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[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 16 everyone's impressions

Episode 16
"This place is my grave"

After Sojiro catches the group sneaking into his home, he explains how Futuba's current situation as a shut-in stems from witnessing her mother seemingly commit suicide, and how a few months prior started imagining hallucinations. Although he pleads with them not to involve themselves into Futaba further, the gang decide to help and change her heart after discovering she has a Palace. Visiting Futaba as the school holidays commence, they learn that she sees her home as a tomb and that she will die. The group infiltrates Futaba's Palace and become aware of her deteriorating mental state. After finding their way blocked by the same door to Futaba's room, the group return to reality and convince her to invite them inside. After some more persuasion, Futaba opens up and directly asks the gang to change her heart. 

It's so pity to see this thread slowly dying while the anime quality is on the rise :-(

To be fair, the animation quality is still very inequal at times.

They made the right call in cutting everything that just didn't work in the adaptation - namely the turn by turn battles that become boring in anime and trying to make the all-out attacks and stuff with obviously less budget being put on it.

However, if the animation is pretty nice in general, it shows that they're really not giving attention to detail. A lot of scenes where you have a character talking/standing in the background (like those with Sojiro in this episode - last episode) have crazy problems, with character eyes not aligned and really ugly stuff.

On the other hand, it's still a very long way ahead of the first episodes of the series. It feels very bad that people have kinda given up on it - compared to another inequal show of this season like DarliFra, while the latter started great and slowly went worse, that one is really getting better with time.

Not gonna lie, the anime convinced me to go out and play the game. Game is fantastic. Now I just don't really feel like watching the anime. I'll probably binge it when its complete

Yeah, the show really has gotten better over time by finding the right pacing and focusing on the characters more instead of the palaces/fights. The art and animation is still pretty inconsistent but the use of music, the anime-original scenes or details, and the characterizations have been pretty great after the first palace.

I think this thread slowly dying is an effect of the subreddit's viewing habits for every season, watching all the shows' first few episodes and dropping what doesn't immediately amaze (not saying it's a bad thing). It's why you see such a sharp decline in engagement for this weekly thread after the first few episodes.

I don't post in the discussion threads of Persona 5, because most of the posts are just "oh, they didn't include X part" or "Here comes bes girl arc". Like, what's the point in making conversation when a big percent of the ones in here already played the game and have some expectations of how the current episode should have been played out, instead of actually discussing what really happened in the adaptation.

It's no different from hyped up manga or light novel shows that get an adaptation and source readers ruin the fun for the rest that are coming in blind.

≫What's the point

You could provide other discussions or insight. I mean I ran into people who brought up the connection that Ann here is trying to make sure that Futaba doesn't do the same thing as Shiho did. A lot of people didn't pick that up. Unless it's anime original you are always going to have the people comparing the original source to the anime.

My attitude is that if a person or conversation is doing the same old thing to say something or bring up something unconventional to stand out.

That portrayal of Futaba's mental status is still pretty haunting to see. Did that portion of the game justice, at least to me

Yeah, this has been their best adaptation of a plalace. Which may be related to the fact that they didn't fight any personas.

The shot of her mother standing there was bad enough, but that close-up shot of her eyes... Haunting.

To be honest, I like that they're not doing 1/1 scenes from the game. We miss the car scene but get the undergarment scene instead. It's a nice little touch of it's own personality. I also defiantly love that some of the Social Skill activities are being done as groups (i.e. the batting cage this time); really makes the team feel more like friends outside of just the PT stuff.

Also, next episode is ganna be crunk.

Some of the cool points in this episode that I stated elsewhere are Ann shining and trying to reach out to Futaba, a change from the bus scene to the palace lewd scene, and voices.

This anime is pretty good on making the PT friends and a close knit group. I didn't feel the same for the PT in the game (plot wise) and it was like a toss up between P3 and P4 group vibes because dammit why can't I go to the batting cages with everyone or the arcade.

I don't know how I didn't make the connection before, but Ann's particularly intense motivation here makes sense when you remember Shiho. Ann watched her friend attempt suicide, and she was wracked with guilt over how little she'd helped. Futaba gives her a chance to do the right thing.

Wow, Futaba has it rough :( I liked how the camera focused on Yusuke when her situation was explained since he's probably had the most similar upbringing. I'm looking forward to the change of heart because Futaba's tried so hard to ask for help and she doesn't deserve these awful voices.

It was interesting to see a new type of palace where the group wasn't seen as enemies at first! I didn't expect that at all. Their reaction to getting dropped on the hot sand was pretty hilarious, too. Good thing Morgana was there to rescue them from the heat.

The hallucination stuff was even more haunting than it was in the game, which made up for how much of the palace stuff they cut out since it's probably also my favorite one for all the puzzles and the different atmosphere.

The end where she jumped out of the closet was also even better than in the game. Still need more best girl though.

Do we even have enough episodes to finish the anime? episode 16 and we're still at futaba arc.

It's very likely going to be 3-cour to match the in-game calender.

Really needs to me, unless they want to devolve this into a trainwreck which would be a shame since its getting better now

I like listening to Futaba's dungeon BGM

Futaba's story and palace is probably the most captivating to me, the whole aesthetic and meaning to it makes it that much more powerful, her back story just hits harder than most of the other characters for me personally.

They skipped the car scene :(

But they did make up for it :D

Beach Episode next?

no 18 at best. i think they'll shove in a few confidants so maybe 19 or 20

Going through the thread there are a lot of things people picked up I missed and actually appreciate. Futaba’s past is just so f*ing tragic; watching her mom yell at her and give up to kill herself in front of her.

Ann trying to reach out to her to redeem herself for what happened to Shiho was something I didn’t pick up; made me appreciate this episode a lot more.

I am also glad Old Man isn’t threatening Ren to kick him out after finding out about Futaba. He knows the kids have the right intentions.

Looking forward to what happens next week as Futaba confronts the thieves because time is almost up if they cannot recruit her in time to face the hacker group.


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