWN" moment yet. But yeah, 1-2 eps max shit is going down for real I bet... XD

Just my opinion, but I really desire more plot driven episodes in this series as of late, so not exactly the kind of episode I was wishing for. Still a solid episode however.

I agree, I was slightly disappointed with this ep. But as we know, light and fluffier eps like this are often followed by soul-crushing ones. I think closing the ep with Kagari watching them is a good sign. But yes I'm also hoping all the subplots will start to converge and progress in a more concrete way soon.

I had hoped we would spend quite a lot of time seeing the world collapsing into WW3 and the aftermath. Now, with ep 15 still set a couple months after ep1, and barely a year (?) after the kickoff point of Steins;Gate, I'm worried it won't happen at all, or it will be relegated to the few last episodes and run the risk of being very rushed.


Probably my favorite one since FMA haha. It fit them so well!

A bit of a slow episode but it was good character development. Both Daru and Suzuha have new resolve and Kagari is creeping. Welp... happy episodes are always followed by shit going down so we'll have to see.

Daru giving the players the hot new pickup line. Will field test this weekend

I'm enjoying seeing Daru and Okabe change and mature a little. Both are finding ways to be more confident about themselves, which is interesting since we see glimpses of the adults they become. Nice little slice of life romcom episode before stuff hits the fan?

Honestly, the payout if someone reciprocates to your 'Moe Moe Kyun' is HUGE and probably worth the 20 wtf?? reactions you might get before it, good luck dude! ;)

That's why you whisper it into their ear. Not only does that reduce the reactions of the people around you, it also makes it incredibly sexy

God bless Steins Gate, for real.

I know is sad, but Steins gate is making my weeks happier ^^!

Damn, invisible ninjas are chopping onions

This was a fantastic episode! (After I got to watch it again without distraction). We didn't see this kind of interaction from Daru/Suzuha/Yuki in the novel, this was really great as development especially for Daru. We saw a new face of his today for the first time. It might feel like a filler, but it's far from it. And finally, the way Daru clenched his hand thinking about the future, and Suzuha turning around after saying goodbye.. It feels like they're now ready for the next stage.

This is interesting, and a pretty good episode, and I had fun watching all the interactions... But does anyone feel like we're running out of time? This is episode 15 already, and there are only 23 episodes in Steins;Gate 0. I can't help comparing it to where the original series was by this point in its run, and it feels like the original series accomplished so much more, and so much more efficiently.


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