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[Satsuriku no Tenshi] Episode 3 everyone's impressions [Angels of Death]

Episode 3
"I swear to God."

Zack briefly battles the boy, named Eddie, who wants to kill Rachel and bury her out of love for her. Eddie then flees and confronts Rachel, offering to grant her wish for death. However, Rachel hesitates when she realizes Zack won't be able to escape if she lets Eddie kill her. Zack manages to track the both of them down and swears to God that he will be the one to kill Rachel, and he mention of "God" immediately convinces Rachel to side with Zack. Furious at Rachel's rejection of him, Eddie turns off the lights to the floor and attempts to attack using the darkness as an advantage. Zack instructs Rachel to turn the lights back on, and she manages to steal Eddie's remote control. With the lights back on, Zack is easily able to kill Eddie. They proceed to the elevator up to floor B3, where they enter a prison-like environment. 

I find myself agreeing with Zack.

I kinda like the show but I'm starting to feel disconnected from it. I know there's something behind why she wants to die and it will be explained later. But I really don't need that many reminders in the same episode.

However, let me not be all doom and gloom, Ray figuring out the lightswitch was pretty clever and Eddie dying in the grave he made for her was well deserved. I hope the next floor brings an interesting twist.

Yeah, for a moment I was sure they just going to end the episode with her saying that again, so I was glad when Zack asked her that question.

Aww, Zack giving Rachel a nickname already. Interesting one as well.

Zach's fascinating in that every dozen minutes we learn a new contradiction about him. He's a psychopath who can make rational decisions. He's Evil with a capital E, yet seems to believe in God. He's a serial murderer who is currently refusing to kill. He doesn't value life at all, yet he finds people who don't value their own life disgusting.

I'll be curious to see where they take him.

He doesn't believe in God, he said "I swear to God" which is a term used colloquially in many languages as an emphasis.

He still has a moral conviction, which is the part that Rachel seemd to pick up on when he made that promise. It's hard to imagine someone 100% chaotic evil as Zach tries to present himself as being willing to maintain any promise with anyone.


Oddly enough I am enjoying Zach and Rachel's weird relationship. I thought I was going to get tired of it by episode 3 but the deeper their promise becomes the more I become invested in them.

I feel the opposite tbh. I was really ready to be sold on their relationship, but it just feels so...baseless? Like, what reason is there really behind their relationship growing? It's like they thought to themselves, "okay we have a serial killer on every floor, our main character wants to die, but it has to be by the hands of our secondary character. So how do we create a scenario where our MC doesn't want to die to the serial killer on each floor? The secondary killer...swears to god?" It just feels so weak. Now she has sworn total loyalty to Zak because...he swore to god. I get that there is some meaning to this that will happen later, but right now their connection is really weak and it feels forced.

I'm seeing a lot of people saying they like their relationship so far, and I really do want to like it too, but it just feels so generic. There hasn't been any moments between them that I thought were funny or charming. It just feels kind of forced. Deadpan girl and obnoxious guy. It's a dynamic that could work really well, but this show hasn't been using it to it's full potential I feel like. Maybe I could get into it if the reason for their connection was more solid, or if they had some more funny or intimate moments together, but so far it feels like they're just going through the motions. Like the nickname scene, it's sweet, but it feels kind of artificial because what development have they really had to get to that point. Just the, "swear to god" stuff?

Her only reason for not killing herself is because god says suicide is bad. She seems to put a lot of faith in god, so Zack swearing to god is enough for her.

Yeah I get that, and I get that it will probably be explained more later. But as of right now, it feels really shallow. It's a really silly reason, and it's pretty much the ONLY reason for their connection. They really need some moments together or something to demonstrate they have some connection outside of this, "swear to god" thing and the, "kill me" thing. Right now it just feels really stiff and forced.

Okay the misleading and the boring floors are over. Next ep is where the good stuff starts. Good luck people :D

I didnt mind these 3 episodes, so im excited to hear that they get better!

Thanks for the heads up. I was about to drop the show. I liked 1&2 but 3 annoyed me. I'm hoping that it's not a new villain every week with not much else to offer.

In the game, Zack noticed Ray smiled after he said she was useful to him. It was so cute, why did they remove it? :(

They also removed the shocked expression zack had after seeing ray smiling back in ep 2 (like he did in the manga) ahah.. seems like j.c. staff isnt a fan of zack x rachel ;_;

Okay, Rachel, you got a goddamn torch. Just stay there and light Eddie up where Zack is.

I didn't like this floor, Eddie had no real emotional connection, he was just crazy. I hoped that the various floors would explore something about the main characters thematically, but the scenario could be replaced with pretty much anything else here.

They also went out of their way to tell scythe is not the tool to break stone, Zack even found a pickaxe, and all of that is ignored. I assume in the game stuff like a pickaxe is stored in your inventory.

Nah in the game Zack just got annoyed by the graves. Found a pickaxe and Started wreaking shyt

I'm pretty sure he meant that scene where Zack breaks through the wall with a single swing of his scythe cause that was honestly pretty dumb.

The gravedigger was like a twisted version of a niceguy stuck in the friendzone, with Zack beeing the jerk chad xD

ZackRay for Brotp! Gosh I'm loving their dynamic. Also, is it just me or Eddie looks like Isshiki from Shokugeki no Soma lol

I feel like the directing could have been better for this episode, but it was still pretty good. Zack seemed a little too calm when he was yelling to Rachel through the wall, imo, along with some other minor issues. Looking at the comments for the last two episodes, I’m surprised at how many people disliked this floor in the game. I guess I’m the only one who likes Eddie (I found Danny to be a LOT more annoying tbh).

It’s going to be much more interesting, and weird, from now on too! I’m really looking forward to the rest of the anime. I wonder if they’re going to include the character backstories from the manga in the non-airing episodes? It’s a shame they haven’t found a way of including them yet.

From the last episode, I was actually thinking that there was a theme going on based on what happens after you die. As in, first you die (Zack's floor), then there's the autopsy (doctor's floor), then you're buried (Eddie's floor). But the next floor looks like it's based on a prison so there goes that idea

I mean you can still apply that analogy through a more religious point of view (since Rachel seems to be religious), what is happening to the people in a prison? get punished. The next episode title has sinners too

You're totally right, I didn't realize that. People who've played the game must have found my comment amusing since I got the analogy but thought it was wrong lol

this is a weird lookin romance anime

Zack is just a typical yandere, nothing weird in that!!

I'm wondering what or who is God, I don't think it's the God that we know from religions. Also that was 3rd episode and we still don't know anything about Rachel other than that she is sacrifice. Also is Zack voiced by the same voice actor that does Bakugo from BNHA?

Yes, he is

I think I'm starting to fall in love with this anime.

Aww, Ray, I think Zack is starting to fall in love with Rachel. She really is adorable.

Its definitely not for everyone, but I like this type of experimental anime and its not trying hard to be edgy either, that's always a plus. The characters are so messed up mentally, it will be interesting if more is revealed, like why Rachel wants to die so much and what made her end up in this place.

Hope they don't botch the next episode. It's one of my favorite floors. This wasn't done too well. Then again its the weakness floor of the game to me as well so idk what I expected. When Zack killed Eddie it was pretty cool tho

I wonder if Rachel is an angel? The OP has that white dress and white feathers, and she keeps talking about and obsessing over God.

She's probably just one of the floor guardians just like Zack, Dr. Eyes, and Dollface.

Her thing was probably acting innocent and asking the victim to kill her, and thing getting furious when they refused.

I literally cant unsee bakugo when zack is talking due to the fact its the same voice actor, and it now makes me think that bakugo in bnha is a murdering freak.

Zack reminds me more of Accelerator than bakugou lol

A little bit more edge this episode, but still more watchable than Mahou Shoujo Site last season imo. Part of me says there’s no way Rachel actually wants to die, and she wants simply to escape her tragic circumstance, however she arrived in this miserable hell. If she’s already at B3 though, I’d be willing to bet that:
  1. She and Zack will reach the end around midway into the series, only to have the outside world end up just as horror filled as the underground, OR
  2. The next few floors will be far, far more treacherous than those before, and we’ll get multiple episodes for each floor from B3 to the top.
Either way, should be interesting to see how Zack and Rachel’s relationship changes.

Watching this anime, seeing many flaws or things that I don't like, but I am still excited for the next episode.

This episode was meh, i have a feelinf this might not be as good as initially expected but i'll keep watching.

For a show that's pretty twisted and messed up, its kinda cute and heartwarming(?) at some times I don't get it. I'm still a newbie to this genre of anime but I still can't get over the fact that a cute kid keeps asking to be killed. Still I'm really enjoying the series so far.


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