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[Jashin-chan Dropkick] Episode 3 everyone's impressions [Dropkick on My Devil!]

Episode 3


So wait, I just realized Pekora's name is a wordplay on pekopeko which means very hungry in japanese

What the heck is with the kids here

Yurine wouldn't pull her cheeks out.... ... aand of course she did. And of course Jashin-chan's flesh turned into takoyaki because why the fuck not

The abs I wish I have vs the abs i currently have

Best part of the ep

Worst part of the ep

While I did enjoy this episode, it feels kinda stale compared to the other comedy anime this season. But then again, I have nothing but this to fill my Monday anime watch.

≫feels kinda stale

The problem is that Jashin has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever, being predictably scummy and, once the novelty wears thin, just unpleasant to watch.

≫The problem is that Jashin has absolutely no redeeming qualities whatsoever

Well, she has crazy good regenerating i guess that could serve to make some medical advancements

Dunno, there are other fast healing creatures out there, and even though they're great for letting biology students observe healing of tissue, they haven't really advanced the medical field.

≫Yurine wouldn't pull her cheeks out.... ... aand of course she did. And of course Jashin-chan's flesh turned into takoyaki because why the fuck not

The manga is a bit more explicit with the cheek tearing .

Omg, the panel layout is beautiful

Minos a cute. We need more of her.

Jashin's so mean but she's still funny. For once I'm glad that Yurine showed up to kick her ass.

Come on Pekola, stop being like that. Witches give you yummy food while angels kicked you out of heaven, why can't you see that witches and demons are clearly superior?

Who does she think she is, Leo?

She made Medusa cry, get the chainsaw

Last season we had horse bellies, now we've got a snake belly

Medusa's really too nice for her own good. I'd have kicked Jashin to the curb thousands of years ago.

I kind of feel sorry and yet not sorry for Jashin-chan. She was summoned against her will, can't go back, and gets killed in every episode. On the other hand, you have to agree that she does deserve it 100% of the time for being such a mean bully.

When she kept saying A.. T... I kept thinking of Evangelion and then BOOM, straight up Eva congratulations reference. Love it.

This one was good.

Oh this is just an abbreviation.

≫Oh this is just an abbreviation.

Their attempt to translate it in English was very awkward... The "At The Moment" was completely out of place. Plus, the "AishiTeru Medusa" is shown on screen right after that anyway.

I think they try to say "best friend at the moment" or something like that.

Yes, "I love you at the moment". It kinda fits Jashin-chan (in the sense that she would say that she loves Medusa when she needs her, and doesn't care the rest of the time), so I can understand that they went with it. The most jarring aspect is that even so "At The Moment" wasn't the central part, and there was no reason for other people to repeat it.

This is the kind of thing that is not translatable, so it was expected that whatever they tried would be disappointing. But if they absolutely wanted to include the joke without it feeling forced, they should probably have changed the meaning of what Jashin-chan said. Maybe "I'm Truly Moved" (and alter the pronunciation of "I" as "Aye") ?

Meh. I don't think I could have done a better job (although the people out there who translated the shiritori in NGNL probably could have found something).

I still have no idea who this Demon Goat is. I don't think he ever shows up in the manga.

Poor Pekora. Sadly the suffering and Jashin's bullying never ends for her. On the bright side though Jashin's punishment from Yurine will only get more severe everytime she bullies Pekora.

I love that they added this. Jashin and Medusa's "reunion" isn't as funny in the manga since they just meet up and hug it out outside the cafe.

Oh, so you haven't heard of our Lord and Savior Baphomet? Oh, what a sad day is this!

That ATM bit at the end was pretty good and when everyone is cheering for them at then end it reminded me of congratulations scene from evangelion. So will the Lemon thing become a running gag.

I want to listen to the shittyflute OST so much!

I just started the episode and I just came here to say, I'm pretty sure crawfish are a sea food delicacy unless I'm missing something, it appears regularly on masterChef as a complicated dish to table; though typically you boil them first and then remove the meat from the shell to be cooked in some sort of lemon-garlic butter sauce thing.

But yeah I am probably going to drop the series to catch up on some stuff on my waiting list; the Angel character is totes kawaii, but I feel like I need more of a narrative to this than I am currently getting or ever going to get.

So, question, is Jashin a masochist? She seems to be enjoying the fuck out of being violently murdered by a machete at the end of the OP

This episode had some parts that just seemed to be rehashing things that it had been done before in previous episodes, especially the part with the yuki onna. It still wasn't too bad, but I hope that the introduction of a new character next episode can change things up again. I think more slapstick might have actually improved this episode, normally I'm not big on slapstick but it's been pretty enjoyable in this show so far.

Wasn't last week a heatwave episode? What's with the time jumps? Also I wish there was some sort of character development. The angel chick is still afraid of the witch even though she ate a bunch of times with her, Jashin is a bitch, and cowgirl is still the best part.

The show is getting a little repetitive, but is still enjoyable to an extent.


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