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[Jashin-chan Dropkick] Episode 1 everyone's impressions [Dropkick on My Devil!]

Episode 1

Well, I'd believe it... Are we sure that was Episode 1?

4th wall breaks were pretty fun but I'd like to know how any of this came to be.

So we've got a topless devil with a snake tail, a goth loli, a girl who looks like she came from ancient Egypt, a fallen angel, and a minotaur. This is awesome.

Jashin is hilarious, I already can't stop laughing

Holy shit, I knew it was slapstick but I wasn't expecting that level of violence. I kind of feel bad for Jashin but she did steal their meat...

Yurine is fucking scary

Ancient Egypt girl is actually a Medusa, guess thats why she wears a paper bag on her face outside.

For some reason I didn't get the bag thing even though they said her name is Medusa, now it makes sense

As a manga reader:

Why did you start at the middle? Why not just follow the manga and start from the beginning and introduce the girls slowly just like the manga did?

Don't get me wrong. I liked the episode! But only because I'm already familiar with these characters. For someone who isn't, it must be a bit jarring just to jump right in without any context as to who these girls are.

Hopefully this is just a taste and we get to go back to how things started in the next episode.

At least they aren't shy with using blood just like in the manga and the never ending suffering of Jashin-chan continues So I guess they at least got a couple of things right.

I find that it's easy enough. A medusa, a minotaur, and an angel who can't go back to Heaven. It's not like their detailed backstory was needed (or even useful) for this episode. I hope we'll get it later, though.

For Jashin-chan and Yurine, however, I'm glad I read the synopsis otherwise I'd be lost.

Pacing was nice, though. I hope they stay this fast-paced.

It's not that it's hard necessarily to figure out, but it really is jarring that we started out, as if it's the middle of the season, already knowing the characters. And it's not like things are self-explanatory either, the only reason I know that Medusa is a medusa and Minos is a minotaur is because of their names, and the cannibalism comment early in the episode, otherwise Medusa doesn't look like a medusa at all, even with the snake headpiece, Minos looks a lot more human and less cow than usual, and I still don't get why either of them are considered devils. Sure, medusas are more often depicted evil, but with intelligent minotaurs, I'd say it's about 50-50, plus just being evil isn't always a route to the underworld. I also have no idea about what Jashin-chan's supposed to be, because of how many options there are.

It's a small issue so it's fine, but it really made the start weird IMO.

This was a somewhat odd start, it felt like I am watching the second season of something.It's alright to start with the characters already established in-world, but I had no idea who anyone was and had the feeling like the series expected me to, even with the heavy handed exposition along the way.

But I am always amused by comical hyper violence, so the scenes where Jashin gets killed cast a smile on my face. With a bit different presentation, this would be seriously sick. What is basically her legs cut off, electrocuted, chained to a chair and the put overly hot shit into the mouth - that's ... harsh.

Other than that, it was a bit slow at time. Most jokes were dead obvious and thus the punchline dragged on.

It's kinda like Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid, if instead of a wholesome yuri family building we got repeated savage probably not yuri murder.

In this there is something like Kobayashi-san meets Gabriel DropOut. The same vibes of subtile parody on CGDCT show and the relationship of human MC with fantasy monster.

That's exactly what I thought. Gabriel Dropout meets Dragon-Maid, but every second scene is the devil getting brutally murdered.


Pekola best girl already, fite me.

Also, this was surprisingly gory, consider me hooked.

I dunno, precious cinnamon roll Medusa might give her a run for her money...

If the ED sounds familiar it is because it's by the guy that made the Nichijou OP.

Oh my god. Thank you so much. I knew it sounded familiar but just couldn't point it out.

I like watching Jashin-chan get bullied. Reminds me of Satania.

This was unusually funny. The censorship got me laughing a bit as I know it's done on purpose for comedy.

An OK start though I was confused and thought i missed a few episodes. Interesting that they choose to start off with all the characters already introduced.

I watched this absolutely blind only because I heard Suzuki Aina had a lead role. I was very entertained.

That angel's face is the best face I have seen in anime in a long time.

What did I just watch?

It is like Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon meats Haganai.

More like the gore children of Dragon Maid and Gabriel Dropout.

You need to toss in some Monster Musume in there.

Hmm.. not so sure about this one. Some of the jokes weren't great and I didn't find the fourth wall breaking funny. Medusa was nice though and the movie scene was entertaining. I'll give it another try next week but the humor might just not be right for me.

It was ok, Snake girl and Goth loli are cute. Moreso it made me remember how much I want a GabDrop S2.

The second half was much better than the first half, was actually funny.

This seems pretty awesome tbh! Right up my alley!

I did kinda of want an origin story though.. just a single scene would do.. where we see her summon Jashin-chan and also where/why the other devils are there too.

That was fun. :)

It was very funny anime. It is like laughter through tears then snake ( don't remember her name ) fails to kill MC. Just one thing looks like they skip some kind intro episode what happened and how girls met its like some kind plot hole now. I hope they fix it later.

Wow! Jashin-chan Dropkick is everything I could have ever wanted from an anime like this! Really cute girls with fun personalities, hilarious gags, and super intense hyperviolence inflicted on an always-naked blonde-haired monster girl! Amazing!

They skip tons of chapters and get to the point where all demons + angel are already together. But well, was fun to watch nonetheless. :D


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