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[Shichisei no Subaru] Episode 1 everyone's impressions [Seven Senses of the Reunion]

Episode 1
"Reunion and Restart"

Haruto Amō leads his seven-member guild consisting of elementary school friends called Subaru on a quest in the MMORPG game Union. When encountering the dungeon boss, Asahi Kuga is killed in the game protecting Haruto. Asahi subsequently dies from heart failure in the real world, resulting in the game being shut down. Six years later, the game is relaunched, now called Re'Union, with only invited players allowed to play the game. Haruto is one of the invited players, and after clearing a dungeon he finds Asahi sleeping inside a treasure chest. 

I know this is not a unique observation, but every time I watch a show like this I have to question if the makers even know how mmorpgs work.

I would say Log Horizon and MMO junkie both had authors that knew how MMO's worked.

TKA had toxic communities right. Grown men acting like 13 year olds, trash talking, kill stealing, PKing, robbing for drops, using discord just to keep track of their in-game chat groups, and all players be like "It's just a game." Also, very very few RL female players.

I find Mmo junkie's community to be just too friendly. Maybe I've been playing the wrong MMOs.

Probably not. Most popular MMO... Account deleted after they die. Forced removal of your player base is opposite to how an MMO becomes popular.
When she died in real life, and then the background talk mentioned the game shutting down because of it, I give kudos for that. At least the writer put some effort and thought into how people would react in that situation.
For some reason many writers of this genre feel the need to make a MMO death as dramatic as possible. They want a player's death to have meaning so that you are emotionally invested. Truth is, you don't need it when the writing is good. Write around the fact that people can respawn. Check out Log Horizon to get what I am saying.

≫Probably not. Most popular MMO... Account deleted after they die. Forced removal of your player base is opposite to how an MMO becomes popular.

tbf, Path of Exile has a server where your character gets deleted if he dies. However, the character is transferred to a different "for fun" server in that case

Hardcore death, and account deleted are two separate things. Also, as poe and wow demonstrate, softcore casual is what gives you high numbers of players. There are literally 10x more players in softcore than hardcore.
I play a bunch of PoE, it's really fun.
But lets look at this further. When a hard core player dies, they make a new character. Progression lost is tough, but good players can get to the end game in less than 16 hours, the best in less than 8.
Account deletion means you have to re enter your CC number, address info, name, etc again. How many people won't go through that again? Barriers to entry (in this case, making a new account) matter. Particularly after a bad experience (such as character loss).

Literally Sword Art Online meets Ano Hana

Ano Hana Online.

"My online lifetime friend died in our last Dark Souls coop and I haven't heard word from him since"

Is what your description makes me picture.

Japan, make it a thing.

When she dies in the game, she dies for real.

That aside, a perma-death MMORPG? Ouch. I assume you can still create a new account, though. And from how Haruto said that levels don't really mean that much, I'd assume that it's much more of a skill-based game rather than a "grind-to-become-stronger" game. So I guess it's not that huge of a setback...

But still, even assuming that's how it works, ouch.

Diablo has hardcore mode like that

Diablo hardcore doesn't delete your account though.

came from How Not to Summon a Demon Lord to this...

The animation in "How Not to Summon a Demon Lord" is fantastic. I must admit that I was surprised.

Union: You die in the game, you get a completely unrelated but simultaneous fatal heart attack in real life.

Reunion: You get a job in the game, you get a job in real life.

Damn, maybe because it came out just a few hours after "How Not to Summon a Demon Lord" I was expecting something silly but this actually seems pretty good and interesting, looking forward to more!

Even the entire story premise is the exact same as Ano Hana.
An absolute clean copy and paste

I figured you were gonna say SAO. I've not heard of Ano Hana?

No, in SAO the people were stuck in the game and could not escape. In this one they aren't and normally one wouldn't die in real life if they were to die in the game.

In Ano Hana a group of childhood friends are very close with obvious crushes between group members but alas the girl dies early and then it time skips. The MC then meets The girl again somehow.

So it's identical then, like in every way?

Yeah the entire premise is the exact same. The only differences are that Ano Hana is not about a video game and the events of the past are told later on in the story instead of right at the beginning in Subaru. You could watch the 1st episode of Ano Hana

I like the premise of Shichisei no Subaru, so it stands to reason I'd like Ano Hana too.. so I might have to watch 'em both!

prepare some tissues

The premise of the game is so unbelievable that it makes it hard to watch the anime. I care more about finding out how the game company operates than the actual storyline since so far it seems just like Anohna but with a twist.
Special genetic traits to play game? Permanent account ban on death? RNG unique skills for every single player? Least accessible, least fun, least forgiving and most unbalanced "game" that could exist, yet the company still makes enough money to give prizes and jobs. Lol wut?

You can't just recycle a story and add a setting detail that completely counters traditional logic without giving a proper explanation. The girl reappearing can atleast be chalked up to supernatural, glitch, or even just a mystery, but it's understood that the plot will center around this element and explain it. The writing for everything else in the expositional first episode makes me feel like we're just gonna have to pretend "this is how games and companies work in this anime"

Maybe I'm wrong and it'll eventually explain how the company is able to operate, but unless it happens I'll have endure every episode with a nagging disbelief of the entire setting.

Loli in a chest? Sounds like my kind of game

The ending chibis were cute

Summoner girl already got rid of her glasses in the ED... why do character designers still insist on introducing characters with glasses just to take them off forever


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