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[Shichisei no Subaru] Episode 3 everyone's impressions [Seven Senses of the Re'Union]

Episode 3
"The Promise"

Out of jealousy, Satsuki asks Asahi to stay away from Haruto after telling her what kind of person he had become, and the ensuing argument leads Haruto to log out. Satsuki visits him to remind her of the promise he made as six years ago, the Subaru members exchanged rings. Back in the game, Haruto and Asahi go on an adventure to gather materials for a ring that Haruto gives to Asahi, and Satsuki has one made for herself. The three venture into the dungeon where they had their final quest searching for answers regarding Asahi and encounter the dungeon boss that killed Asahi summoned by Elicia. After struggling, Haruto remembers the promise to Asahi to protect each other, and his Sense awakens to defeat the boss. 

Hey Guys your friend who was dead for 6 year is back in a game.

It's just stupid how they react to this. Nothing makes sense in this Anime.

But at least we get an implied romance between a 10 and 16 year old

Age is just a number Jail is just a room Asahi is literally just data.

This show is odd... A dead person comes back and it has no repercussions on the minds of the group who supposedly suffered a lot. I think the author couldn't come up with a premise and just shoved whatever in.

I mean, it's been six years and it's not like they're able to do anything about it.

You know, either leave it alone or accept the fact that this dead person is back.

I'll make sure you'll log out no matter what.

Unless this is just Satsuki's version of telling Asahi that they'll help her move on, I don't see how they'll make her logout with Asahi's body 6 feet under.

I was really hoping this show would have a much heavier tone.I actually liked the direction the first act of the episode was going and then when second and third act hit it started to feel so campy.

People kept saying on Episode 1 that this was like Anohana. I've never seen it but did Anohana's mood lighten after the first episode? I feel like if we're dealing with a dead person that suddenly came back to life, things should feel a bit more somber or melancholic.

Anyway I'm too invested to back out now. I want to see how this will end.

Code Lyoko: The Anime.

Man, i never got to see the ending of that. I just remember the new guy getting trapped then i lost track.

Anohana started off somewhat light but then keep getting more depressing but also uplifting in a sense.

this is pure speculation but considering that there are 6 ln volumes and still going I'm guessing it's probably gonna be more like sao than anohana, cause I don't think there's a way to drag a story like anohana's for that long

≫People kept saying on Episode 1 that this was like Anohana. I've never seen it but did Anohana's mood lighten after the first episode?

Neeh, Anohana was actually well done.

Discount sao + anohana. It's either will become similar to yukki from sao or she some kind of the child thing from sao(I forgot thr name). This episode kinda pisses me off because now that she can transmit her 'sense' to her friends? I can tolerate future sight but only you can see it. I'll probably dropping this show if next episode don't have any repercussions or conditions for this shared sight other than 'for my tomodachi'.

So...nothing about the 'Prophet Art is connected to whether or not you're alive' makes any sense in the slightest with current show information, and in fact, shouldn't even be logically know-able by the characters if no one has ever had their mind sustained by being in VR after their body died.

It's fair enough to watch, I'll continue doing so for now, but it's really just an experience. Pulling at any of the strings causes it to fall apart.

≫So...nothing about the 'Prophet Art is connected to whether or not you're alive' makes any sense in the slightest with current show information, and in fact, shouldn't even be logically know-able by the characters if no one has ever had their mind sustained by being in VR after their body died.

From what's been said, it appears that the "sense" as they call it is an inherent part of the user's brain. It's interpreted by, but not created from, the game's software to have various effects, but a program can't actually use a sense.

Can't decide, is ghost girl actually alive and in a coma. Floating in a cylindrical tank in a sinister underground laboratory run by Glasses-Kun. Alternatively, the MC has some kind of psychotic episode and ghost girl is actually part of his mind. Brought into being by the VR tech and guilt-ridden schizophrenia.

I found myself thinking back to how A Place Further than the Universe handled characters dealing with personal problems. There's one scene in Episode 5 in particular where the girls are sitting in a tent and having a discussion that broached a topic that's deeply upsetting to Shirase. Shirase leans away to end the conversation, and Kimari reaches out, a worried look on her face and her mouth partway open like she's about to say something, but is interrupted by Hinata who places a hand on her shoulder and shakes her head. Kimari picks up on this and looks downcast as she backs off. All of this happens in the space of, like eight seconds, has no dialogue, yet those eight seconds have more emotion and punch packed into them than the last 24 minutes of the episode I just watched.

SnS knows the story it wants to tell, but it doesn't seem to know how to tell it in a way that causes the drama to land the way it should. Characters broadcast their thoughts and feelings at the top of their lungs, with dialogue as the driving force instead of body language. Effective sadness relies of subtlety, and we just aren't getting that here.

The fact that Takanori has two rings seems like something worth mentioning. Either he has Asahis ring, or the one he was supposed to send to Clive, but I take it to be Asahis ring. Which meant that he had access to the body? And he's rich, wonder what that will do to the plot

my thoughts exactly,

Also the fact they had a party member that wasn't part of the school group and glasses-kun was the one to send the ring to him is suspicious in itself.

I already hate that redhead girl will probably lose to a annoying pile of data (or maybe the girl is alive because some random ass plot armor), and how the fuck they kill that boss with the half of the team AND with the mc abilities reseted

Asahi said the eyes weren't red before. Probably gonna be explained somewhere later..

I understand nothing, and I'm willing to bet that this doesn't change when the show ends. I have no idea what the show wants to do with itself, but I'm curious enough to see what answers come up to that question and to be honest, I've seen worse, and I'm actually enjoying myself because of and despite the nonsense and cheese, so I'll stick through. It also helps that I'm fond of Satsuki and I'm looking forward to hopefully see her grow.

I'm probably most curious about whether or not romance develops and where does it go. Specifically the potential triangle between red-head, dead-head and Haruto, but even there it's a bit more complicated than just those three, so if they play their cards well, it might be actually decent. [edit]I will half-jokingly say that if the cute red-head somehow loses to the 10-year-old who was supposed to be fucking dead, I'll be pretty miffed.

There's one huge thing that annoys me, though. The show tries to force mystery on plot devices through lack of communication. Yo, redhead, it's obvious that a lot of things happen in six years, but that doesn't answer the question about Clive and Nozomi. Actually, I'm a lot more bothered by the broom Takanori has up his rear, but the above still stands.

Cheesy fanservice? Check.

OP power coming out of nowhere to save the MC's friends in the nick of time? Check.

An addition to another already OP power like Asahi's at the end of an episode? Check.

Man, the cliches in this one episode are just astounding.

Also, I felt off when Satsuki said to Asahi that she's alive after shouting into her ears for the last two episodes--including this one--that she's dead. I mean, I know you want to have a change a heart towards your deceased friend, but don't do it that quickly and blunt. It makes it look silly.

Is asahi really alive? Well i am just believing it is just because of the game data that she has in previous game. Or perhaps someone is using her account?... hmmm... lets see the next episodes...

Okay okay plot is like this.

Girl is in coma for some reason her family declared her as dead but they didn't cut life support. So after 6 years to bring her out of coma they decided to try the game by creating same environment for her so they created the game again and offered rewards to attract old players to the game. at the end when she log out she will wake up from coma.

Also there is possibility that they transplant her brain to another body they buried her original body etc.

I think scenario writer fucked up development process of the story.


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