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[Overlord III] Episode 1 everyone's impressions

Episode 1
"A Ruler's Melancholy"

Following the events in Re-Estize, Ainz has some of the Floor Guardians take a day off. The ladies (Albedo, Shalltear, & Aura) spend time by the Sixth Floor Lake where Albedo learns she can't ride her Bicorn mount summon due to her being a "pure maiden"- to the other two's shock; while Ainz sends a memo to the male Floor Guardians to meet later for a bath house gathering for relaxation. Later on, as Ainz is in his personal quarters practicing his "Overlord Posturing" he exits to meet with Mare & Albedo; but after a heartfelt admission of joy over having them in his life, Albedo succumbs to her lust and ttries to rape Ainz in his office. It is with the total efforts of the guards and Mare that Albedo was removed. In the evening, the men are relaxing in the spa house, but hearing Albedo blatantly try to climb the wall, when a defense golem programmed by Luci★Fer attacks them for "lacking bathing manners"; Ainz orders the male floor guardians to help the ladies; internally hoping next time they'll have more time to relax. 

Did i just see an undead lich get raped by a succubus?

At least it wasn't lizard sex.

Unfortunately it wasn't lizard sex.

So was the whole Demiurge is experimenting with crossbreeding as dark as I think it is?

Yes, yes it was. To be fair, he views sentient beings as objects and approaches them with the level of curiosity comparable to a scientist trying to learn more about a new discovery. That and he is ridiculously cruel.

I'm not sure I'd even qualify Demiurge as evil or cruel, to use programmers terms - Demiurge is hard-coded to be the way he is. From my understanding of Light Novel's, he's only peripherally aware that what he's doing is "uncomfortable" to his subjects. And when it doesn't concern Nazarick or it's interest - he's simply indifferent.

I agree with you but as viewers of the anime or readers of the LN we view Demiurge from our own prism. This includes morality or loyalty or cruelty etc. I mean Demiurge could be hard coded to be the way he is but the same could be said for psychopaths/sociopaths too.

What I really am interested in knowing, is that if the members of the guild specified certain traits of all NPCs, after becoming sentient, do these NPCs develop traits that have NOT been specified? We see that with CZ at the end of the last volume but it would be interesting to see this for the others too

Cocytus the nude

So far the lewdest episode of Overlord, so much Ainz fanservice!

"Don your armor and weapons. We will enter the women's bath!" Nice

Unlike trillions of other animes, the girls there would be thrilled to see the MC in the women's bath.

Albedo have been waiting for this momento


I like how Momonga has a little notebook of bullshitting to help him get in the role, a true natural born leader

Being of near-godlike power capable of leveling entire cities, with minions capable of laying waste to entire countries, still suffering from impostor syndrome.

Ainz-sama is as capable of lying waste to entire countries as any of his minions.

I think they mean that Ainz can single handed level a city, and through the combined might of his subordinates be able to purge countries. Showing the difference in Ainz's personal power(Large Scale Magical Destruction) versus his complete power(Leading an empire to wipe out other nations).

Loving that OP also wow they sure did make that scene with Albedo better in the Anime

The lip-syncing with Albedo and Shalltear in the opening was incredible! And that's just the animation, the song itself was great, too. It sounds a lot like the last one, which makes it an easy transition, and now it's sort of a musical sound that I associate with Overlord. I get the feeling that the singer is very very crazy crazy, just go crazy now.

Also, is it just me or has there been a rise in the animation quality? Everything seems so much more fluid and dynamic compared to the previous seasons.

Quite a few shots done on twos, or even ones. We'll see if it holds up the whole way through production

Everything is so evil but so cute. The spider assassins nodding, it is just way too damn cute.

I just realized that those were the Eight edge assassins... huh. Different from how I imagined, but it works.

I love how it goes from showing us that Albedo is, in fact, the purest maiden alive to casually mentioning that Demiurge has a rape dungeon.

Almost a pure episode if weren't for Demiurges Rape Dungeon.

Also Albedo might not be able to ride her mount, but Mare is the truly purest maiden of them all.

Excuse me, I think you meant to type "Demiurge's Happy Farm", right?

Our boi demi is a diligent farmer.

Just look at him, he is so happy of doing a good job for Ainz-sama!

That corn looks heavenly.

Exactly how many different kinds fucked up shit is our best bird boi Perorocino into? Ainz gave Shallchair an encyclopedia made by Pero, but the vampire herself is a walking encyclopedia of fetishes.

All of them

(It is explained in the LN, the encyclopedia was your only source of in game info, a soulbound item every player had that documented what they had encountered, though info had to be filled in manually for the most part. As the SB started leaving they also left all of their items with Ainz, including their encyclopedia. Papa bones gave the chair a memento of her creator as a reward for the kingdom stuff. I can only expect whatever Lord Peroroncino wrote on Dullahans and Succubuses must be a work that puts The Elements to shame.)

I want a spin off SoL for Nazerick.

I love when cocytus says shit the dramatic music suddenly kicks in.

Animation seems more like season 1 than season 2, this is great. Looks absolutely lovely so far.

It's kinda weird they skipped girl's bath scene. What a shame.

They didn't actually skip it. The light novel also doesn't actually show them (as much as you can show through words) and just has them be heard through the wall. That picture is just some fanservice from sobin.

Normally I would feel sad if an episode 1 of a series I liked had seemingly all filler and lighthearthed content that didn't advance the plot.

But in this case, it's actually all canon! So no complaints there.A few character introductions (of the characters that can be seen in the OP) are probably coming up in episode 2.

Papa Bones!!!!!! Yesssss the time has finally come!

I fucking love this show. The ED and OP are amazing as well. Looking forward to next week.


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