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[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 17 everyone's impressions

Episode 17
"X Day"

Gaining access to the core of Futaba's Palace, the Phantoms are confronted by a monstrous cognition of Futaba's mother. As Futaba manages to enter the Palace herself, her Shadow encourages her to remember her mother's love for her, leading Futaba to realise that her mother's suicide note was faked by people after her research on cognitive psience. Gaining the Persona Necronomicon as a result, Futaba use its supportive abilities to help the Phantoms defeat the monster. After putting a stop to Medjed as promised, Futaba asks for Ren's help in finding out who killed her mother and stole her research. 


Finally Futaba joins the crew!

And new ED too! Instead of the level up screen, we now have the day transition screen with the episode numbers instead of the dates.

I really hope there's a second season. We only have 6 episodes left and there's no way they can cram everything in there. There's no way this will end at Episode 24. There's just too much important stuff left! Like there's enough material for another 12 episodes cour at least.

I think we are 100% getting another cour, otherwise they wouldn't have "wasted" time with some of the confidant stories so far.

The 24/25 episode count was never truly confirmed, though the blu-ray releases indicate it. It may not end up being the case, but who knows. I find it genuinely interesting that they've been following the events of the game with the real ongoing calendar, so I guess we'll see.

I really like how this anime is still really bad at making fights but is actually pretty awesome at character drama, this futuaba arc really showed how the animation team understood their strengths and worked towards them mid series.

Kinda sad a lot of people dropped the anime on the beggining.

Yeah. They really cut down on the fights and tilted heavily on the characters. Fights are usually pretty quick now and there's much more dialogue and character focus, which serves this anime way better. It's really improved over time

I thought the fight was alright. It was still just shooting blasts of magic but at least it had impact. I appreciate that they threw some gunfire in as well. And that ballista bolt looked like it hurt.

Yeah the anime is definitely worth watching now, the fights are still bad (not sure if its just a lack of budget or what) but focusing on the characters was smart.

I like how they are for an example showing more of Ann and Makoto's relationship, the game really missed out on that and it felt like the PT only had a connection with Joker

Yeah, the fact that there were not shadow battles truly made the adaptation of this palace the best they have made. I really hope they continue with this trend.

I was close to dropping it after the first or second episode since it seemed like an overly edgy anime without much substance, but now I'm really glad I kept watching it, since it kept getting better and better, and now it might actually be one of my favorite ever. It's interesting to watch, I got attached to the characters, and I'm curious how it all will end.

You know, I never really considered how edgy Persona 5 would be with this kind of pacing. The benefit of the game is that you don't really have to put it down or wait a week to continue the story, so those parts of it have less time to really take over how you perceive the story.

Futaba really is a treasure! I like getting to see this curt and funny side of her in addition to her awkwardness. That moment when she just peaced out cracked me up.

Futaba has been the ultimate treasure all along.

Futaba is so cute af. I didn't romance her because I think she is more the little sister type but she is definitely one of my favourite female characters in the franchise so far

That moment at Skytree when the PT are discussing Medjed and Makoto catches the glimpse of Buchimaru which then led to Last Surprise playing was a nice little momento

Now let's go to best girl Haru.

Hopefully they handle her intro and arc better, it felt rushed in the game. Haru deserved way better

Enjoyed the new ED (I wonder if they'll add the remaining squadmates to it or make a third ED when they get to that point, it's probably going to be a few weeks before we see the next one) and the insert song during the fight this episode (or at least the parts that weren't drowned out by the action). I really like that the anime original tracks are just as good as the game's soundtrack.

Seems there was an animation error when Futaba was talking to her shadow about her begging her mother too, they used the other painting that they talked about after that (the one with the reading of the suicide note) until a cut which put the right one in. Ah, A1 you had to do that didn't you?

I noticed that there was some space for one more party member at the end.

Futaba is so damn cute. Hold me.

And Akechi is doing investigation work? PT better watch out. The only thing that triggers me is the whole "It's 24 episodes." FFS it's not. There is no official confirmation that it is besides "Animate had the listing." Nothing from the twitter page. Nothing elsewhere. And Persona central got that information from the same source so they don't count.

The way Ann volunteered to use the ballista was a nice touch.

The pyramid escape was cut short unlike the the animated scene in the game

So disappointed they didn't animate Ann chucking Morgana into the air while running down a pyramid

Makoto is a fucking great driver.

She is the only member of the team who has a driver's license in real life

Noooo! They change the ending as well...

As far as Futuba's arc goes, I was expecting those things to happen, with her mother being murdered and so on.

What I didn't expect though is that Futaba was the Medjed's founder.

Man they blew through Futaba palace but it's all good know she part of the team. New ED looks good though I like the last song better. That ending scene with Morgana was pretty good.

The pacing was a little faster this episode. Not at breakneck speeds like the earlier episodes, but it was definitely noticible.

Outside of that, great episode. Loved how they adapted the Wakaba fight.

Sojiro seems so warm toward us now. Lol. I thought the animation looked alot better for this fight just that it was really quick. Also that part where they turn toward the camera was really nice and looks so good!!

man was looking forward to the pyramid running animated

ED was jamming though all the new Anime original songs have been just as good as the game

My realization halfway through the episode that Futaba has the same voice actor as my favorite punch lesbian, Hibiki Tachibana, has settled it for me. Before it was Makoto, but now it is decided that Futaba is best girl.

All-in-all, amazing episode, and I can't wait for more Best Girl.

The game is still so much better (10/10, one of my all time favorites), but the anime has surprisingly improved since the earlier episodes. I'm actually enjoying it more than I expected to despite being miles behind the game.

There were a lot of derpy faces during the battle but it was a really good episode. I'm assuming it'll get touched up in the BD.

Happy that Futaba finally joined, loved the Skytree moment.

They changed the ED to include Futaba now and I assume the OP will change next week to include her. That said, I kinda miss the old ED song.


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