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[Satsuriku no Tenshi] Episode 1 everyone's impressions [Angels of Death]

Episode 1
"Kill me... please."

After visiting a hospital for counseling, Rachel wakes up in an unfamiliar building with no memory of how she got there. She is told by a voice over an intercom that she will be the "sacrifice" for the inhabitants of the upper floors, and she rides an elevator from her current floor of B7 to B6. On B6, she encounters a insane, bandaged man wielding a scythe and she is barely able to escape to floor B5. On B5, she encounters Danny, who claims to be her doctor. However, it is clear that Danny is insane and obsessed with Rachel's eyes, intending to imprison her in B5. After Danny reveals her parents are dead, the shock seems to trigger Rachel's memories. The scythe wielding man then arrives and kills Danny, and the intercom announces that the man is now the new sacrifice due to violating a rule by leaving his designated floor and attacking an inhabitant of another floor. The man attempts to flee in the elevator but it is sealed. Deciding that she shouldn't be allowed to live, Rachel approaches the man and asks him to kill her.


That crazy scythe dude really reminds me of Accelerator....

Same voice actor

That guy really gets all the fun roles.

ishiki get back into cooking.

Also bakugo, what is it with you and little girls all of a sudden

Something something Accelerator and Last Order

Don't forget all the Monogatari Girls.

Satsuriku will be 16 eps long. However, only 13 eps will air on terrestrial Japanese TV, with the last 3 being online.

I assume online-only viewers like in the West will get full episode access, provided there are no brief hiatuses like Idolish 7 and Dies Irae.

since they have so much time, i'm wondering why they rushed to the next floor already. I assumed it would be ~1ep/floor for the lower ones and 2+ for the last 3.

The first two floors are by far the shortest, and everything beyond that has more character interactions to work with. I think they adapted it just fine.

i'm mainly salty that danger zone ost didn't play during the chase :S Hopefully we'll hear it or a rendition of it soon.

That was... weird? Visuals an animation are good plus I am a little intrigued as to what is going on so I guess I'll keep watching!

Yeah, but it was weird in a good way. This anime developed its own style. The mystery and intensity will keep me hooked. Only 2 floors and the main character has barely survived and wants to die now anyway.

I´M SO HYPED UP FOR THIS! so far i loved the music and i also like the artstyle, loving the VA on zack too.

Never played the game so I was afraid Rachel would end up being a pure little girl trapped in a fucked up situation, I'm glad she's also fucked up. Zack VA is awesome for a psychopathic, that laughter.

Looks like this will be worth watching for Rachel. I have no idea why she stopped to stitch up the dead bird, but I want to know more about her.

She'll probably meet more insane people, so I can't help but assume that she's one too. I mean, no normal person would stitch up a dead bird like that right?

oh yeah she's pretty fucked up too, and it was soo worth when I played the game

I'm interested to see how well this anime will adapt the game. I watched Joey/The Anime Man's stream where he played this and after that I played it myself and the game was pretty good.

Well, so far this seems like the only new anime I am into this season.

This anime feels... different somehow.

Yeah, the only three new anime I'll be watching this season will be Grand Blue, the one by P.A Works and this. Might drop the PA works one if it turns out to be subpar.

It was...interesting. Not sure what else to say about since we really didn’t learn too much this first episode, besides that Rachel is most likely yandere/psychotic

However this will most likely be the Edgiest Show Summer 2018.

Best plot twist is if it turns out Rachel was the one who murdered her parents.

No, VG players, I'm not asking for spoilers.

It's a pretty good adaptation. I think they showed a bit too much here and there but all in all I'm pretty happy with how it turned out.

I am really digging this. The VA for both Rachel and Zack sound really good. The animation is beautiful too. The story, at least what we got so far is quite interesting too. Can't wait for ep 2.

I am really digging all the mysteries in this show, though found the scythe psychopathic edge lord a bit too edgy/over the top, but still looking forward to how the relationship develops with the main character now that they are in the same boat. So far my favorite first episode of the season.

Didn't expect the ending theme to be by DECO*27. It's awesome!

It already had me on board, but seeing that in the credits while wondering who made this amazing theme sure as hell cemented this as a pick for the season.

Really fun and interesting opening episode. I like the voice acting so far, particularly for Rachel, and really nice animation.

I got a real Cabin in the Woods-y vibe with the whole "complex designed for human sacrifice for some unknown reason" shtick. Pet theory; Rachel is actually a resident on one of the floors, and she probably has some batshit killing method that we'll see soon enough.

As someone who played the game about a year ago, I never expected this to get an anime adaptation and i’m really impressed! It looks really good and the voices are actually kinda what i imagined. I enjoyed it a lot.

This episode was a very good opening to this series, in my opinion. So far it is my favorite anime of the season.

Ok this is way better than I expected.. I like the mystery/psychological aspects of the show I thought it would be a mindless action type.. and every floor has their citizen this sound interesting

Wow, don't have a clue what is going on yet. But I am enjoying every second of it.

Also love the art style and animation, just makes the whole thing feel so unique.

Loved the game! Interesting to see RPG Maker games get adaptations. Hope it does it good.


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