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[Satsuriku no Tenshi] Episode 2 everyone's impressions [Angels of Death]

Episode 2
"Your grave is not here."

Realizing that he will need Rachel's help to escape the building, the man introduces himself as Zack and agrees to kill Rachel once they escape. They both travel up to B4 where they find a graveyard, which includes a gravestone with Rachel's name on it. They both split up to investigate the area, with Rachel finding a library while Zack destroys many of the gravestones out of boredom. Rachel finds notes promising her that the writer knows her true wish, as well as files documenting other people who have been in the building, including her and Zack, who's real name is Isaac Foster. With Zack's help, Rachel is able to unlock a door to proceed further into the building while Zack is attacked by a masked man who is angry at him for destroying the gravestones.

It's gonna be pretty interesting how people, who only know the anime are gonna react to this episode.
Zack kinda changed the mood big time and I'm very happy about that. A 100% serious mood is just impossible with Zack being himself.
But since they still try to uphold the serious mood it kinda clashes with Zacks everything. Feels weird. I will have to get used to it I guess...
They surprised me by showing Zacks original game design in the OP at the beginning and it made me a bit too happy~

I really like the mood shifts, Zack became much more interesting this episode, and Rachel continues to be adorable and intriguing with her deadpan 'Please, kill me'. Their interactions are now amazing.
But my ability to suspend my disbelief is gigantic, so while I have no problem with the shifts between comedy and serious horror, I can see how others might find that offputting.

I’m anime only and I thought this episode was better than the first. I preferred the slight change in mood from being entirely serious, the first episode to me felt like it was trying to be too edgy to be honest.
Edit: I think the main improvement came from Zack, Rachel is just boring currently with her never ending death wish and monotone voice, I hope she changes a bit as the series goes on.

I personally really like Rachel right now. She's introduced with quite a bit of emotion like a normal girl but we see a weird part of her with how she disregards bodies entirely and wants to fix things. From the first episode she's given a lot of depth as we see her as a normal girl. This makes seeing her now as a monotone death wish girl a lot more interesting as we see both sides of Rachel and the problems she has.
I think she works well with zack so far also and hope the develope her more which they probably Will

I did not expect Zack would be a goofball. I mean I expected some crazy over the top shenanigans but I didn't expect him to start vomiting rainbows. I guess we need him to balance out the cold and monotone Rachel.

So far I'm really getting into this weird duo! They have this weird dynamic that I can't seem to pinpoint why I like them. And I really like that Zack isn't just plain crazy and that there's some sort of depth to his carácter.

Anyway I was expecting it will be a floor clear each episode but it looks like it might be at least 2 per floor boss. Excited to see what this floor boss' quirk will be.

≫Vomiting Rainbows

Konosuba Flashbacks

That was a really fun episode, but I can't really consider this a horror anime. It's not near scary enough and Zack really breaks the tone - in a good, fun way. I like his character a lot and himself and Rachel have this bizarre chemistry that has me looking forward to seeing how they get to know eachother more.

Yeah. The game is similar, it's not really a horror game till the last half. It's only in the last half of that things go the more horror route. Till then, it's kind of a dark comedy with Zack & Rachel.

I don't think it is a horror at all. The final part of the game is psychological at best. But maybe it just depends on your definition of horror. Nevertheless, the story is really kinda darker in the second half.

I feel like I missed something. Why is Rachel so deadpan and expressionless? Last episode she wasn't exactly a range of emotions, but she still showed some especially ones involving fear.

when danny told her she would see her parents in hell she remembered something that i will not say because its spoiler, and after that she lost the will to live so became even more expressionless

Aww thank you

I get that Rachel probably has some unexplained reason as to why she's so expressionless now, but it made the show incredibly boring for me. I was impressed by the first episode but this episode just dragged on.

The two main characters seemed to just nag at each other about nothing important the entire time and it got a bit grating. Further highlighted by there being very little other audio throughout the entire episode. Feels like this entire episode could have been condensed in to half the time, nothing really happened.

Zack repeatedly threatening Rachel by putting the Scythe to her neck just got tedious, as if he kept forgetting she wants to die now.

I genuinely loved the first episode so I have hope for the rest of the series but this episode definitely has me worried.

Pretty faithful adaptation of the game so far, I'm loving it.

I'm so happy they are slowing down the pace a bit! I really enjoyed this episode.

Also kinda want to see the reaction of the people that were talking shit about Zack last episode now lmao

Really liked the casual tragicomedy between Zack the Reaper who needs motivation and Rachel the deadpan loli with a literal death wish. Since suicide doesn't count,


Does anyone know why Rachel went from being scared to get killed and now wanting to get killed? Seems kinda random after she saw that guy die in the first episode she wanted to die

It happened specifically after Danny told her that she would see her parents in hell, presumably triggering some memories that, for some unknown reason, really make her want to die.

Just finished watching Angels of Death gameplay ( because i'm too scared to play any horror game ) and love it. Hope this anime will go well :D .Kinda hype for the anime ending will look like.

z a c k i s b e s t g i r l

On another note, the ost is great, and the directing is pleasing. It’s not the best I’ve seen, but it’s definitely above-average. The art is also nice, and I’m liking the sort of pencil-ish aesthetic of the character designs. Story, writing, and characters are kind of meh so far

Looking forward to next week

I just finished the game a few days ago so I’ve been looking forward to this. I’m not sure if I like the OP song or not, but I love how they briefly included Zack’s game design.

I’m liking this episode a lot more than the last one too and I’m glad that they’re slowing the pace down a bit. Still not sure how they’re going fill 16 episodes, though. I feel there were a few things that could have been done better, but the only thing I’m really disappointed by is that they didn’t play Danger Zone during Zack’s rampage. It seems like none of the original soundtrack is going to be included, unfortunately.

I just can't get over how badass Rachel is. The lack of emotions we can see from her along with a bit overdramatic Zack is so good combo. This episode was pretty interesting as well as funny. I love this.

LOL this is basically Reverse Psychology The Animation.

I hope they just focus on the comedy more (which is actually great) because they're failing at any sense of seriousness in the story.

I really enjoy this episode, Zack and Rachel make a great duo, excited to see how their relation develop.

I think I plan to get the game after this.

you know, when Rachel said she won't commit suicide because god told us it's a "bad" thing, it broke my heart. I totally get it even though she doesn't seem convinced.

not that I'm saying religion saved me, I'm not that a believer myself, but it's my only "obstacle" from death.

I'm really hyped for this anime !

I didn't expect this show to take a more lighthearted turn, or at least have comedy moments in it, but it was still a good episode. I think I prefer it more serious, but as long as it's still has a creepy vibe I'll keep watching, I'll have to get used to Zack being a goof but overall I think Zack and Rachel are interesting MCs.


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