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[Persona 5 the Animation] Episode 13 everyone's impressions

Episode 13
"Dreams and Desires"

Finding himself in an art slump, Yusuke asks Ren to be his bodyguard while he draws inspiration from Mementos, only to receive harsh criticism on his piece. Meanwhile, Akechi asks for Ren's help in finding evidence against an art dealer named Akio Kawanabe, who he believes is into some shady practises. As Yusuke manages to get out of his slump thanks to encouragement from his friends, Ren discovers that it was Kawanabe's assistant committing crimes, allowing Akechi to arrest him. Receiving praise for his new piece, Yusuke declines Kawanabe's funding in order to pursue his own hope. 

Not gonna lie, I was totally expecting Yusuke to ask Ren to be a nude model for him. I really liked how they ended up resolving his slump. Game time with Akechi was interesting, too; he and Ren are getting closer than I would've thought.

≫Not gonna lie, I was totally expecting Yusuke to ask Ren to be a nude model for him

I can imagine Yuusuke asking that with a straight face. And then Ren agreeing with an equally deadpan expression.

Ah yes the Yu Narukami reaction

They actually did it! I'm so happy right now, that's one of the best confidant scenes


I'm OK with a Yusuke focus episode. Glad they showed the scene in which Yusuke makes the main protagonist do the weird pose in the church. To bad the scene on the boats was only briefly shown since it had some of the funniest dialogue in the whole game.

So... Is the bald dude a bad guy? Cause I remember him appearing in Ren flashback.

Also, I just realised that Makoto VA is the same as Misaka Mikoto aka Biri Biri. Already on my best girl list.

Yes he's the reason why Ren had to move and got put on house arrest. Also just look at him. He screams asshole. No offense to bald guys.

HIFUMI! AHHH! Stop teasing us! I wanna see our Shogi Chuuni Princess interacting with Ren!

So I've never maxed my Emperor Confidant level in game so I honestly don't know how Yusuke's cutscenes go but is this how it goes in the game or was part of this episode an anime original? I don't recall Akechi getting involved in any of Yusuke's storyline.

If Akechi's part is anime original though I don't really mind. It's a better way of showing that him and Ren is starting getting closer than in the game.Since in the game it's just mostly Ren and Akechi talking at the cafe or at the train platform and somehow that affects your relationship with him.

We're already halfway through! I wonder how they'll manage to fit everything and considering how significant the following Palaces are,they can't skip any of them.

anime original. Akechi isn't involved in Yusuke's confidant story.

I thought I missed something during my playthrough because at first I didn't know what the fuck I was supposed to do with my free time (I couldn't even find some of the confidants either) until the 3rd or 4th palace so all I was doing was romancing Tae, Ohya, and maid teacher before hanging out with other characters.

≫If Akechi's part is anime original though I don't really mind. It's a better way of showing that him and Ren is starting getting closer than in the game.Since in the game it's just mostly Ren and Akechi talking at the cafe or at the train platform and somehow that affects your relationship with him.

Akechi was added in (Not in game), but my thoughts exactly! It's nice to see that they dealt with his development in modified methods that still make sense.

Man, i'm upset they didn't show the full boat scene.

Is there a short explanation of the boat scene for an anime-only? Or maybe what I should try looking up to find it in a walkthrough of the game?

Might not be as entertaining watching it on youtube, but it was just a funny and awkward scene to encounter in game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k7AVoT7ji3U

As a non-Persona 5 gamer; this I have to say my favorite ep of the series so far.
I understand Yusuke’s frustration at first with the Art Dealer; as soon as he mentioned following the footsteps of his former teacher, he was right to decline. Because he wants to be remembered for his own work and not that of being a former pupil of someone who did him wrong.
Art is subjective, when Ann mentioned the gentle feeling you can understand by what that meant. It’s a portrait of a Mother who looks over and holds her child; she looks over that child with love and care. Everyone sees something different in any form of art and that’s the beauty of it.
Ren and Akechi’s teamwork was a nice touch to how they are getting to know each other on a deeper level. This makes me wonder how deep is the investigation of the Phantom Thieves is right now after taking down a Yakuza boss.
Last bit I’ll end on is Morgana’s warning that they needed to be careful about their identities. Ryuji worries me big time. Because at first I thought Yusuke might have been going over to the dark side because of his art slump, but Ryuji’s cockiness of not being caught is what might get the gang in deep s* if he doesn’t turn around asap.
It’s weird to say it’s one of my favorable shows I look forward to each weekend. I know people talk about the animation quality, but the character interactions and dynamics is what I am more interested in and that to me has been so enjoyable.

how deep the investigation is? I believe we will see Sae and Akechi more often. Something that this episode established is that you need concrete evidence for a warrant. Keep that in mind.

Really digging how the show is expanding the relationship between Ren and Akechi. In a small way, the anime is dealing with a complaint of mine about the game; that if they just went slightly deeper with the writing of the characters and relationship, the game would be perfect.

Next episode looks like it's gonna involve a lotta Makoto.
I am okay with this.

That was some high quality relationship building. Give me more Hifumi plz

As somebody that has finished the game. For me all the chapters has been great. We know you can´t focus full on the confidant arc of the members because the time of the episodes but they did a great job with Yusuke and with adding Goro. The only issue is going to be they have only 11 episodes for all the material of the game

That Makoto sad face in the outro made me giggle pretty hard for some reason

How hard is it to animate a chess game?

That does require having to plan out how the pieces get to where they are in the scene. The show drops midway into the game for the better part of the conversation they're having. So someone has to plan out what the moves that are made prior to where the show actually cuts in. And these moves have to both work according to the rules of the game, and also be believable in that a player would make the move.

As much as I don’t like Akechi I enjoyed the talk He had with Ren had at the very end. It was the most Ren had said the whole anime and showed what character they are going with the most.

 really enjoyed that episode. And I have trouble not shipping Ren with whichever other teen male major carácter is on the screen at the time. I have something of a qualm as to how easily the art criticky dude gets brushed so quickly into a 'good' guy, but other than that there were a lot of good/fun scenes.

Akechi is my favourite character in P5 for sure, the bonding with Joker in this episode is so good with Yusuke particularly.

Uhh, we got some bromance... I'm glad it didn't end up in nude painting.
It was a nice episode, considering they didn't do their usual palace related stuff. I'm really liking this series. It's just halfway through and it's a solid 8/10 for me. Maybe I'm even going to play the game after it ends.


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