Wednesday, July 25, 2018

[Island] Episode 4 everyone's impressions

Episode 4
"This World is Full of Secrets"

He sure messed her up bad

Yeah I really feel like it skipped a lot or there was some sort of translation problems this episode, cause with the whole "mess me up" business and the masked reveal at the wedding, it seemed way too rushed for whatever they're trying to convey

Ikr but I don't think people should watch this anime as anime of the season or something I personally just watch it cause I like mystery kind of movies or games or etc and because of lo.. FBI Open up

You know, I'd say this anime is working. It is making me want to get the VN once it is translated because I can see the story being good once the pace is not ruined like with this adaptation.

Karen's brother best bro summer 2018

Sara about to turn 17... right

"I'll ruin her marriage like a good older brother."

ok this feels really confusing honestly, like I guess they did some kind of Karen ending route in the middle of the anime, this felt extremely fast paced. Suddenly Karen is to have a weeding but they are gonna mess it up, and its resolved in just manner of minutes, her brother appears (who was never mentioend before?) and he knows exactly where mom is, but he did not tell it was a map to her grave, mother seems to have died from getting close to the secret of the island? Or having left the island or both? Suddenly new harem girl ? Anyway new girl appears she knows some secret but no one ask about it and they just leave without bringing her with them back to the island ( I guess she will come to the island later)

Really felt like Setsuna was gonna stay of the island with Karen, I guess that is how the game end if you pick her as your love?

Cop friend was a nice fellow do, maybe she should have just married him.

That scene of Karen running into the convenience store was great and so was the whole scene in there. What was the point of putting on that mask if he was going to take it off. Really like how everyone came together to help Karen out.

I'm not letting my guard down, last time that happened i watched a bloodbath after a water fight. Lolis went carnage.

This show is a real throw back to the ef: A Tale of Memories and Kannon type shows.

That’s the only reason I’m watching bc it feels kinda nostalgic, but otherwise it’s a mess. Air and Kanon are a million times better than this. I keep feeling like I’m missing something and I don’t feel nearly invested enough in the characters to forgive some pacing hiccups.

Ya at a time those types of shows were common. Going from Clannad that was at the top though maybe just a step away in style from the others to far to many shows to mention of differing quality. Now though these types of shows are a rarity to the point that I can't even think of the last one since this off the top of my head.

This anime is a bit all over the place, story wise. Where did the wedding come from? Oh well I still enjoy it mostly because I'm interested in what's going to happen, I like the characters and their designs, the music is nice and the animation is very solid.

I swear Sara is better every episode so far That maid outfit though

Why does he need her to get married to carry on the family name when he has a son right there?

Cuz on this island the family name can only be passed down through the daughter or something, I think that was mentioned last episode.

Are you telling me these smol girls are 16/17?!?

Yeah basically. Even though it was a ruse, I was like "ok the 17yo high school girl is getting married (out of nowhere) to someone obviously old enough to be a cop?" I'm curious of the story, but the whole 20yo dude with his harem of high schoolers is really not in my wheelhouse of interests

What are you even on about, there is barely an age gap between them.

That was one hell of a bait and switch about the "messing up". It would have even made sense to "mess her up" in that obvious way to ruin her marriage, because dunno, goes against tradition

At one point I was thinking this was going to turn into a multiple ending show, like Yosuga no Sora.

And then it went happy, and then it went sad. Back to happy. Back to sad.

Sara besto meido.


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