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[Shingeki no Kyojin] Episode 39 everyone's impressions [Attack on Titan]

Episode 39

Kenny, now working for the military, pursues Levi with members of his group, but Levi manages to escape. Mikasa hears the commotion and leads the other scouts in defense of Historia and Eren, which involves killing other humans, something they have never done before. In Capital Mitras the government receive a message form Lord Reis that Historia and Eren have been captured. Following the savage battle with Kenny's group, Armin retches, but Levi reminds the scouts that they have now moved to another phase. They interrogate their prisoner and community leader, Dimo Reeves, who helped the Military Police, but he fears for the future of his company and the people in Trost. Levi offers him protection for the people of Trost in exchange for his help. Elsewhere, Hange approaches Erwin to help, suggesting that Eren will be eaten if they do not rescue him. With Reeves' assistance, the scouts capture some Military Police and torture Sannes about the whereabouts of Historia and Eren. They manage to discover that Reiss is the royal family, confirming that Historia is the royal successor and conclude she is being held by Rod Reiss. Later, as Reeves tries to negotiate with the Military Police, he is summarily killed by Kenny. 

"Alright what should our animators devote all their time and resources to this season?"

"Make Levi look cooler in the first two episodes."

"Great idea!"

It's been nearly 5 years since the last time Levi did something cool. They needed something to make the fangirls happy.

we are all fangirls on this blessed day

That chase scene to the bar was so beautifully animated...

Good god I could watch Levi get chased all day with this animation

The swirls to show trajectory of his gear when we were look at behind him towards the bar, etc. such attention to detail to paint the information we need with as little direct telling.

Hange did as she promised

It was still cut short in the anime, for obvious reasons, it was much more gruesome, sadistic and somewhat dark comical the way she tortured him in the manga with her clumsiness, rage and weird sense of humor all pilling up together. But it was oh so satisfying.

Hange's got ya back Pastor Nick!

I like how Kenny keeps making short jokes despite Levi not giving a shit.

Virgin Ed vs the Chad Levi

Is it possible to ejaculate from your eyes? My God the first half of this episode was beautiful. Messy, but beautiful.

Aww, they cut the torture scene short. View at your own discretion. No, seriously.

(That's not even all of it btw, chapter 55 if you want the full thing but not everything from that chapter was adapted so be cautious.)

They cut out one of Hange's best lines

Oh yeah, although he was going to talk already that exchange made that scene so funny.

Well, it's aired on NHK, the public broadcaster. So of course Studio Wit will have to take some discretion regarding that scene, or NHK will do the censoring for them. Besides, omission of that torture scene isn't too much of a big deal as it's not supposed to be that kind of show.

Great episode, the animation this episode was pure awesome.

Poor Armin, he's got blood on his hands now. :(

Levi Ackermann, I think this is the first time they've mentioned his full name. While I was spoiled to Levi's full name a long time ago, I'm interested in what the Ackermann last name actually represents and if Mikasa and Levi are related somehow.

I love how they tricked Sannes into talking.

Really looking forward to Erwin's past and possibly some more reveals regarding Historia.

≫Poor Armin, he's got blood on his hands now

Gotta love how they showed it, made viewers believe Jean got shot

I fully believed Jean was a goner, got blindsided hard.

Holy SHIT I so missed Attack On Titan's signature hypeness. THAT ANIMATION! THAT SOUNDTRACK! THE MYSTERY!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH This was a great episode, every bit as thrilling as you'd want an AoT episode to be.

I kinda suspected Historia to have major connections, but not... that. Now I suspect that maybe Historia and Erwin are siblings? Anyway, so much has happened and we're only 2 episodes in. This is gonna be the ride we all wanted in our huge wait for season 2 I think.

Not gonna lie I just paused the episode to say what the actual fuck is this animation. It is incredible and next level. I don’t know how they do it with AoT but the opening by itself with Levi was just amazing

I gotta say, the king sitting on the throne looks a lot more majestic than Historia's dad. The dad looks like a derpy merchant while the king on the throne reminds me of Tywin Lannister.

HOLY SHIT the animation during the first half, God bless Arifumi Imai and everyone involved in the production! 🙏

Only first half? The whole episode had an amazing animation

Such a huge gap between this and S2's clunky CGI Colossal titan. Everything was so fluid and dynamic. I thought that they might have some difficulty with that part since it's quite different from the general tone of the story. Yet, they managed to deliver yet again. Sasuga Wit Studio!

Vinland Saga's adaptation will be a blast for sure!

Eren getting kidnapped again.... and in the other news the sky is blue

But in REAL news, Eren isn't screaming as much. Instead, we got Armin screaming.

I've lost count of how many times my jaw has dropped at the intense animation of Spider-Levi Levi swinging around and killing Kenny's assassins.

Linked Horizon has now gone to sing the ED. It'll probably take time to grow, but nothing will ever top the Season 1 first OP and Season 2 OP "SASAGEYO!"

I feel like people are forgetting Jiyuu no Tsubasa already.


Kenny is such a great villain. He is calculating and inspires terror like Liberty Valance from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance and is carefree but nonchalanly exudes wickedness like Jack Wilson from Shane.

Did we know that Levi and Mikasa were related?

There was no reveal on their shared last name in the series until this ep. We never officially knew Levi's last name

Yep. Unfortunately, legions of people were unknowingly spoiled without even realizing it was a spoiler. Sucks.

End Card for this episode if anyone missed it

My short-tempered clean freak can't be this cool

Good god that opening sequence animation was sick.

Gotta love how Levi uses all his resources to outsmart Kenny and his team. He hasn't lost his touch at all this season.

The animation and the whole quality is so amazing. Everything is on point. No Titans yet but man the tension is pretty high!

There we go, there it is. There's the mood of this arc set up. There's the difference, Titan's aren't the enemy now.

Get ready for a wild ride, it's nothing like you've seen before in Attack on Titan, lets go.

Kenny is a fucking god, the Levi vs Anti-Personnel Control Squad was as good as I hoped.

Animation was absolute boss, as expected ;)

But really SO MANY THINGS were uncovered in this one episode and that’s so wild to see.

Between Levi being an Ackerman like Mikasa, Historia being royalty of the walls, and people trying to eat Eren.

Also 5D chess by Hange to get Ralph to read off the script and break Sannes. That girl is insane.

I don’t know of any anime that does this as well as AOT.

This season is gonna be such a ride, I’m really excited.


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