Monday, July 16, 2018

[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 15 everyone's impressions

Episode 15
"I am Alibaba"

As a mysterious hacker group known as Medjed issue a public warning to the Phantoms, Ren is contacted by someone known as Alibaba, who threatens to reveal the Phantoms' identities unless they can change the heart of someone named Futaba Sakura. When asked to meet in person, Alibaba suddenly calls off the request and asks the Phantoms not to look into Futaba any further. Learning that Futaba is a relative of Sojiro, who is under pressure from Sae concerning his parental authority of her, the gang, receiving a threat from Medjed that they will attack Japan if their identities are not revealed, go to Sojiro's house and come face to face with Futaba. 

Morgana is getting really tired of Ryuuji's shit...

If only he would keep screaming about being a phantom thief, morgana would have a break.

TFW Ryuji almost gets us outed as Phantom Thieves again

I like this gif.

Yeah, CloverWorks actually did a great job with the scene! I wonder if we can get it to be a comment face someday?

Ann & Makoto Yukata Stitch

Here's the fireworks cutscene from the game just in case you want to compare. They could've just copied that scene from the game but it's pretty cool that they animated it differently for the anime.

Those screams by Makoto and Futaba were hilarious! That scene is definitely way better here than in the game! XD

That ending with Makoto and Futaba was pretty cute.

Thank God Makoto mentioned they need to secure their phones and rely more on face-to-face meetings. In the game, nobody gave a shit about the fact that their phones had just been hacked and took no precautions when it came to their digital communications.

Yeah, those points being corrected in the anime are one of the best things of the adaptation.

I think Joker & Akechi's relationship has been improved so far as well, if they keep that up it will feel more believable overall

Yeah love that too. They actually have a friendship formed here and not just two guys who keeps running into each other at the train or at the cafe.

This episode was kinda crazy with all the hacking going on, but it was fun! Ann and Makoto had some really great reactions (comment face material right here). I feel like Alibaba/Futaba probably figured out who Ren was solely due to Ryuji. The man can't keep his mouth shut in public, let alone on his phone.

that's a logical deduction. We should know how by next episode

Minor goof: in this scene Makoto did not wear pantyhose before entering Sojiro's house but after that the pantyhose reappear

Official slogan of this adaptation

She wore them in between.

That scream exchange at the end was so brilliant I watched it like ten times in a row.

I don't know what happened, but this episode's animation and pacing was so much better than anything before it. And that ending was fantastic. Hopefully, they can keep the animation at this level (or better!) for the rest of the series.

It's a shame that this show took about 7 episodes or so to get good, but DAMN did it get good.

That ending was pure gold. We can have a lot of beef with this anime adaptation but they made that masterfully

Finally, FINALLY a good episode.

Those screams at the end. Just awesome. Too damn funny.

What a great place to end the episode. Futaba has finally made her appearance. I forgot how much Sae push Boss to get that information.

Scared Makoto is soo cute

The ending was actually better than the one in the game. I was laughing so loud, I woke my parents up.

I only had time to start P5 and never got around to finishing it (IIRC stopped after getting Yusuke). P5G on Vita somehow or Switch would be a godsend timewise.

So I'm really glad they DID make this an anime.

I know there were so many people saying that this anime didn't need to be made back when it started airing because it benefited nobody.

I probably wouldn't have gotten to see the rest of the game until early next generation (when there's a massive dry period of games).

My best girl was arrived at long last! The adaptation of this arc has been perfect so far! I'm excited!

Now that's what I call a character introduction. What a fantastic way to finish the episode!

At last, Best Girl arrives! Can't wait to see how they adapt her arc!

That ending, 10/10, 100/100, it's beautiful.


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