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[Nanatsu no Taizai] Episode 24 - FINAL everyone's impressions

Episode 24
"As Long As You Are Here"

Meliodas begins beating Fraudrin. Ban and Merlin are concerned that Meliodas is acting strangely. Meliodas reveals Fraudrin was never given the Commandment of Selflessness by the Demon King; he was only a temporary replacement. Fraudrin turns himself into a magical bomb to destroy Liones but he sees Dreyfus holding his son, Griamore, and remembers how he had to pretend to be Griamore’s father and realises he actually cares about him. Griamore grabs Fraudrin and traps them both inside a barrier spell so only they would be killed. Fraudrin finally realises what Selflessness truly means and deactivates the bomb. He then commits suicide by allowing Meliodas to kill him. Merlin explains that each time Meliodas dies his revival is fuelled by consuming his emotions, meaning the more times he dies the closer he comes to becoming a demon again, as proven by the way he enjoyed killing Fraudrin. Emotional funerals are held for the murdered Holy Knights while Meliodas visits the ruins of the Boars Hat. There he cries as he admits to Elizabeth he enjoyed murdering Fraudrin but found he couldn’t look Ban in the eye. He also admits he is afraid of becoming a demon again even though it might be necessary if he is to continue keeping Elizabeth safe from the Commandments. Merlin restores the destroyed city. Ban and Escanor help make Meliodas feel better, now they know the truth about his curse. Merlin reveals that all the humans enslaved by Zeldris’ Piety Commandment are all moving South to Camelot. Ban also reveals that Elaine is still alive. Merlin reasons that Zeldris and Melascula must both still be alive along with Drole, Gloxinia and Estarossa. As Jericho grieves for her brother she realises she has inherited his ice magic and decides to become a Holy Knight more powerful than her brother. The King orders Gowther released from prison. Gowther begins calling himself both the Goat Sin of Lust and the Commandment of Selflessness. Meliodas decides all Seven Sins must go to war together. Elizabeth promises to always stay by his side. 

I don't know if it was just me, but even with this Season having more "Action" and "Big Moments", I ended liking the First Season far more. The characters and enemies weren't so powerful, but the Fight Choreography and Animation were really better. Outside Escanor's Fights and Meliodas vs Commandments, the rest of the season felt "strange", something about the development and script maybe. Has anyone had a similar feeling ? (I am not a manga reader)

Same. I don't know why. Diane amnesia bs? Gowther bs?

The power levels are whack. There is such a big gap in power between Meliodas, Escanor, Merlin, and Ban and Diane. When the commandments were introduced, the sins were demolished. After some training and what not, they were in fact OP, or at least some of them.

Meliodas' curse was revealed but it lacked emotion.

The only nice moments were Escanor being OP and Ban's story.

I'm still curious why Merlin ever got statue'd

Like, writing wise it seems like it was so they could be "down but not quite out" but I wonder if there's some justification I just didn't get to see as why she'd just get owned despite actually being super strong?

Bad match up? Something else? Maybe there'll be answers in the far future when a new season maybe happens.

Because she didn't know of the curse. Still took her some time to undo it

A somewhat of a mediocre season compared to the first but still enjoyable nonetheless. Think it could have been a lot better.

The whole Diane amnesia thing was lame and it seems like nothing really worthwhile came out of it.

The whole Gowther conflict seemed kinda out of place and was never fully resolved or explained.

Merlin just conveniently unpetrified her body off screen.

I don't at all understand how the 10 Commandments weren't aware that Meliodas can't be killed because of the curse the demon king put on him. You would think that it is something they would be aware of.

Also have no freaking clue how Melascula survived after having all her hearts ripped out or how Estarossa supposedly survived after being blown away by Escanor. But alright, guess we'll just say it was for plot convenience.

ughhhhh... meh. That's all I can really say about this season... It was ok, but far from great. 7/10

Actually Ban ripped one out during their first fight and 5 during the second, so Melascula has one heart left.

With the way the intensity seemed to be ramping up, the ending for this season was really unexpected. Like all this mindless action and story then just bam! its ended. I feel like a lot of this season was wasted on the whole Diane memory alter thing which no one I know seemed to enjoy. Oh well Praise the sun and heres hoping to a better next season!

ps. was the Diane memory arc just as bad in the manga?

Well her amnesia still isn't cured in the anime. In the manga I didn't like it at all in the beginning but the way it is resolved was pretty great.

So umm season 3 is coming out in 2020?

The episode ended on chapter 196 I think (that's the number people have been throwing around at least), but they also included some of the side stuff from the volume releases like Griamore's scene with Veronica.

Manga's at 275 or so. If they want to stick with the roughly 100 chapters/season approach, they could very well make more around winter/spring next year.

so even the manga isn't even close to being finished?

It actually feels like it's heading towards endgame imo, they're tying a bunch of things up lately

Like the series. But that powerlevel shit is so annoying. I just cant stand that shit. Every damn fight. We see the level ourself. Hope they remove that.

I mean it makes sense in some aspect. The commandments were trying to regain there lost magic, Meliodas got his power back, king still has potential to grow his power, escanor is escanor, Diane still has potential and we still haven't seen Gowther full power yet.

Merlins was unexpected, Ban seems to have reached his limit(unless we going vegeta style so if Elaine gets hurt he goes ape shit) unless he has more stuff in store. Gil, howizer and the other knights(besides Jericho) seemed to reach a limit. Other then that it seems it wasn't fully bullshit like dragon ball shit but it was a little out of the ordinary.

At least that's my take on it.

So Zeldris somehow claimed Camelot even though the last time we saw him he was being hit by Escanor's Cruel Sun? This really didn't feel like a season finale episode.

he had already claimed it beforehand

I feel like this season was all over the place but it still had enjoyable moments.

Wow, last 2 episodes were such a let down. The start of the season was good, then the Diane boring ass shit came up which was barely watchable, then good few episodes with Escanor and now 2 rushed episodes of ass pulls.

Diane was a pain in the manga also, same with the druid training arc.

But at least the fights were better (last episode was shit compared to the manga).

Well I was glad to see the Fraudrin mutrder animated. Oddly enough I enjoyed the first season a bit more. I don't know just felt disjointed this second season. But eh still was enjoyable and I need season 3.

For an ending this feels unsatisfying, hopefully this gets a third seasons and resolves some of the problems that are still left. This season still had great moments but looking back it had a few story elements that were poorly done like Diana memory lose.

Isn't there a movie coming soon?

Yea, but I thought the movie was a standalone and had nothing to do with the main story.

Enjoyable season, the Diane and Gowther moments were pretty meh, but on the other side most of the action was pretty awesome.

Also I need more Escanor, is the manga worth it to read?

Yes it is absolutely worth it, it's the manga I look forward to most every week. Although you'll just be sad when the future seasons keep butchering all the Escanor moments.

Season overall was pretty good. It was one of the shows I looked forward to most each week and there were plenty of hype moments throughout that kept it exciting. It wasn't perfect, I felt there was some pacing issues around the middle with the Diane stuff, but it had more ups than downs. Hoping they announce a season 3.


And this is the end of the season! I enjoyed this sequel a lot, the characters getting more development, Escanor's introduction being one of the most badass episodes ever, quite some touching moments and some nice action, very entertaining from start to end.

8.5/10 from my part and more that convinced enough to pick up the manga, I hope we get a S3 in the future!


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