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[Satsuriku no Tenshi] Episode 4 everyone's imprssions [Angels of Death]

Episode 4
"A sinner has no right of choice."

Rachel stronk

I kinda wish we'd seen her using the scythe more clearly. But it's obviously not a weapon that suits her.

I think Zack is the last person who should be complaining about an ear-piercing voice. This show is strangely funny.

His impulsive actions and sudden outbursts make it believable that he is actually someone capable of and willing to murder, the kind of characterization the supporting cast won't get. At the same time, I like how he acknowledges that he can not escape without Rachel being there. Their interactions that create the strange, seemingly misplaced comedy are kinda cute as well.

Cathy got dem nice thighs, I’m a fan of this floor


I love how silly this show can get. Zack carrying Rachel through the door as if to check for traps first caught me off guard, it genuinely made me laugh XD

i didnt notice that part. i kept wondering wtf was that pic framed on the Wall

Yeah since episode two I have started to see this as a comedy, and althought I didn't notice this while watching today's episode, the fact that it happen is fucking hilarious.

I can only hear Bakugo whenever Zack speaks, and to be honest it improves my viewing experience.

I wish I could just hear Bakugo. But no, I hear Bakugo, Niizuma Eiji, Ryou Kurokiba, Okumura Rin and Zack all at the same time. Especially those screams, Niizuma also does them a lot.

RIP Cathy's voice actor... And I thought her laugh in the game was annoying.

Hah Zack ruining Rays hair is canon now and I really like how he just drags her with him at one point. That's a very Zack thing to do~

I feel like they are rushing through the rooms a bit again. I thought they would stop after finishing the electric chair room, but they showed the beginning of the gas chamber too. It kinda felt a bit rushed. Also rip the "Why do I gotta be punished anyway? Oh, and my bullshit-ometer is already pinin' of scale, so lay off!" and "A little longer and a drop of my piss could've powered the entire world for 1000 fuckin' years!" lines. What a shame... hopefully the dub can fix that.

≫Hah Zack ruining Rays hair is canon now
It would be cooler if her hair would get messier and messier every episode

that's one of the consequences of turning a game story into an actual continuous story. it's gonna feel rushed because you dont have that added input of playing out the character yourself to take up time. so you go through the main plot points REALLY QUICKLY!

Yeah I agree with most of that. It's weird that they're rushing a 16 episode series, like seriously what the hell do they have planned that needs so much damn time!?

And I saw the first episode of the dub and its probably gonna be better than the sub imo.

I guess they want to give extra attention to all the important stuff next episode? Seeing as the title of the next episode is "Don't let me kill you just yet" I guess it might end with that line? They will probably want to show Zacks backstory like in the manga, which will take more time...

Seriously. Somehow English dub Zack has a more game Zack feeling than the jpn voice actor. I blame it on jpn Zack being too angry, feeling more threatening and yelling too often. He needs to sound like a dumbass for the same effect!

I feel like there are two episode directors with completely different styles, who take turns. Episodes 1 and 3 are edgy and suspensful, episodes 2 and 4 are macabre comedy. I find comedic ones much more enjoyable, so the show keeps jumping from 6/10 to 9/10 for me.
Zack screaming all the way through mid-episode transition was a neat touch.
Also there were a lot of asymmetric eyes for some reason.

I thought episode 1 hit a lot of really good notes, but 2 and 4 have been the best for me and I really was not a fan of episode 3. The "edgy suspense" episodes can be really good if they move past the approach they took in episode 3.

From what people tell me the show should be toning down the comedy in exchange for more horror so if the horror is going to be the quality of episode 3 then I'd rather that didn't happen.

Much better than the lates two episodes, the floor master is quite something.

Comedy was also better as it actually got bit of laughs out of me.

The setting is also fairly creepy this time.

I understand why people wouldn't like this anime. But i absolutely love every minute of it! Despite its horror setting mixed with lighthearted moments, the plot remains interesting and keeps me asking questions. It also has the slightest, weird romantic undertones, which i'm a big fan of. This episode was probably my favorite, and I love Cathy. I'm so excited to see what happens next!!

i love the chibi scenes. they're so CUTE!

I love this show so far. The way Zack seems to care about Rachel like and older brother even though it may be for selfish reasons is amazing.

This show is awesome. I love how the guy has a scythe, and how his sweater is always covered in blood. Cool character design

The first trap seems really bizarre. I feel like I would have moved or destroyed the mannequins before I would try sitting in the electric chair which pre-emptively disables the trap.

I guess good thing we have an idiot main character.

And Cathy finally appears! I really enjoyed this episode, much more than the two previous ones.. Eddie's floor is just too plot lacking in my opinion. Now, the story is going to start to get more interesting by each episode, since in the game that was exactly the same.

Next episode Zack gets his backstory too (ahah.. i'm ready to cry again), and a lot of my favorite moments from the game get animated.... aaa i can't wait


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