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[Steins;Gate 0] Episode 14 everyone's impressions

Episode 14
"Recognition of the Elasic Limit: Presage or Recognize"

As months pass with no sign of Kagari, Daru and Suzuha try to ask for Maho's help in building a time leap machine. Meanwhile, Fubuki is once again brought to the hospital, where Rintaro runs into Leskinen. Back at the lab, Suzuha, who had picked up Kagari's Oopa toy, is attacked by a brainwashed Kagari as she comes to reclaim it. Realizing that Kagari was already brainwashed before travelling to the past, Suzuha and Daru once again ask Maho, who is encouraged by Amadeus Kurisu to return to Japan and help them with the time machine.

Suzu is pretty clever for setting up that shower distraction tbh.

I fell for that so hard.

Then again, I was somewhat hoping to see Suzuha fight Spartan style...

Rest in peace, OOOOOOOOORRRRBBBBBIIIIIITTT OF PHOTON AND UNIVERSE. New visuals/second verse for Fatima and the new ED, World Line, are fitting for the start of the second cour though. Hoping second part of 0 can live up to the hype of the second part of the original.

The new ED has too much breaks and key switches, it ruins the flow of the song and doesn't make it really memorable... and IMO the lyrics also sound kinda weird, not sure if they used Engrish phrases again..

Visuals are bland, which isn't really that of a problem for an ED (even the original S;G ED was bland), but compared to what we had with LAST GAME the difference is very notable...

Honestly the new ED straight up sucks ass compared to Last Game but maybe it'll sound better after hearing it more..

Yeah the visuals of the new ED look like they came out of a generic ED generator. Going from Last Game to this is such a downgrade.

Oh hey, they changed some scenes in the OP.

Wait nani the fuck?


Momma's coming to get you, Kagari!

Mayushii no don't go fucking around with timelines

You have like negative luck with this stuff and I will flip my shit if you die again

Amazing episode! I loved how they handled Suzuha and Kagari's fight.

Great subtle changes in the OP, loved it, can't contain my hype for what's coming. The ED is also great, that last transition to Kurisu's eyes was freakin lit! Production quality is still up there so that's reassuring!

That last Maho monologue was on point in preparation for what's to come.

We're there people. We're getting into the real 0 starting now!

I was watching the new episode while eating out and the moment I recalled what was about to happen with Suzuha and Kagari I actually thanked the... "censorship" or whatever it was it received. At least I wasn't watching the original awkward scene in public.

TIL in the week break, that Daru shares the same VA as Gilgamesh, cannot quite see him the same way anymore 😂

Holy shit. He sounds so different as Daru. The dude's got range.

Just here to say Kurisu looks amazing in this shot. I'd love to have a wallpaper of it without Maho (sorry maho but it's way sadder if you're in it)

I'm super excited to see what we get this cour, particularly with the whole Leskinen thing. Might just be a coincidence but I find it interesting that as soon as he returns to Japan Kagari comes back to the lab...hmm

Edit: Added it without subtitles

Kurisu basking in the light, Maho lurking in her shadow.

Inferiority complex is rough.

Oh, new sequence in the OP! Is that Mayuri inside the time machine???

Kagari being in the bike suit was a big surprise, but the scene was well done with her and Suzuha. It seems she rememberd something that is important to discover who's behind Kagari's brainwashing (I'm still suspicious from Leskinen and Reyes).

I liked the first ED more.

It really looks like Mayuri inside the time machine there. She looks so ... lifeless, like she has been brainwashed, weird.

When this will happen it will be badass and hype as fuck. Waiting for it since episode 1.

Btw this makes the prof really suspicious

Isnt is practically confimed that the woman in that shot was part of the group that assaulted Okabe+Daru+Green Hedgehog and the prof is evil in Suzuha's future?

I mean it hasn't been showed in the anime, just hinted. It was in the threads that someone picked a side by side frame of the professor with the old guy in kagari's future which is carbon copy. Unless White Fox is just fucking up with people, but that was a very subtle hint unlike the massive red herrings with the female professor or suzuha's mom.

Also professor being back in Japan and asking for private rooms in the hospital, then kagari shows up again..

Confused Kurisu is best Kurisu

any Kurisu is a good Kurisu

except dead kurisu. dead kurisu is no good.

Wowee, didn't expect to see that in the new OP visuals.

Leskinen just can't let go of his Young Japanese Einstein!

Nice episode, after a time skip of six months to correspond to the two-week break, we have Maho-tan back and some idea of what's up with Kagari.

So.. one thing I'm not sure about is what made Maho suddenly light up at the end and decide to leave for Japan. I mean, I know she realised she could also make a time leap machine using her own way instead of fully relying on Kurisu's, but I'm not sure what suddenly brought about that 'revelation'.

The ED.. is nowhere near as good as Last Game. And the lack of visuals is a little disappointing too. I hope it's changed or added to as we progress.

That Email title is so goofy, it fits Leskinen perfectly.

I'm glad they didn't change the OP too much. It's honestly one of the best I've seen. Also excited to start to see the pieces falling into place for Okabe to send the video to himself soon.

Wasn't expecting the Kagari reveal. I figured it would be the female professor.

I mean it it still probably will be the female professor

That was an good episode with how they did the scenes with Suzuha and Kagari (including putting some clothes on Suzuha unlike VN lol) but oh boy, after I finished the VN I'm feeling somewhat disappointed by the anime when before I was crazy about it. It's so strange.

Okabe is looking far more confident in the OP. Kyouma is coming back.

Nice to see them change the visuals of the OP and using the second verse of Fatima like they did for the original series. And while the new ED is a banger, it's gonna take a little while until it really grows on me because I loved the first ED.

I should've seen Kagari being in the bike suit coming (she did hold Suzuha at gunpoint after all) but it still surprised the hell out of me. It's interesting that they immediately suspect that someone else was attacking them in the street.

Suzuha in a belly free tank top tho

Suzuha never looked much like her mom to me, at least until this scene. What a great episode!

Great episode, I really like the new shots in the OP as well.

I really like how they're weaving supplementary stuff into the Zero anime. There were scenes from the Epigraph Novels and manga omake chapters this episode. The Zero VN was incomplete without knowing these extra details, so the anime really feels like a fuller experience.

When I read the Zero VN, I got a full experience out of it because I'd also read Ouroboros of the Binding Chain (Novel adaptation of the original VN with an expanded ending sequence), the original Epigraph novels that Zero is based on, and I'd listened to Drama CD Beta.

A lot of people felt like the Zero experience was incomplete or had parts missing, but because I had the information from these books and audio dramas, they filled in the blanks for me. The fact that the anime is actively taking scenes from other sources than just the VN and slotting them into the story is really making this the better way to enjoy the full story.

Lyrically and animation-wise I'm not fond of the new ED. Last Game was more engaging.


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