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[Shichisei no Subaru] Episode 4 everyone's impressions [Seven Senses of the Re'Union]

Episode 4

There's definitely something fucky going on with this game. It really makes me think that Asahi was never really dead considering the flashes she saw in her Sense and one of those was a viewing deck for some kind of laboratory. Most likely her parents are in on it as well.

If you actually look at this show as a sci-fi mystery instead of a sci-fi drama, it's a lot more interesting. I feel like the Anohana comparisons at Episode 1 made me (and a lot of people) expect something more since Anohana is highly praised in this sub. If you look at this show as something completely different it's not really that bad. It actually becomes intriguing.

Anyway, I'm really starting to get tired of Glasses Guy's "I'll protect Asahi" schtick. He's really starting to come off as this creepy stalker that can't let go. Hopefully Haruto will give him the beatdown that he needs.

This shot from the op pretty much confirms it

I wonder how close my quip last episode about using her prophet art to do stocktrading was.

MC needs to teach glasses-kun a lesson, he's already an unbearable twat who can't get over something for 6 years.

Also Satsuki was acting real jealous this episode, get on the right track again, you won't ever win but you can still be likable if you try.

Seeing Satsuki outside of the game in casual clothes is all I'm watching for at this point.

She's so cute!

But now that it's more or less confirmed that Asahi is still alive IRL (although it was meta-confirmed before), Satsuki has no chance of winning...

She's easily cutest in this show but her tsun-ness is starting to annoy me too much...

Actually felt kinda bad for Satsuki this ep. Even though it's just her jealousy causing this and how typically dense the MC is, I can sympathize with her with how the other 2 is literally treating her like the third wheel.

She literally didn't speak to him since the day Asahi died, now comes crawling back once MC starts gaming again? She deserves to be a third wheel.

She had 6 years to make an effort and be by his side but she did nothing. Just like Haruto's other friends, she abandoned him.

The whole deal with team blue and team red felt like a gang rivalry straight out of a Pokemon game. Even had the two leaders personally acknowledging each other.

On the one hand, I understand where Satsuki's attitude/frustration comes from, it kind of feels like she's pushed to the sidelines by the dynamic between Haruto and Asahi. On the other hand, could you not be jealous of the ten-year-old you suddenly met again after she was presumed dead for six years? No, but seriously, at least for the time being, Satsuki can enjoy the benefit of the doubt considering the whole situation is several levels of messed up, but she needs to get a grip and step up her game.

Completely contrasting her is Takanori, who is an annoying ass with a creepy sense of attachment, even ownership, of Asahi, and that whole scenario tries to take itself way too seriously and falls completely flat. We're left with an unlikable, annoying creep in a cheap villain costume, that adds nothing to the story while supposedly being a key part of it. I do hope he gets some sense heh beaten into him.

This romance is so damn weird

I don't think it's weird. It's just the same-old same-old stuff that we've been watching in past shows that have that genre within an MMO/VR environment.

But if you're talking about the fact that Haruto's getting close with a 8-10 year old girl who's been dead for 6 years, then yeah, it's weird.

I think it's pretty likely after this episode she's alive and just can't remember the last six years.

Asahi is not dead, watch the opening and they will show her inside of a tank/capsule is just like for 1 second but you will see her, and that red stone I asume is Asahi's memories so I think she can use her powers not only in the game but in the real world and the company who created the game or the govement found out about it, and they try to use her powers to get money or as a weapon so they fake her dead and now they have her body inside of a experimental laboratory/facility, that's my theory I don't know if you guys agree with me, finally I hope Haruto beats the crap out of takanori because he's acting like a stalker and it's freaking annoying

I hope we get a dark element to this story

The theory of the company who made the game keeping Asahi's body in a facility may probably be right after all. Those visions at the beginning of the episode gives us those clues after all, not to mention that one part in the OP where it showed Asahi trapped in a chamber.

You know what would really solve this problem that you're having with Haruto, Satsuki? Say that you like him. That's it; but since this is an anime show we're talking about, that's not going to happen. Not any time soon. Tropes strike again.

I expect Takanori to win that battle in the next episode, but aside from that, I think I've been the only person who is not completely irritated by how he wants to protect Asahi for himself. I mean, the girl that he liked back then DIED and he was devastated because of it. Amidst his sadness, he pointed the finger to Haruto to pin all of the blame for her death to him. Fast forward to now and he finds out that she's alive, so he's consequentially happy; and because of that, he wants to make sure no harm is done on her again like in the past. "No more mistakes. I'll protect her up the ass," is what Takanori probably thought of after learning of his crush's revival. If you see it in that light, then this over-attachment makes sense. Yeah, some of you guys may say it's over-exaggerated, but it makes sense in my opinion.

Southern cross? THE BOGANS ARE HERE!!! Run for your lives peps!!!


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