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[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 14 everyone's impressions

Episode 14
"What life do you choose?"

While looking around Shinjuki with Ren, Makoto spots a fellow student named Eiko working at a dubious looking café, becoming friends with her due to their similar taste in goods. Worried about Eiko being scammed by her host boyfriend Tsukasa, Makoto tells Ren about her late father, who was a police officer, and asks for his help. Managing to expose Tsukasa's lies to Eiko, the Phantoms defeat his Shadow in the Metaverse, while Makoto aspires to become a police officer like her father.

"Codename Scull"

it's because he's dumb

As I said before this won't be 24 episodes. There's too much they have to cover and that's not including extra scenes, the ending, and the surprise that the director hinted about. I'm not really sure what to say about this episode. I do like how they are doing confidants but I'm not really sure what they are going to do with the series. It's already different than the game so far but similar.

Yeah, if they only had ten episodes left to cram the rest of the game into, I find it hard to believe they'd spend this much time on side-quests and recap. So, yay, hopefully!

New opening! I liked the previous one better to be honest. I'm surprised they didn't change the ending, though. I hope it stays.

This episode had some recap vibes but it was still enjoyable. I like the vibe this series gives.

There's a scene after the credits!!!

Being an Ann fan is suffering. I hope they eventually do her confidant, it's prettty good.

Akechi sneaking around again... what could he be up to?

It was hilarious when Ren ignored Mishima's texts. Shame that he didn't seem to enjoy Ohya's company.

New OP is alright, but felt bad for Futaba and Haru losing their screentime. The first OP spoiled their existence already, might as well stick to it. Though i did see some spots where i can imagine they'll be edited in after their official introduction.

The pacing felt really weird with the mini-recaps scattered around. They took down Kaneshiro two episodes ago, did we really need to be reminded of the fact? And the quick character intro bits in Mementos were cool for style but felt unnecessary.

I did enjoy Makoto's social link being animated though. Only Ann left, but with Futaba coming next episode I don't know how they plan to fit the rest of the story and main party social links into 10 episodes.

After watching the new OP, it actually gave me the impression that this was supposed to be the OP for the first half, and vice versa. It makes sense to me at least

Kinda odd that they treated this episode like a re-introduction, almost like the show had been off air for awhile. Maybe they originally planned to air it with a break between seasons.

Mishima x Ohya is the real OTP in Persona 5. Lol but for real, poor Mishima.

I love that their spending proper amounts of time on the confidant story lines. They translate really well into the anime and give much needed development to the cast.

Visuals for the new OP are fire! Loved them.

We ran through the entire of Makoto's SLink this episode, Ren works fast. Most people argue that Makoto's SLink is among the weakest in the game but personally I always love watching Makoto learning and figuring out what she really wants to do in life.

The new character still shots in the battles were pretty good but they still lack the flair the game's still shots have. I feel it's mostly because the backgrounds are a lot more plain in the anime.

No ED change. :o

I'm really glad the ED didnt change, since I'm absolutely in love with it :S

I like the new OP as well, but it is missing two members of the main cast lol.

I'm personally hoping they might add the rest of the cast as they're introduced but let's see.

I like how that asshole didn't even pretend for a second that he was capable of anything, he immediately says that he has backup. Glad he was dealt with swiftly, his face annoys me.

also I love Makoto now. I was fully expecting her to back down after Eiko told her off, then we wouldn't deal with the problem for a long ass time. The slap was unexpected and appreciated.

I love that he immediately backed off when Joker said his fight was going to be with him. Losers like that always have no problem hitting a woman but run away from fighting a man.

Lmao, Ren was all like “hands off the waifu!”

Just like a gentleman should act.

An entire episode with Makoto! God be praised!

Best girl no doubt

I'm going to enjoy spending the next couple of weeks pretending that the anime is actually going to commit to a Makoto route and that they didn't just go through her whole storyline in one episode to get it out of the way. What a lovely delusion I've made for myself~

OOH, that new OP is spicy but i think i prefer the first one personally, visuals are nice though.

Best girl screen time is always good.

I REALLY hope the new OP visuals are justa placeholder, besides not hinting to new party members as it should, it consist of mostly clips from the previous episodes! It felt like a recap OP for a recap episode.

A Makoto focus episode alright though they do recap what happened so far. I always appreciate Makoto slapping some sense into her friend. The new intro visual are really good and the song on the other hand i have to listen more of. Looks like Futaba is going to appear next episode.

Oh yeah! more time with Makoto. I'm glad that they finally did her confidant quest. And now is time to introduce Futaba.

finally we get to see best girl next episode

Best girl in the next episode

I love that they are spending so much time on the social links but frankly I don’t know how they can fit in the rest of the main plot in 10 episodes.

I dropped this show after the fourth episode. Not really sure why since I absolutely loved the game and the original P4 anime. Is it worth getting back into or is it kind of meh?

The focus is on the characters rather than on the gameplay. It gives the interaction between them a new animated depth, and it's cool so far.

yeah it gets a lot better. They dropped the AoAs after the 5th. Yusuke's awakening was good


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