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[Shichisei no Subaru] Episode 2 everyone's impressions [Seven Senses of the Re'Union]

Episode 2
"Untold Feelings"

Having conversation with Asahi, Haruto realizes that Asahi still thinks it is the day of the failed quest six years ago and finds out that she cannot log out of the game. A rival guild from the original game attacks Haruto and she activates her Sense that allows Haruto to predict his opponent's movements to beat him as while Haruto doesn't have his, Asahi still has her's. Former Subaru guild member Takanori Mikado arrives to defeat the guild. Sometime after logging out, Satsuki comes over to visit Haruto and tells him that he needs to face the past as he had been running away from it. Back in the game, Haruto and Satsuki meet in-game and journey together. Haruto then goes out to a cave and meets Elicia, who appears to know about Asahi and warns Haruto that he is being targeted.


Well, looks like once again I am gonna be part of Team Anaru Satsuki!

Redhead being best girl? We're becoming more like Anohana every episode!

Honestly I feel like people only like her because she has big ass boobs rather than personality and characteristics.

Being thicc is a characteristic

she looks good with a whip.

I love how pissed his sister was when Satsuki took off to go log in. There she was, all fantasizing about being her brother's wingman, and about having her older sister figure back in her life again after 6 years.

This line is heartbreaking. I don't know if this is Asahi's souls trapped in the game or an advanced AI that's replicating her but it must suck to hear from people that you're dead when you know yourself you're alive.

I love how everyone is still OP with their Sense and we have Haruto here who's basically a washed up scrub who can only kill basic dungeon enemies. I like that. It shows that while he still knows the basics but he clearly has never touched the game in 6 years.

And damn Satuski sure grew up. I know who I'm rooting for. Pretty easy choice considering she exists with a physical body and not a ghost in the machine. Also it looks like she still has feelings for Haruto.

≫And damn Satuski sure grew up.

Honestly a little distracting with how big she is now .-.

I was expecting something more mature and dramatic...

>having expectations

How is this game supposed to function? Did the author ever play a MMORPG?

I wonder if he ever said to himself "Yes, this is how an MMO works."

People getting special abilities that defy the traditional abilities of a class, sense, if you will, seems to be awfully bad design. Maybe it's something like how in tune/compatible you are with the game? Mind reading as a class ability? Now that's just unfeasible. Illuminati's Insta teleport? Pretty op. Permanent death seems to be a recipe for a quick loss of popularity and population. I imagine people would leave the game just 'cause their friends died.

Imagine ppl getting killed due to a bug. Top MMO material right here.

There actually is a LN that entirely revolves around a buggy VRMMO called Nekomimineko that the MC ends up transmigrating to. It was basically a kusoge but players still played to exploit every single bug. It may have also been masochism. And it's absolutely hilarious.

When you start the game, you're in the midst of a battle defending a merchant wagon from bandits. There's four lizardmen and a girl. The player automatically attack the lizardmen thinking they're the bandits, but, in reality, they're the merchants and the girl is the bandit. When you kill all the lizardmen, the bandit backstabs you when you expect your reward for completing the mission.

Of course, for the MC, because he screwed up big time, he has to play the game for real and survive the buggy death trap that is Nekomimineko.

Glasses kun is really annoying. He’s unfairly pushing the blame of Atsushi’s death on the MC because of a childhood crush.

Why hasn’t the developers been notified? MC kun messaged them and they haven’t responded or traced Atsushi yet. They better address this issue in the next few episodes because that’s a glaring plot hole, considering the reason Re:Union was created in the first place was because of her death.

Unless it’s all a big conspiracy, where Atsushi’s alive somewhere and someone stored her data in a chest, in the hopes that MC kun opened it one day because plot

Odds on Glasses-kun's family works for the company that makes the game and this is all part of some scheme to create digital immortality. With a slice of getting revenge on MC-kun for trying to steal all the babes.

Bad luck on redhead's part though, a childhood friend with a real mature body versus a ditzy silver haired digital ten year old. Satsuki doesn't stand a chance does she?

Vs a girl that doesn't exist in the real world. Of course not

Is nobody gonna talk about how the characters barely even react to seeing their childhood friend they thought died 6 years ago suddenly be alive in a video game?

No trying to confirm if it's her. Ask her stuff about IRL that she never mentioned ingame and if she doesn't know anything then she's data.

It took until Satsuki for someone to even ask the obvious question of "What's the last thing you remember". I was screaming that in my mind during the whole scene by the cliff.

Better than episode 1 for sure.

Satsuki is great already and once again, best girl gets the short end of the stick.

They depicted the aftermath grief fairly well, everyone seems to deal with it in another way (Satsuki still protects Haruto, glasses guy seemingly just takes it).

this is a mere speculation... but i seriously think asahi is still alive...... her body is in the hands of the creator of the game who found a bug during the death of asahi on the game which caused her real body to be on comatose state. they found it then they decided to close the game to fix that bug... 6 yrs later they fixed the game...and in effort to make asahi wake up in the real world they put her mind on the game...... this is how i would make the plot if i don't want it to be another anohana rip off. i hope this is the plot... seriously... idk if they recycle the anohana plot everywhere... lol i love japan but i think i will hate it if its another anohana,.......

Would really love to know what is going on in the Light Novel....XD

Imouto-chan was so cute

Takanori is the leader of an Illuminati guild? Pretty cool for an edgy teenager with issues

I guess the deal with Asahi is that she turned into a bug after dying from the quest 6 years ago and is then put in a virtual cryogenic chamber to seal her conscience in the game until Haruto comes back to meet her? Did I get it right?

And also, even though Satsuki hasn't talked to nor seen Haruto since that incident with Asahi, she still likes him? Man, all I have to say is I commend her willpower...

I'm looking forward to the "big guilds" that are gunning for Asahi. They better be 2spooky4me. I wait for next week.

While watching this episode, i just cant help to think that i'm watching Anohana, the only difference is that its in the RPG world. Hahaha...

*Asahi = Menma... hahaha

And because of these my reaction is almost the same while watching it, they all have a grudge because of Asahi's death. Same thing with anohana, their group has a grudge among themselves because of menma's death

Since i love anona, i am sure im going to love this series as well. Hahaha

I am going to predict that Asahi had already foresaw her upcoming inevitable real death before the boss battle so she made preparations (that private conversation with Haruto pre fight) and that she did something so that she will resurrect in game.


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