Tuesday, July 17, 2018

[Island] Episode 3 everyone's impressions

Episode 3
"The Right Way to Spin Dreams"

They had the Beach, Hot Spring, and Festival Episode in one go? 10/11 best pacing

Sweet sweet loli Captain

“Mess me up”

OwO what’s this

And she asked Setsuna to walk her home earlier in the episode...

Did he walk her home gently?

Just because of that I'm sad that it's not gonna be the Karen route.

I guess it has something to do with her carrying her family line on.... As her father may want her to marry someone and have children with him...... [in near future] and so she choose setsuna to have her first time

Lose her virginity so that she cant maintain the family line “properly”. Although if that happened, Im pretty sure her father would just arrange a shotgun wedding.

Rinne doesn't have a great opinion of the local loli priestess if she imagined her swimsuit to be that lewd, particularly compared with her real swimsuit.
mess me up
Everyone wants a piece of Setsuna

Nothing like a relaxed day at the beach searching for Lovecraftian nightmares.

am I crazy or is her torso bizarrely long in this shot

Creepy kyubey looking ass clock.

That is really weird looking.

I thought the clock looked more like that baby digimon

Rinne dreams were really good though I got to say did not expect the space suit.

Does he smash Sara in the VN because he needs to do that here.

ugh, sadly MC will not lay a hand on her - even after that amazing offer he got. FeelsBadMan

I think that's actually one of the positives for the show. Despite the high school girls calling him "the degenerate", he seems to be one of the few harem protagonists that isn't one.

So how is this show?

It hasn’t been bad honestly. Decent animation. Nice music. Cute girls. I don’t understand the plot too much but I haven’t played the game either so I’m sure it’ll clear up eventually

Not bad, also not great. I'm continuing my watch just to see if they actually tie the threads that they've dangled, but I don't think you'll be missing a lot if you skip out.

It's been a pretty enjoyable watch. At this point, I'm going to be sticking with it for the rest of the season. I'd definitely give it a try.

Welp, it's episode 3 and I don't care about the mystery anymore so I am out. After this episode it's clear that this show is just not meant for me, I came expecting some heavy plot twist or interesting mystery that get's significantly explored each episode with some cute/funny main characters, not "creepy fanservice galore" with hints of plot.

No hate, just not my cup of tea. Maybe I will be missing out on what's to come but by then I would rather binge the show once every episode is out. Wish everyone else who keeps on watching enjoys it. Peace.

Still pretty confused about this episode but the music was nice

fellas have gone mad at the scene towards the end

I'm sure as hell it's not about what you think it is

well, three episodes in and I'll be sticking around. Sans fan service and pacing, I remain invested in the island and Setsuna's story. Looking forward to more!

The first thing I am thinking even more now is that NO ONE CAN LEAVE THE ISLAND.

Especailly not the 3 bloodline royal families, like can Karin actually leave, very unlikely.

Her mother, I thought this last week as well but even more, she is way she is outside the island right, either her mom is death, or imprisoned somewhere on the island, maybe she killed herself or what not and her father wants to prevent her from going a similar faith. (or maybe he was the one who did it) Her mother was researching something, maybe how to leave the island and when that shet hit the fan 5 years ago she tried something which got her killed of either by her mistake or by her husband is my guess.

They probably cannot leave the island until someone stops the soot curse.

anyway, I liked the researching montage during rinne´s singing. In the game that is likely a lot of text and dialogue there which the anime cuts away for pacing so it was nice how they kidna showed them still doing it a as quick montage.

The cabin I guess is where the first scene of the anime happened the breaking part, they will obviously go back to the cabin later, it for sure holds a lot of secret of this anime. Could e.g be a place for old rinne body or what not.

The dream in this episode I guess was of old rinne for setsuna, Setsuna looks even more to be the old setsuna frozen in time.

≫In the game that is likely a lot of text and dialogue there which the anime cuts away for pacing so it was nice how they kidna showed them still doing it a as quick montage.

nah all those scenes in the montage are original

now I have not played the game, but what I mean is that is likely meant to symbolize a lot of dialogue and text reading in the game.

This show is calm and relaxing and creepy. Will be interested to see where this goes. Hopefully the MC gets some actual character development at some point; so far he’s been fairly generic harem protag.


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