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[Steins;Gate 0] Episode 13 everyone's impressions

Episode 13
"Mother Goose of Distractive Recitativo: Distraction Mother Goose"

Despite Kagari regaining her childhood memories of Mayuri, who is informed about her future relationship with her, Rintaro and Daru remain curious about what happened during the past twelve years that she still doesn't remember. During an argument with her, Suzuha notices a contradiction in Kagari's recollection of their seperation, with Tennouji suggesting to Rintaro that it may be the result of brainwashing by a third party. The next day, Rintaro goes with Moeka to investigate an abandoned building located near where Kagari was found, discovering it to be a secret facility where Kagari was being held captive. Meanwhile, as Kagari heads towards a party held by Mayuri, she hears a song that causes more memories to resurface, at which point she starts hearing a voice and disappears somewhere. 


Never skip the opening, its so great.

I love the Messenger soundtrack at the end.

Great episode, one of my favorite.

Poor Kagari :(
≫Never skip the opening

Indeed. Because you never know... what dark secrets might be hidden away in it.
The movement they made was exactly the same too 0.o
I had a feeling it was him when I saw Kagari's report with the word Amadeus on it and that familiar old man. This confirms it. Never let a man between his Japanese shaman girls.
Do you normally skip the opening? I never skip the opening when I watch weekly anime. Binging is a different story though...

≫Poor Kagari :(

Hasn't had her memory back one episode and is already gone missing.
As a general rule, personally, I skip the OPs because of potential spoilers. There was one show that immediately comes to mind, that basically IMMEDIATELY spoils that a certain char didnt actually die in the first episode (even skipping the OP, you still get spoiled unless you manage to nail the exact length), so when the reveal happened in-show I was super underwhelmed.
That's true, but OPs (and EDs) are equally as guilty of lying and being misleading, so my general policy is to try not to read too much one way or another into OPs or EDs. Since you never know what kind of OP/ED you'll get, I'll just take my chances because I'd rather not miss a good or great OP and ED for fear of spoilers, personally.
Episode starts with a discussion of brainwashing and ends with Kagari activating like a sleeper agent. Welp. Seeing a grown woman act like a 10-year old was awkward as hell to begin with, but then this.

Amadeus System Sample K6205...this is probably wrong, since I haven't read the VN, but it sounds to me like she (and probably plenty of others) are being brainwashed and implanted with Amadeus for some reason. Maybe trying to bring Kurisu back by overwriting the human brain with AI? Waiting week to week for this is agonizing. I might have to get the VN just to get my answers!
I still haven't read the VN either, but I was having similar thoughts. However, the fact that Kagari looks so similar to Makise has me wondering if she's not a clone or something similar created for the express purpose of becoming Amadeus...
They can't be trying to get Kurisu back, since Kagari had memories from the future and Kurisu only died... not sure of the timeline, but it should be less than a year before, and the secret research center was closed 6 months before the current time.
I think they mean that 2036!Kagari was one of the experimental subjects. 2010!Kurisu has already created Amadeus, then was killed. In 2036, they suspect that she knew about time travel. So they try to put Amadeus into different people. (Remember how you couldn't travel further than two days since you would be too different? Most attempts would probably be failures.)
Okabe: Kagari is your daughter.
Mayuri: What?
Okabe: Time travel.
Mayuri: Kagari-Chan!~~
Yeah she seemed awfully accepting of the situation. :S

I was confused for a minute but I take it Mayuri does at least know the basics of time travel from the first season's 23β episode.
Mayuri is aware that time travel exists and some implications about the futures of her friends. However, she is expressly not aware that Okabe chose to stop time traveling once they got into the Beta field, and thus she isn't fully aware that Okabe sacrificed Kurisu to save Mayuri and that in Alpha Mayuri has a convergence point death in 2010. ALso note that Okabe keeps the secret of time travel from Luka as was discussed in previous episodes of SG0.
Guys, its a 2 week wait til episode 14 T_T

Hang in there with this cliffhanger, ok?

It will return on the 18th

At least they left us with a great episode or two to chew on.
Mayuri should know by now partys mean suffering
At first I was thinking "oh how sweet, this is gonna be so fun!" and then I remembered what show I'm watching.
Suffering;Gate 0
I knew that truck was up to something, they kept highlighting it.
So trucks aren't satisfied with just isekaing people these days, they have to brainwash people too!
Truck-kun has evolved.
Is this a world line where Mayuri never got into the habit of saying Tuturu when she enters a room or meets her friends?
This is the darkest timeline.
Kagari is Amadeus System Sample K6205! I don't know where this is headed, but at least it looks like we are getting Amadeus back into the picture soon.
I’m pretty certain that Kagari is the natural extension of the Amadeus Project - implanting an AI into a cloned body. Sure, you could give he AI a robotic body; but one of the big draws of Amadeus is that it almost is the person whose memories they are based off of. We spent 10 episodes or something struggling with that. So of course the research would lead to flesh and blood host bodies rather than mechanical like Westworld.
Holy shit, that ending sequence with the music playing in the background gave me chills.

After gathering some of my thoughts, I just want to highlight a couple revelations and theories from this episode. The Mozart truck looked quite eerie whenever it appeared (genuinely expected a kidnapping!) and I believe in the end, it served a purpose to link it with the Amadeus crew. We know Kurisu's interest in his music and perhaps it was played at the facility where Kagari was being treated, which brings us to my theory that the sketchy doctor in the future was Leskinen. How does this all link to her 12 year brainwashing and by whom, is still up in the air to me.

Wow, just wow.
Originial SG did the same thing with episode 9. That episode with the ending song sequence was on of my best "chills down my spine" moment
What I love most about Steins;Gate, they know how to close out a "Shit just got real" episode.
That reveal of that writing on the wall sent chills down my spine.
Mate, that moment was timed so well with the ending, as soon as Orbit of photon and universe kicked in and they showed us the whole floor and wall covered with Mom, I genuinely had chills running down on me. Such an epic moment! Also, Okabe's face just before we see that was priceless. I can't believe how good this series has been right from the beginning!
So much anime-original goodness in this episode!

Just like episode 8, I love what they've added. Fleshing everything out wonderfully. Kagari's attachment and familiarity with Mayuri, Suzuha's envy towards that (she never got to know her dad too well during her childhood, after all) and resentment at having to waste all that fuel and jeopardizing her mission, the mystery behind Kagari's upbringing from 1998-2011, the loss/alteration of her memories, and her eventual escape..

Moeka was a total newb at driving in the Alpha worldline back in the events of Steins;Gate; here in Beta she's a champ! Loved that scene with Okabe freaking out. NOOOOOOO! Also Moeka trekking in heels like the madwoman she is.

The ED insert was great, but nothing gives me goosebumps like Messenger playing at a dramatically climactic momento.
Nooooooooooooooooooo I was really enjoying the episode with happy Kagari and her change in personality and then we got depression once again.

Poor Kagari, what kind of terrible things has she suffered in her childhood???

Also, going fast in the mountains, left foot braking, handbreak and a red Honda (albeit it is a Fit instead of an EG6 Civic)... Moeka is Shingo confirmed?
Ironically been rewatchung I:D to pass the time between episodes xD
Is it just me, or has the art and animation really been on point the last couple of episodes?

Besides that, great episode with great moments in it. I can't wait to see where the story will go from here.
There is only one solution to all these problems Okabe and the gang face.

Stop hosting those damn parties, Mayuri. Every time you have one, shit hits the fan.
What an episode. I almost thought we would get a joyful party but instead got a chilling episode focused on Kagari...
So Mayuri probably shouldn't be allowed to throw a party....ever, they're like 0 for 5 on parties. This episode was reaaaalllly good. Especially with the ending as "The Last Game" was playing and they found Kagari's holding room! Ah! This anime is so good -^
I feel they tried to do too many things in a single episode.

Some of this episode, could easily be transferred to another episode to take the load off story telling.

Shit hit the fan, although not as intense as the first series. I Feel adapting this VN itself is a challenge, and should be handled somewhat like Amagami SS or Seiren.

That said, I bet even VN readers have no idea what comes two weeks later.

See you all in two weeks!

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