Tuesday, July 31, 2018

[Island] Episode 5 everyone's impressions

Episode 5
"That's Why I Trust You"

This show is weird as hell.....

So basically Sara’s Uncle was stealing everyone’s babies and then locking them up until they rotted away if they showed a sign of Soot Blight Syndrome to make Sara look like she was a child of god? That is beyond fucked up

The locked shack hidden in the cliff... Ho boy!

I’ve only watched episode 1, it seems like this series got fucking weird fast.

I can’t say I’d recommend watching any more bud, it’s not a particularly good show

Yeah there’s a reason I dropped it but I didn’t expect it to be this bizarre

Oh look! An unintended stache! I really enjoyed this chapter and Sara's overall story.

Huh, so that whole arc concluded pretty quickly. We went from not knowing anything about Sara's past to thinking that she might be her own mum, to realising it was actually all just a conspiracy propagated by her uncle in the space of a single episode. Still pretty interesting to watch but I'm not sure why they're hurrying so much, perhaps they don't have enough episodes to give it more time?

I think the same happened with Grisaia, crammed everyone's arcs in a couple episodes and then gave the best arc more episodes, hopefully that means we now have 7 episodes of Rinne's arc...

I like how Setsuna has that dream about Sara mom and the only thing he takes away from it is that she has a big chest. Man the backstory for Sara family is a lot darker than I expected.

This arc was definitely interesting, went from 0 to 100 real fast. On the other hand, this sure was one hell of a massage.

The massage was a real ascension to heaven.

That it was. Kuon should get out of her room more often.

Now let's rewatch the scene with closed eyes.

Sara is such a good girl :,)

this almost went predestination.

she might not be her mom but from the opening scene it looks like she was the one that sent setsuna back in time.

Im saying this now. KUON is RINNE another self

I thought about it too, but Rinne doesn't have sooth blight syndrome, and Kuon does. So I wouldn't bet on this theory.

the PLOT develops nicely

I'm really starting to like Sara more than Rinne.

Say that again after Rinne arc

God save the queen loli salute

And she doesn't even need to give birth to herself anymore, great news for her, having to avoid paradoxes and whatnot.

i wasnt expecting this much fanservice tbh and i would take it off your hands GLADLY!

I feel like this would have been a compelling story if it had taken 2-3 episodes to develop and give me time to care. As it was, they barreled through in 20 minutes and my take away is just "oh, ok." I just don't understand why the pacing is so terrible in this. I keep feeling like I'm missing something or maybe I skipped an episode by accident, but no ... Air did a way better job at showing multiple routes in a short number of episodes.

Totally agree. They're pushing to finish this anime with 12-13 episodes, when they should've properly done it with 24. I'm really invested in the story and the art, but the pacing is all over the place.

I'm still not convinced about the whole time travel thing. I hope this story has a nice conclusion to the mystery. enjoying this show every week!

Exactly, the show is messy but it never fails to entertain me every week.

Rather good twists mates, rather good

Might be a weird show but it's still very good. It is very rushed but that's what happens when you aren't given enough episodes to spread everything out. What we have is still good though.


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