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[Overlord III] Episode 2 everyone's impressions

Episode 2
"Carne Village Once More"

Demiurge: We Will fulfill Ainz-sama desire of WORLD DOMINATION!!

Ainz: Wait, what?

Demiurge: I'm pretty sure everyone knew it already but there's no harm in saying it again.

Ainz: But i dind't kno…

Demierge: Hmm? Ainz-sama, what did you sa-


I love how all of this started from Ainz saying how beautiful the night sky was.

150 years later, in orbit on the observation deck on the SS Ainz

Ainz: Demiurge, look how beautiful all the stars are.


Ainz Brings Peace, Security, Equality and Prosperity to all thinking creatures in the Galaxy! While casually committing strategically planned Xenocides, False flag operations, whole sale replacement of Planetary Leaders and Heroes by Doppleganger agents and the occasional planetary scale Happy Farms.
Overlord: Stellaris Edition.

Ah yes, that thing and that time. Ainz doesn't realize that his joke, about world domination at the beginning of season 1, was taken seriously by Demiurge. Finally get to see Carne Village again. Nphirea couldn't have asked for a better wingman.

The art for the ED is so nice.

Seeing the goblins trying to play wingman for Nfirea was fun. On that note after catching up with Goblin Slayer in preparation for the upcoming anime, seeing goblins being bros felt a bit weird to say the least.

This. Holy shit I was so uncomfortable seeing a goblin being such a bro thanks to Goblin Slayer...

Goblin bros always got your back

Oh man, I'm going to have so much mixed feelings towards goblins as a whole when Goblin Slayer starts airing in the next season...


≫Oh man, I'm going to have so much mixed feelings towards goblins

Well, those are the nice intelligent goblins, and they aren't native of this world, since they were summoned by an Item.

The world of Overlorrd has the bad, dumb, horrible Goblins, we saw them a little in season 1, and we saw a kid goblin this episode.

Part of what I really like about Overlord is the world-building. I like that details such as Ainz hiring Nphri or however you spell his name to make potions from the first season isn’t forgotten.

Same thing with how Ainz gave Enri the Goblin horn to summon the Goblins, now the village has obviously changed and developed a lot since the attack Ainz saved them from.

Indeed it's one of Overlord quality, no character is forgotten and they all play a part in the world

On the other hand, especially in the light novels but also in the anime, a lot of characters get introduced and now we have to wait until they actually get relevant. Like in S2E1 the black scripture members of the Slane Theocracy or Rigrit and the Dragon.

My theory is that Maruyama had plans for those characters that are so distant that he put them in early so that he wouldn't forget about them by the time he got there.

He's planned out this story for the next 10,000 years...

It only took 3 season but we're finally moving onto world domination!

I guess with the heavy focus on Carne Village this episode, they'll become pretty important in this season?

≫heavy focus on Carne Village

Later this season, actually. It'll make sense when we get there.

At that moment when Enri said "Duck" did anyone else think it looked like she was using some sort of magic similar to Demiurge's Command Mantra ability? It looked like the goblins reacted to it instantly

I think it’s because if you remember, she summoned them from the Goblin horn that Ainz gave her in the first few episodes of the first season. So maybe since she’s technically their “summoner” they are linked by magic.

I think that's also why she's as strong as she is. She's getting that nice summoner xp cut from all her grunts

I want to protect Enri's smile.

She can protect herself. Just look at these gains.

Damn, that episode went by quickly. They somehow managed to make this show even funnier than it already was. Ainz-sama being the only one who wasn't aware of the plan to conquer the world fucking killed me. Those reactions were priceless.

Also, Nfirea and Enri are super cute together and it's nice to see them back in the spotlight. And that goblin is the ultimate wingman lol. When it comes to best girl, Enri is only second to Nabe.

Bruh the ED was 10/10, song and visuals wise. Especially that Gazeff shot.

Am i the only one who thought of Bloodborne with that Gazeff shot ?

A village girl with enough power to destroy knives. Nfirea, just don't make her mad

Oh he will definitely drive her mad in the future...but in a good way (•ಡ◡ಡ•)

A goblin giving love advice...iam life is complete.

For all the missed details from the novel, I still adore the fact that not once have they missed on the adaptations of Ainz spilling his spaghetti. Him realizing Demiurgue took his "conquering the world might be enjoyable" spiel back on episode 1(? I think) very seriously was one of my favorite moments of this part.

Also that ending, both the songs and visuals are amazing.

Nobody probably noticed but the girl called Brita back from season 1 (The one who asked Momon to refund her lost potion and later was attacked by Shalltear) is now living at Carne Village

Noticed her to and was really surprised I was thinking that shalltear killed her after that mind control scene

She was spared because of the Nazarick potion, Shalltear thought she was part of Ainz plan

good episode overall with some great interactions from the goblins.

i did have to remind myself who Enri was again though, been a while since i saw the first season

Loving the new perspectives we are getting in this episode.

I really loved the characterization of Nphi and Enri in this. It was done pretty perfectly. Also, the fight with the Barghast was much more drawn out and intense in the LN, but it's probably good they cut that down in favor of other, more plot-relevant content.

Honestly everything looks super nice this season. Also this episode was hilarious

I am loving the return of Carne Village. Seems like they're gonna play an important role this season. I have really huge expectations on the world domination plotline, I hope Madhouse delivers

20 minutes runs so fast.

That was great. I liked the first episode but I'm glad we're back to the story

It was great seeing Ainz bullshitting his way out and Demiurge thinking that this is a lofty plan.


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