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[Planet With] Episode 2 everyone's imoressions

Episode 2
"Nebula Soldiers"

Sensei is still a weirdo but I’m digging his sensibilities.

Are we cheering for the villains?

In a way. Villains in the sense that they're fighting the heroes, but also with a greater purpose of protecting humanity otherwise from a worse fate.

Who said it's a worse fate? While we may know what Sensei and the others are planning, after all those stories about humanity persevering and such (looking at you Bokurano), it's not a large stretch to imagine that the heroes might be able to deal with whatever Nebula has to throw at them without the inteference from Kuroi.

Personally, I think the best way we can draw the line on whether or not they're villains, is that the main character is fighting for his own reasons. Whatever plot Nebula has is just secondary for him, his driving motivation to take this power is his own past.
The heroes fight for others. The villain fights for himself.

Still no meat!

An actual Samidare up skirt this week!

The characters in this series are fun so far. Souya and that old man would get along extremely well.

Worst cliffhanger of the season so far!

≫An actual Samidare up skirt this week!

True to herself, always with the panty shots. Too bad that Yuuhi isn't there to see them this time :p

Just wait until we find out that Sensei is a reincarnation of Yuuhi.

The best anime this season that no one's going to watch

I'm still an awe I'm actually watching a Satoshi Mizukami anime and I'm so happy it's amazing so far.

Hopefully it leads to some of his other works to an adaptation.

I really want to see a Sengoku Youko anime that actually has a budget and a lengthy production period. Those spreads better be animated into something gorgeous.

The sound design of this show is top notch, it feels like rewatching the mythbusters episodes with huge explosions.

It's the same sound desginer who did Jojo so it stands to reason that it'd be good. and have HEAVY bass.

What I like about this is how we can already see a central theme of the show through the two heroes so far which have had their power taken, and the ED.

I mean, I can't really put it into words, but I think it's something along the lines of how people have two sides to them? Like, when you look at Miu, you see that she tries to convince herself that she's strong, even when the power she has isn't really hers and wasn't gained with her own strength. She does so because she feels like that she can't stand on equal footing with her friend Haru, who beat her in the judo tournament. I find this kind of misperceived since of values something rather saddening, as it's something that she earnestly strives for while not realizing that it's just self-detrimental, and her friend can't really help with her it, as it's something extremely personal for Miu.

Maybe "inner demons" is a good term for what's going on? The Nebula weapons basically asks people to face their inner demons or whatever haunts them from the past, and asks them to overcome it. While at the same time trying to rid them of it.

 Kinda ironic how the heroes use their ill-gained powers to basically say "I am who I am and I don't need this as I have a purpose now." While their courage is admirable, I also feel it's somewhat misdirected.

Edit: Just in case you haven't go read the manga. The language used is slightly different in the translations, giving it a new spin on things, and there's some small characterization of the heroes which gets missed in the anime in lieu of making it progress smoother. Most of it is the same though.

It gives the characters more relatable obstacles to overcome, IMO.

Yep, it does. I'm excited to see these characters overcome what appeared in the illusions later on in the series.

Wouldn't be a Mizukami series if there wasn't anyone that comes to terms with what they are.

Wow they actually had our antagonists band together and trap our protagonist after one ambush instead of waiting. That's some competency right there.

I found the comment of "evolution of love over the evolution of power" to be quite intriguing. My personal take is that the MC's original world took place where the populace chose "evolution of power" and it clearly didn't work out which led to MC seemingly losing everyone he cared about. Although I'm curious what the girl means by "evolution of love" and what it entails because the "evolution of power" that is presented through our 7 heros is usually an admirable one as one overcomes ones insecurities to pursue something greater.

Then there's the whole sealing faction vs Pacifist faction vs Earth dynamic. Assuming the MC is from an entirely different world (given the dual moons in the ED), it seems like the sealing faction is trying to prevent the same catastrophe that occurred in their last experiment (I guess experiment is the word to use?) by straight up controlling humanity while the pacifist seems to rely on hope that humanity will pick the evolution of love by the end.

Really enjoying what I'm seeing so far; probably the show I look forward to the most this season.

I think my favourite part of the episode is when the fight starts against the two Grand Paladins, they actually both do something. After he dodges the roll, the other one actually takes the opportunity to do something.

I'm so used to fights where the side with multiple people on it just seemingly stands around giving time for the single person to recover and react.

edit: Oh, and also the old man cutting off Takashi's monologue was also hilarious.

The antagonists band together because they are absolutely heroes. I love how this is playing out these aren’t corrupt or false heroes these are people who genuinely believe they’re on the right side, and act like a hero team rather than a villain group.

I think the sealing faction is trying to prove humanity will choose power so they allowed earth access to the suits in an attempt to force Neptune as a whole to take action. The pacifist faction wants to take Neptune off the board so to speak because they believe given time humanity will abandon the path of power and embrace love. So far the heroes are proving the sealing faction right. They reject love in favor of embracing whatever power they can find.

Why accept forgiveness when your guilt drives you forward. Why accept weakness when strength is in your grasp.

Honestly, I don't know other Mizukami works, but after these two episodes I want to read his manga. Premise is absolutely interesting and if I'm to believe people in this thread, it could easily become AotS.

Hoshi no Samidare/Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer is most similar to this one and is also really good if you wanna read one of his manga!

I honestly feel really bad for this guy not getting any meat

Little did you know was that the source of his powers are from being a vegan.

They sure are interfering a lot for a group that doesn't wanna interfere...

Grand Paladin FTW!

They don't want to seal up humanity. Just take away their advanced energy so that they don't have to be sealed. Naturally they have to interfere in sense that they have to take the powers so that humanity doesn't have to be sealed.

It doesn't have anything to do with the episode but I really want to thank all of you who praised Satoshi Mizukami in last week's thread since it made me start reading his previous works before watching this one. I'm in the middle of reading Lucifer and the Biscuit hammer and it's seriously awesome and I hope this series ends up as good as what I read so far!

They're teasing me so much with those Samidare and Anima figures!

I'm absolutely loving this so far. The humor, story, and characters are all top-notch, but I'm not surprised since it's Satoshi Mizukami. It's a shame this will probably end up being underrated.

Really likable cast. I'm very intrigued to learn about them. Souya will probably end up joining them in the end, but fr now, I like how the people he's fighting are the good guys.

Ginko is adorable, and sensei is weird as ever.

Love this series so far. The plot is intriguing as expected from Mizukami, and the cast, especially the antagonists, are likable. I love those "getting over your past" scenes - it says a lot about the character in a simple way without getting too melodramatic

This is very interesting. Even with the exposition, it's not very clear what each nebula faction is trying to achieve from their action. A misinformation perhaps? And the hints to coming of age theme feels very promising as per Mizukami's usual works. I hope this gets picked up more.

In a normal mecha anime, the hero would defeat an enemy once an episode. But in those anime, the antagonists aren't led by a pink haired leader.

I love this anime.

Interesting. So the invaders really are invaders but they're split into two factions. The Sealing Faction who are the hostile ones and Pacifist Faction who obviously are pacifists.

While I do believe the heroes really believe that they'redoing good. Their purple haired leader is very sketchy though. I hope we'd get the reason why Souya wanted revenge next week.

That boss is huge, what an absolute unit. Soya should ask the old man how he gets his crap load of meat, imagine blowing 30k yen on a steakhouse. Next week's episode will surpass the manga, can't wait.


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