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[Island] Episode 1 everyone's impressions

Episode 1
"We Meet Again"

lol nothing like telling a cop you need to kill someone

Unless the cop is Tom Cruise with the future crimes division i dont think they can do anything

So she says the sun will kill her, but the ED shows her on the beach in a sun dress?

Clearly spoilers for her tragic death scene /s

Maybe the ED is a dream sequence.

"Can you sing that song for me again?" "Sure" voice instantly ages by 10 years and jazz band starts playing in the background

Setsuna(?) seems like a goofball so I think he should be fun to watch. Calling it now, Rinne's mom is best girl.

Tbh pretty sure Rinne's mom is a future version of Rinne. I'm calling it now. Same hair color and apparent style, and refuses to leave her room probably because of time travel paradox stuff.

Ohh... So that's why the written notes, cuz voice is so distinct right, makes sense, good call.

Remember "fall into boob grab"? 2018 is stepping up the game by giving us "fall into blowjob" on the first two minutes of episode 1!

Jokes aside, there seems to be something going on behind the scenes regarding this island and it's inhabitants, like why they all find it reasonable that the guy says he come from the future? Any sensible person would just cast him aside as a nut job. It seems that he is not the first case of someone appearing like that (Rinne). Guess I will stick around for a while to find out, but honestly I am just as confused about this whole situation as the MC.

Worst. Assassination attempt. Ever.

As for the episode itself, I found it interesting. After being lured to watching this show by Yukari Tamura's beautiful voice like a siren's song luring a sailor to a watery grave, I'm glad the first episode lived up to my expectations and kept me entertained. Rinne is adorable, Sara is quirky and fun, and Setsuna seems like a pretty cool guy.

≫Worst. Assassination attempt. Ever.

Well, she's still young, much room to learn.
Maybe take a couple of classes.

If the next episode is just her transferring to Kunugigaoka after getting a haircut & styling, with the remainder of this show just being a rebroadcast of AssClass, i would be very okay with that.

I think Rinne's character design is on point

The character designs in general were actually really good, with the exception of vanilla mc-kun.

This is based off a Visual Novel by the creators of the Grisaia series and Himawari. According to the VNDB info it's a lengthy VN so this anime will probably end up cutting a fair amount out. There's an English release planned for this year but no exact release date has been announced yet.

Quite a lot of mysteries set up in this first episode. The tone is pretty lighthearted for much of it but despite that, it's clear won't stay that way for long... This Island even has some link to saving the world. I love the feeling you get in some of the best visual novels of a gigantic mystery waiting to be unravelled, and it looks like Island is no different. In terms of the characters, Rinne is my favourite so far, though the other girls undoubtedly have something going on with them too. I like her dynamic with the MC. The protag is a little dumb right now, hope he goes through some development later.
Art and animation are alright, though I would have liked to see something a bit more attention-grabbing from studio Feel. I do like the designs and looks of the 3 main girls though, plus the look of some of the background art helping to bring the island to life.

As a seasoned VN reader I can definitely tell how they're moving quickly through what must be much longer scenes in the VN... Think I'll put this on hold and wait for the English VN release before returning to it, but for those who just want to watch the anime, it looks like a pretty interesting ride. But if you're interested in the VN too it's probably better to wait for that.

So she'll die if she's in the sun...yet she spends the entire ED dancing around in the sun...not to mention the scene where she's asleep by his bedside in the daytime and the sun is shining through the see-through curtains...

Pardon me if I don't take this "I'm gonna die from sunlight" thing seriously.

The only other thing the show seemed intent on establishing this episode is that this guy eventually has sexy times with all three girls who look like they're not beyond 12 years old, though I'm sure they're all supposedly 17 or something.

The art and animation are nice enough. Just wish they weren't being wasted on such a stupid premise.

Edit: Bonus challenge: Try to figure out where Rinne's right leg "goes" in the thumbnail art for the
show from MAL. I'm sorry if this ruins your entire day...

There are no H-scenes in the visual novel.

The premise is actually very interesting, but the way they've adapted it so far (as per usual with VN adaptations) is ruining it.

Yeah, I also read that there are no ero-scenes in the VN, which is part of why I'm giving this one a shot. But, in the first episode we get all these visions "likely from other routes/timelines" where he has gotten into compromising situations with each of them. So even if there isn't full on sex, it's certainly a romance VN with little girls, which is sketch at best.

I'm interested, seems fun and mysterious, love the girls already especially Rinne. I don't know anything about the source but this certainly has a lot of potential to be really good. I hope it indeed is.

Well that's one way to catch my attention withing the first minute ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Basically me the entire episode.

Not a lot to go on but I'm interested! I like Setsuna, he seems fun and pretty confident about himself and not your usual bumbling always flustered VN protagonist. It seems like he's not lying too and I feel like this will have some time travel elements to it. The girls aren't too bad either and no one has any kind of overbearing personality.

Anyway I've had a friend recommend me the VN before and looking at VNDB it looks like it's fairly well received. As an adaptation though, for anyone who has played the VN, what do you think about this episode? Do you guys think it will work as an anime?

≫As an adaptation though, for anyone who has played the VN, what do you think about this episode? Do you guys think it will work as an anime?

as far as structure goes, the VN can work much better in anime format than something like grisaia no kajitsu VN which had 5 completely separate routes and no real main route between them

but it's still a pretty long read and it shows in the anime. the anime moves at breakneck speed and the course of events plays out differently from how things happen in the original work

if you have any intention of reading the VN, then based on this first episode, i'd say skip the anime

The concept has grabbed my attention, and I looked forward to see what happens. The first minute or two was not what I expected, but I guess it shows some of the comedy that's to come. The MC seems like a good dude, as well as the girls. Hoping the pacing slows down a bit, as this episode felt a bit too fast. Overall, it was a good first episode.

Took me a while but I finally found the real-life location

Well this was both a fun and intriguing first episode. Poor Karen got a face full of Setsuna.

This was a odd one but i like Rinne's design a lot plus the char designs from Mayo Chiki! is a bonus.

hopefully it doesn't go down hill later on ,quite a bit of stuff seems to be hidden on this island

i really am very intrigued by this series. i really enjoy the character designs(them hairstyles i just adore), voices seem appropriate, and the first episode has set up a story and main character surprisingly well, and already has given us some intrigue when it comes to the other characters.

Rinne is lovely and i'm looking forward to more from her, and same with Karen. We can definitely expect her to play a pretty big role, at least early on. also this MC with the honestly is the best. "I need to kill someone", "I like flat chests", "Your position indicated you were watching me sleep" like seriously i lowkey love this dude already.

definitely gonna be keeping an eye on this show. looking forward to more.

They really rushed through this, at least it seemed that way to me.

The mystery is intriguing though, they kept throwing bit after bit of information from another timeline in the mix.

So i take it that Setsuna and the three girls are all time travelers with different objectives as to why they have travel through time?

I am very please with what I saw. Can't wait for next weeks episode.

What a strange start!

Lots of really slow moments but also feels quite rushed... But I am also slightly curious about what the mystery with the island is.

Guess I'll keep watching for now!

Art and character design is excellent, the plot is a bit clichè, but is too early to judge, Frontwing do pretty good stories (Grisaia) so we will see.

From my anime-only perspective:

Surprisingly enough, I expected it to be your typical loli harem romcom, but I didn't expect this kind of plot and mystery mixed into it.

I'm used to these kinds of fanservice shots, and I expected them anyway, so it isn't bothering me IMO.

Interesting start, would continue.

Pretty interesting first episode. Characters seem interesting at least and the animation and music is quite good.

Pretty good 1st episode, i'm interested.


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