Wednesday, July 25, 2018

[Overlord III] Episode 3 everyone's impressions

Episode 3
"Enri's Upheaval and Hectic Days"

I declare Tuesday to be my new favorite day of the week!

Bless Madhouse and Ainz-sama!

It's finally Tuesday.

The best day!

I'm just an ordinary village girl!
  • Enri Emmot, Commander of Goblins, Chief of Carne Village, Orge-Subjugator, and Snapper of Barghest Necks

I heard she drinks Barghest blood every morning before breakfast and she hunts them herself.

It is all part of her routine.

100 push-ups. 100 sit-ups. 10km running. Every day. Some Barghest blood for breakfast is fine.

They weren't lying about Enri being super strong

Who would win Mugi or Enri.

back the fuck up before you get smacked the fuck up

Seriously that made me laugh. Enri just carried a bunch of weapons made out of steel as if they were made out of foam. XD

I mean a sword is only like 2-4 pounds. The heaviest stuff would be the ax and mace. So I'd say the bag weighed like 40-50 pounds. Not too unreasonable for her to carry.

I know it isn't a big deal, but at the end in the LN, Yuri gives a little more background on the alignments of the maids:

"You're terrible. You're as bad as Solution. Why are my little sisters like this? Really, the only good one is Shizu...although I suppose Entoma isn't a bad girl."

Entoma just wants to eat and be cute :3

Kind of true... aside from being a humanitarian she’s probably one of the more kind Pleides we’ve seen.

It's said that if she isn't hungry she gets along with humans just fine.

I love how Enri's suffering the same crisis of self confidence Ains is.

And I guess this episode confirms it was her class skills she used to save the goblins last episode with her "duck" order, and not some function of the summoning's magic, since it worked on the ogres as well?

≫I love how Enri's suffering the same crisis of self confidence Ains is.

I laughed out loud at the:

"I must be the only one in the world who have to deal with this kind of stuff"

smash cut to Ainz

The moment she said "I'm probably the only one in the world in a situation like this" I shouted "Cut to Ainz" in my head.

yea that was a perfect cut and got a laugh out of me.

Make sure to watch the scene at the end of the credits!

Another pretty calm and nice episode and liking Enri more and more. Ains helping her behing her back in the town was funny, so i guess if something were to happen at the village he would mysteriously appear

The end credits scene hugely implies some conspiracy. I wonder if Ainz is involved in concocting it or is it purely a Lupus's idea. Or maybe some other Floor Guardian *nudge nudge Demuirge/Albedo*.

Enri is such a leader, she is definetly one of the most interesting characters to me.

We are so used to the most legendary of legendary of ítems and weapons being used by the NPCs of Nazarick and Ainz, but seeing the Globlins getting amazed by the simple but effective (and probably low rate) weapons that Enri got them is both fun ans sweet, i like them.

Can't wait to see the army that Enri is building..

That quick cut to Ainz after her "there must be no one who can relate to me" speech was probably my favorite part of the episode. Leading is hard!

Enri is the bright light of a dark tunnel.

Can't help but like her in this series. Also, Lupusregina is cute as hell.

Lupusregina best saddist.

I love how the treatment towards Enri from everyone in E-Rantel immediately turns 180 when they were "informed" to assist her.

Adamantium adventurers are basically demigods among humans, no city would dare displease them as they want them to stay and constantly defend them from outside threats.

While watching Lupis shift between innocent and serious tones, I couldn’t help but describe myself as scaroused.

I keep forgetting that Nazarick is full of negative Karma characters so the sadist Lupusregina really took me by surprise.

One thing I consistently like about Overlord is it's willingness to put the spotlight on the supporting cast and not just the main characters. Yggdrasil is a living, breathing world where characters outside the Nazarick live their own lives. Also, damn Lupis you scary.

That scene around 9th minute (Enri complaining) was amazing, KUDOS where it is due.

Enri the leader, placed into a position of power and worshiped just like the great Ainz sama.
I see Nabe is still rude to humans calling Enri a fly but seems to be happy when complimented about her looks compared to her fellow pleiades.
So.. I presume the monuments of ruins is the wooden hut built by Aura? Wonder what will happen next.

Enri: You're beautiful

Narberal (thinking): Pfft. What does this lower lifeform know of beauty? They live their lives in the muck so unaware of the possibilities of existence that any sufficiently shiny pebble could-

Enri: As pretty as Lupsregina.

Narberal: gasp You really think so? Oh gosh, that's so sweet...

Then Nabe sat down and looked at Enri on eye level, rather than standing up. The change in posture is a breath of new characterization for her.

I'm glad I have anime if only so I get to realize how much of a fucking masochist I am. Yes crush me Lupis

Also Enri best girl, fight me.


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