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[Shingeki no Kyojin] Episode 38 everyone's impressions [Attack on Titan]

Episode 38
"Smoke Signal"

Levi and Nifa talking on the roof

Me: “This short hair girl is so cute, I like her”

10 seconds later

Me: (╯°Д°)╯︵┻━┻ WTF MAN

Rule 1 of this series is never get attached to anybody new. I still miss Thomas and Mina a bit.

this is why I had no idea who half the characters were up until halfway through the first season. I figured they were all cannon fodder. To think like half of them ended up playing major roles...

Right? Who would have ever thought Jean, Sasha, and Connie would make it this far. Didn't even know who Historia and Ymir were until the second season

First 22 min: Nifa could be nice character this season

After it is over: Oh yea I forgot what I was watching

Mike all over again

I really liked him too. Being able to smell titans from far away was unique and cool..

Damn Nifa looked like a pretty cool character for a second there, but fuck that I guess.

It's usually Kenny that gets killed, but now it's time for Kenny to be doing the killing.


If Armin wasn't traumatized already he probably is now after that near the end lol.

great first episode to really kick things off, that OP is so much different to past ones too but i kinda like it.

"How's the situation?"

"We'd better hurry, Armin's getting molested."

Mikasa worded it rather nicely, but Levi still knew 100% what was up

Holy shit I forgot how hype this show can be.

Probably because the opening was calm as hell. We won’t be jumping on our seats shouting Sasageyo on this one boys.

because our enemies are not beyond the walls, they are our fellow men

which is really depressing

As an anime-only, WOW, I thought this episode was intense, and really enjoyed the pace. I can't wait to see what this season brings.

Hange desperate for that fanart karma on r/anime.

Nifa looks like she'll be a nice charact- oh. She's dead now. Alright then.

Levi handed her the death flag on a silver platter

Was eren sick in this episode or what??

Through out the entire episode he did not raged or screamed even once.

More over he emotionally comforted historia when she was feeling down and felt bad for cony when he mentions what beast titan did to his village.

This is gotta be the first ep since the beginning of the series in which eren behaved like a rational human being rather than a mindless rage beast.

A surprising change in eren's behavior for sure but a welcome one.

I almost thought they changed his voice actor, it's been so long since he just talked normally.

Great first episode with already tons of action.

Flying Cowboys? Count me the fuck in.

God, Kenny's introduction is so fucking good.

Levi explains the horrible shit he's done before Kenny creeps up in the background and murders someone. Then we cut to Pistol Squad murdering another person and flying around like fucking Spider-Man.

I was smiling like an idiot during that.

I can’t wait for the next episode where Levi engages in a battle. Last time he fought was against Female titan in the forest. How long ago was that? 6-7 years ago?

A bit under 5 years ago (season 1 aired in 2013, and the second cour was summer block), so still a long time ago.

New OP sounds similar to the ED of last season, especially at the beginning. It still gives me the creeps.

Moblit is best boy, he's a good lad who looks out for Hange.

Shame they censored Nifa's face but it's understandable.

I could have sworn Eren’s meltybface was more graphic in the manga as well

Eh, looks kind of the same to me.

My fucking god that last 2 minutes of the episode, i really fucking love all the sakuga with the 3dgm it always gives the best animation moments

Manga people saying this episode was super fast paced compared to the manga, i personally liked it a lot. Kenny looks like an awesome character. It's been a tough road being an anime only watcher, waiting fucking 5 years to see what's in Erens basement but i think it will pay off this season. The new OP (song) is... ok i guess? Doesn't really fit in very well with the show IMO. Overall very satisfied to have AOT back and HYPED to see what lies ahead.

That and the mangas author has outright said he's using the anime to more or less re-do this arc.

Shingeki is one of those rare series that already has outstanding source material, yet somehow still receives an even better adaptation. Isayama having a lot of creative control is a big part of that and it makes the anime even more important. And for the manga readers, it also feels like a new experience. It doesn't get any better than that.

What a great start to a season

Didn't even realize that I missed AoT so much. We'll get two cours, right?

Yeah its two cour.

I'm digging this! It definitely has a different feel than the first two seasons, but I love the political/mystery elements that are being introduced. Its cool to see a different side of the SnK universe!

Also holy shit that cliffhanger ending! Really interested to see more of Kenny

Fantastic episode. The opening was very surprising but still great. It's charming and almost melancholic, accompagnied by colorful visuals.

Armin now has more "fanservice" moments than anyone else.

Poor Armin, my God.

Hange is crazy enough to want a sketch of Eren’s burning corpse and also crazy clever to feign innocence while gathering intel. She is a great fit in this world

Visually, it was fantastic; the action scenes at the end in particular were incredibly smooth. Whether this continues over the rest of the season remains to be seen, but I have high hopes.

Not completely sold on the pacing yet - this episode rushed through parts of seven chapters, while most previous episodes covered about two - but hopefully the next episodes will change my mind depending on how much is rearranged and how much is completely cut.

I believe the author said that he was taking the opportunity of the anime to adjust some stuff he wasn't happy with in the relevant manga chapters so that may be why.

Good first episode of the season to kick off a really fun part in the series. I didn't remember Nifa from the manga but I really liked her and thought she was cool. Then when Levi and her were talking about Kenny the Ripper, I remembered what show I'm watching and quickly detached myself from her.

Also I feel bad for Armin having to be Historia's body double but it was somewhat more tasteful he was being assaulted instead of her. Shitty to say but Armin's sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Don't know how to feel about the OP. It's a completely different vibe from the others. The last 3 were all action packed and hyped as fuck. This one was more subdued and so far doesn't show any good meme potential as the others.


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