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[Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight] Episode 2 everyone's impressions

Episode 2
"The Stage of Fate"

I can imagine that some people are still majorly confused about this show and how this whole theatre and stage play stuff fits in there.

I advise people to take a look through this twitter thread which explains very well how this show tries to depict the Takarazuka music school and stage plays while also criticizing it. It's an incredibly competitive and harsh profession to take on but once you rise up, you've made it.

I love how you can see in this scene which person in their dynamic takes on which role. Maya appears to be similar to the otokoyaku ( female actor playing a male role who is also the top star ) but since she still seems to have most of her femininity I'd call it more of slight nod towards an otokoyaku and Claudine who fills the musumeyaku role ( female actor playing a female role ).

At the same time not only does Karen with her wish for everyone to be in the spotlight together defy this system, Juuna with her clear desire to stand out from the masses and to not give up after she lost seems to go against said system as well.

I can see Karen slowly reforming each girl's view on their self and this whole competition which then ends up with all the girls fighting alongside to completely throw over this system.

I never thought this anime will be about people against norm entertainment system before danm.

I don't know why I miss that when Karen mindset is opposite of Compettive aspect of profession.

that twitter thread is good

i just wish it wasn't a twitter thread -_-


I love how they are hyping her up so much. Definitely some kiryuin satsuki vibes from my fav lady.

I love Maya, she's got both elegance and swag, but not be a bitch.

Me: I wish for better subs


Thanks to the groups for their efforts, ep was more enjoyable with more readability.
Those duets bouncing off one another heavily reminded me of Symphogear's, especially DMJii's (Kirika and Shirabe) songs.

With Revue Starlight probably being only one cour, hopefully we can get to see other Revue transformations outside of Karen's soon.

I really appreciate they are color coding each girl's singing, makes it easier to follow when they are crisscrossing at times so that I can understand when one girl says something and the other responds.

Are you talking about starlightsubs? because HI dive didn't have the songs subbed

Yup, gonna be fansubs all the way for this show

These Revue sequences are masterfully done! If every episode is going to have one then I'll be spoiled rotten. I'm so in love with this show.

Imagine being the stage hands cleaning up after this episode.

I hope that giraffe have someone to help him. Lmao

Plot twist, the giraffe has to do everything himself. He curses those extra as fuck girls as he drags all the ruined props with his mouth to be disposed of, and cries while revising the budget for the next duel. His life is actual hell and someday he is going to snap and kick one of those dramatic brats in the face.

"I should have chosen a job that doesn't require hands."

Okay, I think I get this show now. So basically it's a commentary on the hyper-competitive nature of stage culture, about the struggle to get the top spot and the short-lived time in the spotlight most actresses get. Karen is fighting against all of this, because she wants everyone to have a fair chance at being a star.
Good stuff, I hope they can keep it up.

The big question for me is why the giraffe. Is it to do with the symbolism of reaching for the top, since their necks evolved so they could reach the leaves higher up? I can't think of anything else right now.

It's foreshadowing. The girls will have to grow extra long necks if they want to reach the goddamn tiara.

This show continues to be greatness. Second episode feels like its intended to take a step back and let viewers process what is going on while also delivering some nice characterization for Junna.
In doing so this episode arguably feels even more like Utena than the first. While in the first one the surreal elements were completely separated from normal start as a way to surprise you with them, with second episode the surreal weirdness is felt slowly seeping in into the school life segment(ex: the dancing segment in the school), which is an extremely Utena-like thing to do.

The second half of the episode with the fight highlights utena similarities even more since we get a confirmation of each Revue being themed after something and with visuals of the arena getting more ridiculous and surreal to fit the characters fighting. And the very end really makes me even more intrigued about the two rival ojousamas and their personalities - that little scene at the end certainly paints their interactions at school a bit differently.

I'm so in. This is easily the best show of the season and I can't wait for more.

≫each Revue being themed after something

I loved that in Utena, that each duel had its own unique song. Glad to see this show doing the same, with the arena changing too! (even if in this episode I found it a little hard to focus on four different parts of the screen at the same time :) )

Another super impressive episode, dominated by an incredible sense of direction and stage-inspired storyboarding. One of my favourite things this episode was being directed against what we're supposed to look at - for example, just before Hoshimi fainted, we were watching Mahiru walk in the opposite direction. There's so much conversation unspoken in this show, it's impressive.

And then the battle scene. Much like last episode's, inspirational, and proving it wasn't a fluke. If anything, this was more awesome, with the music veering into duet territory and beautifully matching the choreography of the fight. There was even time to develop Hoshimi's past amongst it.

Theater auditions being based on a secret fight clubs explains why British Actors are all so badass. I wonder how many people Sir Ian McKellen has slain over the years.

I am glad that Hoshimi wasn't just a starter episode 1 throw-away enemy to make a point, but has a continuing plot. The interactions between the characters, especially the couples, are also very fun and adorable.

The stage fight was once again amazing. Wonderful visuals, wonderful animation, wonderful choreography, the duet and use of the entire mystical stage setting. Especially how it told the backstory and motivation of Hoshimi without showing an actual flashback. The normal out-of stage parts are good by itself, the stage fights make it amazing.

This episode did almost the exact same things as the last one and I guess that's not the worst if you were in love already.

Personally I'm hoping this doesn't just take on this basic formula and works more with the interesting parts of the show, namely the auditions and that whole mechanic, the 'fights' are great and I'm enjoying the songs, but everything outside of that seems pretty standard and done to death.

Don't get me wrong, I'm having a decent amount of fun with the show, but I think it could do a lot more and I hope I don't have to wait many more episodes until we get it.

Both Acss and Starlight had great subs. If possible I recommend watching both of them! I really like the way Acss subbed Bakaren to Dorkaren however also liked how Starlight did the subs for the song.

Onto the show though, I absolutely loved the focus on talent vs hard work during this episode. Both Junna and Claudine despite working hard were taken down by those more talented than themselves. The episode was focused on Junna and her struggle and did a great job breaking everything done succinctly. I also really liked its final message, that even if you fail you can always try again. That's definitely something someone who goes through auditions has to keep close to their heart. For theatre and idols it takes numerous auditions and years of practice and failure till one truly makes it. I'm glad Junna recognizes that even when losing she can always come back to try again and again.
Final moments of the episode were especially hype, even acss subs bought into the hype by including that hilarious "THIS IS TENDOU MAYA" final frame. Definitely excited to see more from her.

Outside that I'm also interested to see more from Mahiru too. I really love her voice, it's her voice actresses first role and she is doing a great job, it's very unique and got a lot of personality to it.

Visually I also think the show improved on the transformation sequence, it seemed they added some extra details and lighting fixes to help make it pop more.
Overall, the show is still going strong and I can only see it getting better!

I get the feeling that Karen is the one to help people feel better about not making the audition while Maya is the one to put everyone down and be a diva about everything.

Yeah, that's how I feel too. Karen didn't win against Junna because she had more talent, but because her take on hard work (sometimes hard work doesn't work, but you just have to try again) won Junna over from her original outlook (hard work will always defeat talent, and failure signifies not working hard enough).

Me waiting for the OST and insert songs to come out.

This anime is seriously something else. The music is always on point, and those fight scenes are awesome.

I never give ratings before an anime is done. I wait till the very last episode. But this is a 10/10 unless they colossally fuck something up.

Once again, as per the last episode, the musical accompaniment in this series is just way too popping, following the scenes so intricately and really enhancing even the "lighter" moments where we aren't battling for the top. It made all of the character moments before the Revue so enjoyable and flow way more than if that attention to sound directing wasn't there, I hope they keep up the great work.

A fantastic second episode!

Not only wasn't Junna dragged to the shadow realm as I feared after she lost last episode, she got an actual fight with Karen and some story and development.

The show continues with its message of cooperation vs competition and I'm intrigued in how it's going to hold. Karen has become a proper participant after renewing her desire to fullfil her dream with Hikari, but doesn't that make her the same as the competitive girls, if more kindhearted and with less of a stick in her ass?

It reminds me of Utena on how Utena opposed what the duels stood for but she still blindy played the game, perpetuating the system until she finally realized what was going on, so I assume something like that will happen with Karen. Theater also has an inherently competitive side, so I guess there needs to be a balance.

The symbolism continues to be intriguing, as well as how the auditions work. Given how Giraffe seems to choose the match of the day based on who is feeling more passionate about her dreams at the moment, how is Maya even competing? She claims actresses don't have dreams, that's the opposite to what the auditions stand for!


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