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[Planet With] Episode 4 everyone's impressions

Episode 4
 "Avenger 2"

I respect Benika a lot for what she did. She asked the tough questions and made a hard decision. It's cool to see a character stick to their morals in situations like that.

Except she gave the dust back to the wrong person.

It would be against her morals not giving it back to the one she got it from in the first place.

Yall ever just say fuck it and eat the can?

His reactions killed me?

Oh, that opens.

Nezuya's illusion though, large-breasted older stepsister, good fucking taste right there. Hell even I wouldn't have destroyed that illusion.

For the episode itself, it really shows how the evolution of love is the way to go else you turn to a friggin dragon and destroy part of the city. I wonder how will Kumashiro deal with the consequences of her going berserk especially if people died, adding to the fact that she's not even an adult. That would be traumatic.

Also don't do drugs Red Bull cosmic Red Bull kids, you'll get a nasty hangover

News report says that place was evacuated due to the space ship being there.


Planet With AotS

Dude it might be AotY for me. I'm waiting to see how it will play out, but I get so excited every episode

rip Sensei, can’t even enjoy panties in that stage

Benika is pretty awesome.

Makes quick decisions, doesn't hesitate to ask stuff.

Sound direction is great, too.

So you turn into a dragon if you get fueled by the wrong emotions?

Well the power come from a dragon in the 1st place, so it makes sense.

Man, now THAT was the true Mizukami experience alright. Strongest episode so far, and it makes me even more curious how they'll continue this. Shame that Nezuya is out of comission, but I think I'll like Benika quite a bit after this episode, too.

≫Man, now THAT was the true Mizukami experience alright.

Would be truer without the "oh, btw, everyone's been evacuated so no casualties".

≫Not really, Mizukami's stories generally aim for a wholesomeness that's common in action-shounen stories.

It might not have been a good/clean writing decision, but it was certainly closer to the "Mizukami experience" than it would have been if those people had just died right then and there due to Haru's temporary rage.

Man, I love this show! The animation, the sound, the way the story is rounding out, its all awesome. Everything is so well done! I can't wait to see how the rest of the story goes.
Haru and Mius friendship is so believable! I love their dynamic! Also, I'm loving how the true motives of the group that fights the "Nebula Weapons" and "Nebula Soldiers" is starting to come out. More people need to be watching this show!

I’m glad that someone is finally talking about the awesome sound direction

I just got some new headphones after my old pair started falling apart and I was kinda let down that the poor sound quality on a lot of youtube channel I watch is a lot more noticeable but the sound in this episode alone makes it 100% a worthwhile trade-off.

Let's admit it, Nezuya is us, and we'd all stay trapped in that smorgasbord of otakuisms.

I like how a formula was sort of established--supposed to be a series of 1 on 1 fights--but pretty instantly things got shaken up. Also pretty great how dragon boss just casually reveals he's after world conquest.

Easily the best episode so far.

Angry Haru is terrifying!

I loved the design for sensei after his power up!

A lot of feels when Miu rescued Haru. Nice to see Miu’s satisfied look on her face after the fight.
That hangover scene was hilarious!

I can’t blame Benika for quitting after all of that. I really want to see more of her conversation with Souya.

With Grand Paladin almost collapsing completely I’m curious where we’ll go from here. Especially since it’s only the fourth episode.

Grand Paladin will do just fine, only Benika quit after knowing the truth (and she gave her dust back), so dragon man can just keep sending pawns to deal with whatever the White Dog faction sends, and said pawns can be easily found, after all 2 of his best soldiers where girls with some pretty simple backgrounds, and they alone where enough to put the Black Cat faction in a corner, for what we have seen so far none of the guys on Grand Paladin are special, they are run of the mill humans that like to play hero.

So in other words his workers are simpleminded, easy to manipulate and fool, dragon man got them jumping around under false premises and that already was enough to get results, if he gets people who agree with his ways then his only worry would be the White Dog faction getting serious locking the planet.

Meanwhile Souya and Sensei are just too weak right now, even with the doping, i don't know if he lacks training, conviction, or information, but if the guys that come next are on boat with world domination, then Souya will have to retire, he will have to get a training montage, a handy upgrade, or get some allies.

I was actually going to be a little annoyed if after all that Haru would still be able to fight but based on the previous episodes I shouldn't have doubted this series.

The fight was great, and the transformation with sensei was awesome.

When you nut but she still sucking

So how did the secretary neglect to tell them about this whole transforming into a dragon thing, if she knows so much.

are the dogs TRYING to make dragons?

Most def. And once this plot is uncovered I'm guessing we'll get a civil war between factions, giant cat vs giant dog IN SPACE.

And a Yuri Fastball Special saves the day.

Also, that ending. I love you Mizukami.

Last week: it's fine, the planet-killing dragon is gone!

This week: we may have to reevaluate a few things

I never know what to expect with this show but that's why I love it so much. Only 4 episodes in and the main group of "antagonists" is all but dissolved, the vast majority is now powerless and then there's Benika who just quit. And also, a dragon. What's next??

Criminal lack of hype for the show. This is building up to becoming my AOTS at the momento

Not just the sound design but even the ost in this show rocks. I especially liked the change in tone and style once Ginko confronted Miu and helped her fly to Haru. But even during the battle there was some fun hype tracks. Despite the cg I think there is a lot of good direction in the battles that keeps them exciting, especially in this one. Coupled with how the music makes the characters movements and hits sound huge it all really helps give off this exciting yet tense vibe to the battles. Yet again it's the writing in this that is just the best, I was not expecting at the end for one of the characters to willfully resign and also didn't see the dragon transformation coming either. Am excited to see more, there's just so much mystery to unfold in these characters.

So it seems Haru and Miu are no longer able to fight. They’ve re-examined themselves and seem to have abandoned power. Miu wants to be strong for Haru and Haru was finally allowed to know someone wasn’t afraid of her. This event seems to have given them perspective.

I want to see what happens with Judgement, and I’m sure we’ll see more of Benika after this. Also it’s nice to see that Soya is gaining a bit of chill.

I tend to focus on the story/character stuff in comments. But I also want to mention I love these mech designs. Soya’s cat-mech was great, and the new form was awesome too. The Hero mechs were odd at first, but the more I see them in action the more I like them. And that dragon design really worked for me.

This show became one of the few anime I look forward this season. I love it so much.

Good on Benika for realizing what her boss really is.

It's so sad that there's not much hype about this show. It'e been really good so far and enjoyable!


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