Thursday, July 19, 2018

[Jashin-chan Dropkick] Episode 2 everyone's impressions [Dropkick on My Devil!]

Episode 2

This show really is just one big meme, isn't it...

We Pop Team Epic now.

Calling out their publisher is pretty good.

First look at ice demon child yay!

Medusa has a real bad case of Stockholm síndrome

and Jashin is the ugliest anime crier that I've ever seen.

≫First look at ice demon child yay!

From the OP/ED, she seems to have a mother or older sister that I'd like to see...

Lmao, was Goku/Turles that goblin's parent?!

Would guess someone from the Saijayin clan, she even was powering up XD

Yurine is a savage

Medusa is so cute

Medusa reminds me of Vignette although I remember Vignette at least not putting up with Gabriel's bullshit. She's still a cinnamon roll though.

Medusa is best girl of the manga also.

We're going really meta now with the publisher talk XD

I can't wait for Yukine to traumatize Jashin with the waif talk.

Also since Kori-chan the Ice Spirit is now introduced I hope we get to see Yusa next week!

Anyway I can finally see what they're doing with the adaptation. To keep the pace at a steady flow, they've decided to introduce every girl in the beginning so they're not obliged to chronologically follow the manga. This means they can hand pick which chapters to adapt without having to worry about continuity. That's actually pretty smart.

I see Jashin-chan choose Lemon. Really appreciate the reference to DBZ and Pop Team Epic.

why the heck are demon girls so damn cute

also this is totally not suspicous lmao

I'm still trying to wrap my head around Jashin-chan hiding under the floor with a morningstar, an eraser, and an avocado.

Never read the manga but this show is a fun time, reminds me of Gabriel Dropout with the angels/demons although it will never compare because nothing compares to Satania, the one true arch demon.

Edit: Pekola the starving angel and Medusa are my favourites so far, Medusa is super cute, didn’t get enough of her this episode outside of the paper bag scene :(

That panda human doll is creepy as hell, true nightmare fuel.

≫Never read the manga

Read it, its really good, very funny and easy to follow (the characters are introduced gradually and the story has a normal pacing)

I’ll definitely check it out after these first two episodes! I need some ongoing manga to read since HxH and Berserk are always on hiatus.

I assume the manga isn’t much like the anime given we got all the characters at once on episode one yet you said they’re introduced gradually?

Yep, the manga introduces the characters at a normal pace

masako nowaza as goku goblin parent was something i wasnt expecting lol

I'm loving this anime so far. The whole dynamic where Jashin-chan is constantly trying to kill Yurine but fails miserably every time is really funny, although I can see it getting old quite quickly. Hopefully Jashin-chan can think of some interesting plots for Yurine to thwart.

I'm also really liking the fourth-wall-breaking jokes and the cuts between animation styles. Generally the show comes across as really fun and feel-good which is always nice to watch.

This show is so funny!

Honestly I wouldn't mind being turned to stone if I got to stare at Medusa. Too cute <3

Its still weird and I am not getting used to it, but thats exactly why I love it
That DBZ reference was nice and they even deepened the character relationships!

I'll never understand why a first-world nation puts up with miserable summers without central air conditioning in their homes

My online friend who's working in Japan for the time being says that electricity is rather expensive there so he tries not to use the air conditioning unless the heat and humidity becomes unbearable.

Medusa's a huge Tsukasa expy...that's a good thing

It is too early to complain, but I feel we might not see how these devils and angle had met. It is kind strange move from studio side. Regardless that I have one question Medusa turns humans to stone if they see her eyes. As I remember from movies, comics and etc. she should turn anybody to stone. Is it some kind plot hole here which is explained in manga why she can't turn Yurine and others to stone ?

Jiashin told yurine in advance that her friend is called medusa. Yurine figured out her Plan immediately and bought an anti-pertrification-bracelet at a shady akihabara-shop before coming home.

This. You can see it on her wrist in the scene directly after Medusa turns that guy into stone as she hands Medusa a drink. Just a subtle nod for people who read the manga.

This episode was a lot better than the first one, I'll keep watching for now


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