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[Planet With] Episode 1 everyone's impressions

Episode 1
"Light, Seven Flashes"

For those of you who haven’t read the writer/creator’s other series, namely Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer and Spirit Circle, just be prepared for lots of things that don’t make sense at first. They’ve both turned out to be good stories and there are signs that this will as well.

Sengoku Youko deserves a mention as well. The three series are superb.

It should also be mentioned that the writer/creator tends to have the entire story planned out, so the beginnings can seem a little slow.

oh shit!!! I had no idea this was by him.


Oh shit, I thought this was coming out tomorrow. Good first episode, though the CGI was pretty bad at times.

Also, that was a Samidare figure that Sensei was looking up the skirt of, right?

≫Also, that was a Samidare figure that Sensei was looking up the skirt of, right?

Yeah it was Asahina

The creator fckin created Biscuit Hammer and Spirit Circle*, you better expect to be a masterpiece!!! (or at least very good, tastes differ).

*Spirit Circle, sorry to correct you but it's my favorite manga ever. He also created Sengoku Youko, which doesn't seem to be as well-known but I think is just as much of a masterpiece. I recommend it to everyone in this thread who's talking about how much they already love Biscuit Hammer - it's got a weaker start but then gets better and better.

as someone that's never even heard of any of these series, what exactly makes it a masterpiece?

I dunno which one you're asking about, so I'll just say it for all three.
  • Spirit Circle, my favorite one, is a story about two people who have a long history in their past lives. I don't want to spoil any more than that; things go in a lot of interesting and unexpected places. The story is incredibly-well executed, building up to certain mysteries with fantastic hints and foreshadowing. The story is organized in a semi-episodic way, and each individual part of it has themes I enjoy thinking about and emotionally resonates with me on its own - and on top of that they all factor into the overall story very well. The progression between past lives is also really interesting; there's a lot of continuity of character arcs in subtle ways, with both the major characters and a lot of side characters. The ending packs a huge punch for me, in both an emotional and a thematic sense.
  • Sengoku Youko, my second favorite, is something I would describe best as the battle shonen genre done right. That genre is filled with stretched out pacing and stories that don't know where to end - this manga takes the same general type of story, but feels as though the entire thing was planned from the start, and moves through it at a consistent pace that's never boring. Plus, with zero filler - every chapter matters to the overall story. That said, it's not the kind of battle shonen that's just mindless action and training to get stronger - the story is extremely well-written, goes in interesting directions, and very often subverts your expectations for what kind of story will be told. Sengoku Youko also has my favorite characters that the author has written with fantastically done growth and arcs. The only flaw here is that the very beginning is, I won't lie, kind of bad. I don't think it's below average but I see how some might. It does get better and better past that, and all of the story's Part 2, which is the majority, is a masterpiece.
    • As a side note, Sengoku Youko is where Mizukami's art really shines. He's not really known as a mangaka you read for the art - his character designs have a distinct style but can come off as generic (sometimes very large eyes). But he's actually fairly proficient at visual storytelling, composition, and paneling, with a lot of very subtly meaningful pages I love in Spirit Circle. As Sengoku Youko is a fantasy action series, however, he really goes wild in it, and shines with some of the most impactful, powerful-feeling double spreads I've ever seen in manga. I ended up rereading the story and saving every single double spread there was. They have a fantastic sense of physicality and weight, and almost always make the moments extremely memorable. Because the manga was published online, it also had the liberty of dropping literal four-page spreads (one of which is my favorite page in all of manga).
  • Finally, Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer. The most well-known one, but if I'm to be honest, my least favorite of Mizukami's major works. Not that it isn't excellent; I'd simply say the first third isn't very good, the middle third is solid, and the final third is what's fantastic and on par with the other two. Biscuit Hammer, like Sengoku Youko, is a take on the battle shonen genre, but while the latter is certainly subversive, Biscuit Hammer is really an outright deconstruction. The characters are good, the plot is really interesting, and the action has more developed strategies and tactics than Sengoku Youko does. I'd recommend it, though not as highly as the other two, but I also think it might be the easiest to get into of Mizukami's stories, and if you plan on reading all three, it'd be good to start with it.

thanks for the quality post! if I ever finally get into reading manga I'll be sure to look into those.

MCs power level is directly tied to his cravings for meat


I liked it though.

Seeing the Biscuit Hammer girl reference made me lose my shit. I will spend tons of money buying this BD if that’s what it takes to see an anime adaptation of Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer, one of the best mangas ever made

I Can't Believe I got Amnesia and now I'm Mugging Heroes After They're Tired Out From Saving the Earth!

Really good first ep, it has the weirdness we expect from Mizukami, the subversion of tropes, and the promise of a really interesting plot.

The mysterious giant entities really bring back memories of Evangelion, Bokurano, and a few other shows that elicit an otherworldly creepiness. And I think one of the other tonal points of interest is going to be sudden and spontaneous feels, just enough to be poignant without being hammy. I really like the way things like flashbacks and exposition aren't too drawn out, Mizukami really gets to the point.

This was low-key hype af

Ginko is gonna be Best Girl. I can already tell...

>Not the adorable class rep girl with glasses and a cutely realistic school uniform voiced by Sayaka Harada
A part of me kinda hopes this show will be popular enough to justify waifu wars.

It makes me really happy to see Mizukami finally get some of his work animated. He's my favorite manga author and has made two of my favorite stories of all time, Spirit Circle and Sengoku Youko.

The manga version of this (still drawn by Mizukami) is already a few chapters in, and so far the anime's story seems to be the same. It's not blowing me away yet, but that's how Mizukami's stories always go - a standard beginning that somehow grows into a masterpiece that's nothing like what you initially expected.

I'm liking how the anime handled the cat's scenes - he feels a lot more surreal and freaky than he does in the manga. Not really a fan of the CGI for the mechs, but it seems better than the CGI I've seen in some other shows I guess. The action seems fairly cool at least. The pacing was solid, as it covered the first two chapters of the manga.

I mean, it's not like his manga was adapted. This is an original anime that launched the manga some weeks before as cross promotion with the publisher which is probably one of the companies funding it. Mizukami is the writer and artist of the manga of course but the he's also part of the anime staff as series composition and storyboard.

I'm aware. I just mean in general, for there to be an anime of anything he's done, whether an adaptation or original.

This is HELLA interesting!

Once you get close to these huge things, you get illusions (?) of your past life, seemingly only good things for now. That guy could say his goodbye to his mom!

Is there a good side/bad side in this show even? Very intrigued right now.

I needed Mizukami anime. This is good.

Mizukami fan here. I loved it.

The first half was maybe a bit too familiar, but still solid, and the MC and the Megane were both pretty likeable. Then came the second half and the expectation reversal and the mindfuckery. And through that, I felt that same old heartfelt Mizutami magic that had swept me off my feet so many times before. The firefighter scene especially hit a bit too close to home for comfort, but still, it was great and pretty damn moving.

Overall, it was a pretty fantastic first episode and I'm looking forward to more. There was a funny Sami cameo too

So what, superhero team destroyed his past life in one of their battles, something about the incident wiped his memory of what happened, and he got left to be found by someone inimical to their operations? Had to have been one hell of an event, whatever it was, for remembering it to take him from "Are they using me? I have to get away!" to "I'm going to do everything I can to take you guys down!".

I think that's the main thing I'm hoping to learn more about. In the manga, there have been a few small reveals (though we still know almost nothing), but Kuroi's past is what interests me the most. Maybe because of how much of an emotional reaction it got out of him.

I heave not read Spirit Circle yet but this anime look like an interesting mix of Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer and Psycho Staff. I guess this is the closest we will get to anime adaptation of Lucifer and the Biscuit Hammer (the princesses even have their figurines in anime, haha).

So far, I like what I see.

I like where this is going so far. I get good vibes because its one of those animes that start off atypical where the plot slowly comes together and makes sense. Its nice to speculate too.

it feels like we're following the villain in this show and I am totally into it. funny and dumb and interesting, might be a perfect show for me.

Pretty interesting first episode. I like the dynamic between Kuroi and Takamagahara, they're a cute pair (megane-sama!). It'll be fun to see how things change as Kuroi gets more of his memories back.

Sensei is hitting me with some really weird vibes

Megane-sama is looking real cute

That's a great first episode. I wonder what happened to the MC before to make him hate that group so much.

The non-early release version of the episode is up on crunchyroll now and THERE'S AN ED NOW! It has stuff in it! Hints! Themes! Etc.!

Can't wait for the weeks to come.


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