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[Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight] Episode 1 everyone's impressions

Episode 1
"Stage Girls"

Alright, amazing first episode. I just love pretty much everything about it. I love the songs, the animation is epic and the aesthetic just looks nice in general.

Also, I can't be the only one who was getting major Utena vibes from the second half, right?

The director Furukawa has worked closely together with Ikuhara ( the man behind Utena ), especially at Penguindrum so I think he's another person to add to the people that were influenced by Ikuhara.

Personally I adore this approach, it's like the perfect amount of craziness that's not too much but still enough to make you intrigued.

I'm in the same boat as you, I pretty much adored everything about it.

The character designs, while nothing out of the ordinary come to life due to all the individual character animation which gives them so much personality.

Overall the animation and flow of movement even in slower SoL scenes is just too soothing on the eyes.

I'm a big sucker of ambient piano tracks, those that are just gently in the background so this is right up my alley. Same with the actual performances which are more akin to stage plays or musicals. Fujisawa & Tatsuya really are in their element here.

Add to this brilliant layouts, rather unique voices, incredible directing with symbolism and an overall intriguing premise and I'm so sold.

Holy shit, no wonder this felt like Mawaru Penguindrum with the weird giraffe, the 1st episode random dialogue bits that are obvious pieces of foreshadowing, and an underlying message.

Uhh... Am I watching Revolutionary Girl Utena right now?

Looking at the director, he actually worked with Ikuhara (Director of Utena) on Penguindrum and Yuri Kuma. I picked it up in the hopes that it may give a similar feel, and I am fucking pleased I did.

Definitely got some Penguindrum vibes from this premiere. I hope the show gets even weirder.

Damn, this score is fantastic, sasuga the composer for Houseki and YoriMoi

I recognised some similar musical cues to Houseki's score

This season is suprisingly full of great scores

God, I thought I was listening to the Houseki OST when she was on the Tokyo Tower for a second, looking forward to more songs since it's the same guy

God holy shit, I've rewatched the raws 3 times already, and now after finally watching it with subtitles, I'm even more hyped for this show!

While the opening bits seem kind of generic, there's some interesting bits of dialogue that may foreshadow events to come. If anyone can read what the words were on her phone, I'd love to know.

The battle and transformation sequence were amazing, the way they juxtaposed the mass production of the uniform with the glamour and seemingly "uniqueness" of the finished product is unsettling and has me excited to see if that gets explored further, as the Giraffe seemed to be critiquing the damage that the performance industry can take on the independence of young girls. The "sacrifice" of the hair pin is also interesting, as Hikari's pins seem to have expanded on her head, but Karen's was dropped in molten metal and became a literal crown. There's so much detail and possible foreshadowing packed just into this first episode, and I can't wait for more!

I'm pretty disappointed that they didn't subtitle the individual songs they were singing, instead opting for a transcription. I purchased a HiDive subscription just to watch this, but I may have to watch fansubs (if anyone is making them) provided they actually translate the lyrics. Seems important for an anime based on a musical.

Actually the worst part by far is the translation is done by Sentai's worst translator, who in the past has absolutely ruined every anime she's touched with numerous mistranslations per episode. I've already seen some pretty bad ones in this show just from random screenshots. People need to stop giving Hidive money until they fire her.

I heard that a dedicated group called StarLightSubs will try to sub the episodes as soon as they can including song lyrics.

They also seem to sub the actual live concerts so we should at least get a proper version at some point.

Hooooooly macaroni that was much, much, a thousand times MUCH better than I expected.

The characters are very likeable from the start, the music is really good, the art reminds me of iDOLM@STER, and we got Kenjirou Tsuda voicing a character despite being a creepy giraffe.

This is gonna be one of my most looked forward shows of the season.

Fantastic first ep. After bingeing through nearly every summer show minus some sequels I havent seen originals too I can say this is likely my favorite first episode of them all. The transformation sequence was like nothing I've seen before. The animation was quite fluid throughout and the battle was exciting. The music, especially piano, helps lend a sense of classiness to everything going on at the school. Definitely want to rewatch the episode already. Only thing I didnt like that much was the character designs. For a show this unique I was expecting more flashier looking characters as well. The characters here have bit more of a plain faced idol look though which I think clashes with the story. I do love the costume design however and am excited to see this story unfold.

Also, probably cause I've been watching original cardcaptor sakura but that Tokyo tower scene gave me some mad classic mahou shoujo vibes so I'm hyped for that

This was fantastic. The first 15ish minutes were pretty much as by-the-books you can get for anime, but that didn't bother me. And the last minutes were stunning, I was transfixed. Also, anyone else getting Utena vibes?

Even in the first 15 minutes the directing and storyboarding is far above the standard

Is the rapid-fire name dropping normal for this kind of show? That felt really dumb. But to be fair, that was the only thing that bothered me. The rest was really pretty good.

Interesting start to the series, the characters are pretty fun to watch, I really like Mahiru and Banana-chan so far. Also more yuri "undertones" than I was expecting but I'll gladly take it.

The fight scene was amazing, great animation and ost. Very intriguing with the transformation scene and the theatre elements being incorporated into the fight. I'm really looking forward to seeing more fight scenes in the series.

The dream part was a bit confusing but I think with the Tokyo Tower also being present behind the throne in the first scene it might be foreshadowing some future event where Karen "reaches the top" and Hikari does something idk I'm bad at symbolism and foreshadowing honestly. Although she's falling after being pushed and before she fights so it could just be something like Karen starts fighting because of Hikari. no idea really

I think this is my favourite first episode of the season so far and I feel like there's a lot of potential here so I really hope it doesn't end up bad. Very pleasant surprise given that I was expecting this to just be an enjoyable music cgdct anime until just a few days ago.

I came into this show without any expectations. The only thing I saw prior to watching the episode was a poster of the main girls and thought the uniforms were pretty nice.

But wow. The first episode blew me away with its directing and music. I can't believe I've never heard of this show until now. The directing is giving me Mawaru Penguindrum vibes. Can't wait 'til next week.

why would they transcribe the song in romaji and put the actual subs in the middle of the screen... not subbing the songs is fine but it's so annoying when half the screen is text.

that aside, it's a great episode. I watched the raws so I was glad to watch it again subbed. The multimedia nature of this series is a cause for concern, as the Ikuhara-esque direction suggests an ambitious plot to go with the ambitious direction, but any anime tied to a play and a mobile game will necessarily be restricted in what it can and can't do. i'm just saying, if this show ends with karen making a contract with giraffe kyubey to turn the series into idolmaster so everyone can shine that would probably be bad

The worst part is how the English subs bounced up and down the screen during the song, it was like a goddamn crossword puzzle at some points.

This is definitely the most Ikuhara anime I've ever seen not made by Ikuhara. Honestly a very pleasant surprise not knowing what this was going to be beforehand. The elevator scene was a real sit up and take notice moment. Really glad I went into it blind.

Did you watch Star Driver? I'm watching it right now and it's basically Revolutionary Boy Takuto.

I love this mix of sport anime, idol anime and Utena! Barely one episode and the symbolism is already there. The most obvious:
  • When Karen puts on the idol outfit, we see a placard saying "warning, do not touch". Girl may have made a mistake...
  • Glasses chan being wrapped in the courtain after losing the duel probably symbolizes how the industry and its values have smothered and darkened her soul or something.
  • The "the former villain is going to be the lead this time" line...maybe Karen has had some past interaction with Giraffe and his business that she doesn't remember ala Utena. Or the girl who is chosen for the lead this time around will be secretely the villain.

Finally, I've been looking forward to this one!

This was super intriguing. I already know that it's one of those shows that I'll have to read a lot about in order to understand everything. I just hope it gets the attention it deserves.

I'm hyped.
Also, Banana-chan got that nickname because her name is Daiba Nana? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't that translate to something like "Big Banana"? Because thats pretty amazing.

Decided to check this show out on a whim even though it didn't seem like the type of thing that I'd be into, and man am I glad I did. The Ikuhara vibes throughout the second half of the episode really got me hooked -- if the story continues on a path reminiscent to Utena/Penguindrum, this could easily become AOTS for me.

The animation and music is amazing -- that transformation sequence was hype af, and the fight scene was great too. Can't believe I almost passed this one up. Definitely deserves more attention than it's getting.

Yeah, what can I say? This is only one episode, but I already like this show thanks to a really terrific direction, sympathetic characters and the fact that the studio is really trying to tell a good story, and not just make anime on a multimedia franchise. But I especially liked the fight. I always liked dueling and cold weapons, so I immediately liked this element of the show. Especially with such good animation, music and choreography.

In general, if everything continues in this spirit, it is possible that this will be the second great yuri-ish show after the Princess Principal, which I can safely add to my favorites. I hope that we will make friends, SKRS!

And of course, after the first episode I understand why so many people found this so gay. This is almost natural Utena meets MariMite. It was difficult to come up with a more yuri-ish pre-requisite with all this Class S, Takarazuka inspiration, friendly rivalry, gay bravado and Mahiru in particular, God, this girl definitely has something for MC. Regardless of whether it's just a fanservice, ambiguous subtext or bait, did not care too much, because it's so campy that I enjoyed every minute.

I see that the director worked on Mawaru Penguindrum, especially both OPs which were visual masterpieces. I felt some Mawaru vibes so I'm definitely in for the long run.

I guess this will technically be my first ever idol anime so I can't wait to experience one whole season. It was kind of alright/ok-ish up to the stage fight/musical which made me sit up and take notice. That was a cool fight scene and an amazing transformation sequence. I also adored the songs they sang. Can't wait for more.

Edit: Is the giraffe basically the pink-haired guy from Mawaru? Do they share the same VA? Because I like him haha.

This is everything I ever wanted.

A Symphogear-esque remake of Revolutionary Girl Utena by Ikuhara's Protoge seems like a show tailored totally to me. Can't wait for more.

Really interesting first episode, the scene where Karen went into battle singing really reminded me of Symphogear.

Also, the last time I remember the Tokyo Tower being used as a plot tool, Kaiser-san had his way with her.


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