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[Planet With] Episode 3 everyone's impressions

Episode 3
"Avenger 1"

That boss is even more terrifying after this episode.

Nezuya is such a hilarious weirdo. Although it seems that he couldn’t defeat his backstory in time?

Yeah, the boss is going to become the dragon due to overusage of that power. Just look at his eyes, they are dragon's eyes.

That could also be why he doesn’t fight with the rest of Grand Paladin.

It's already hinted from the start: those psycho-frames Terracotta armors are modeled after 12 zodiacs, with some members missing; there's the Tiger, Rabbit, Dog, Monkey, Bird...forgot the rest, but Cat trying to enter the Zodiacs has been focus for some other series, so it's not new.

This show gets more and more interesting with every episode. I can't wait for next week.

It’s currently one of my favourite of this season. Too bad not many people are watching it.

Feels like Mawaru Penguindrum tbh.

but at least it makes some sense, after all this years I still have no idea what the hell was Mawaru Penguidrum

All I know is its not about penguins!

So this really is Cat vs Dog in space

Am I wrong or was Shiraishi the girl behind the curtains in the dream?

≫Am I wrong or was Shiraishi the girl behind the curtains in the dream?

After watching the ED I’m convinced that was her.

Same, otherwise it would have been weird to bring that up. This show seems well enough structured to have call outs like that, without setting them up beforehand.

So, where can I get these merch?

These seem to be references to the author's other works, The Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer and Spirit Circle for anyone that hasn't noticed.

Edit: nvm just the first of the two

Theyre both lucifer and biscuit hammer. One is samidere, and the othrr is princess anima

Huh, since I haven't read that one (only Spirit Circle) I thought she was just an unamed character from Fortuna's time (she looks like one at least)

Read iiiiiit. Its super good. Well I love it anyways because spirit circle, sengoku youko, and bisucit hammer are my top three favouritra

Thor's Hammer OP, plz nerf.

Leader-san's slit irises glowed, and his robot thing is rather dragon-like. Even if it turns out he isn't the dragon from MC's backstory, he's certainly going to become one just like it.

MC had at least a couple minutes to take a bite out of the dream chicken and he still failed. I get that it's a running gag, but I wonder if there's some meaning behind it. Pacifists are probably vegetarians - that would make sense.

They're really high schoolers? I was certain they were in middle school myself. They look about the same age as most first year middle schoolers in anime do.

"He said he was going to the bathroom and hasn't been back for days. Do you think he ever found the bathroom?"

I agree. I was thinking that there is some parallel with vegetarianism and "love evolution" or whatever. The meat thing is too prominent now to simply be a running gag.

It's either that, or there's some specific reason why they won't allow him to eat meat. The fact that he can't seem to get it even outside of their influence makes it feel more suspect.

Well, if we ever see him buying anything ever, we'll know something super fishy is up. Because that guy buying anything other than meat at the first opportunity would be just too out of character for that to be just another attempt at a gag.

Sir. Sir, you can't just leave that parked there.

"We done a lot of things we're not proud of. Beating up kids, eh, stealing magic powers, double parking."

But, nobody got hurt. Well, maybe somebody got hurt, but nobody we knew.

Is that Koyama Rikiya voicing Sensei? When he finally spoke this episode all I could hear is Kiritsugu.

Things are certainly getting a lot more interesting! So the other group that's invading are dog people and Souya ins't even a human! That was surprising! I thought that flashback that he saw was from Earth but it looks like that was in Sirius? I think I need more explanation but I'm definitely hooked by this show!

It's Hammer Time!! - The sound effect for the Thor's Hammer was absolutely gorgeous, really sold the power.

The show is growing well, with both the protagonist's and antagonist's stories becoming increasingly intriguing. Certainly making it hard to root for a side. The Prince and Princess scene was really cute and sold their story in a very short space of time. Harumi may not have protected that smile, but you'll be damn sure she'll avenge it.

I'm also liking the budding romance between the MC and Takamagaharararara, mainly because it seems to be mutual with the MC not being oblivious to it. The Occult club appears to be appropritely eccentric and in case anyone was wondering Mokele-mbembe is a dinosaur that supposedly lives in the swamps of Africa. I did wonder if the MC's joyful reaction is a sign he recognises the creature from his home world?

Man, Satoshi Mizukami always has the best attack names. Giga Cat Hammer!

One thing I love about Satoshi Mizukami works is the "quiet" slice-of-life moments in between the heavy stuff. It was nice to see some of that this episode.

I really like where the mystery of the plot and which side is the actual bad side is going. Nezuya is kind of reminding me on Shinome from Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer.

This series is shaping up to be one of my favorites. Here's to hoping for a Biscuit Hammer or Spirit Circle adaptation.

Loving it so far! Here are some of the unique things the show is doing that I really enjoy:
  • protagonist who knows more than the audience
  • great atmosphere and use of different times of day
  • unexpected and quirky dialogue
  • unnerving Nebula designs
  • alien technology that is inherently mysterious, looking more biological than mechanical
  • a premise that gives us a ton to speculate about
  • the unbreakable bonds between Miu and Haru

Got a lot of answers this episode. I hope the conflict stays grey throughout. That secretary lady seems to be working for the Humans as well as the Nebula Sealer faction.

Man this show is one hell of a weird ride and i love it .

Satoshi Murakami makes everything great. Loving this show a lot.

Why would the class rep ask the new report if her classmate found the bathroom. These design for these aliens ship keep getting weirder and weirder. I like the occult club and the interaction between each of the member is great.

I do really like this show. Also he still didn't get any meat. I wander if at the end of the show he will finally get to eat some meat.


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