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[Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu] Episode 4 everyone's impressions [How Not to Summon a Demon Lord]

Episode 4
"Point-Blank War Dance"

Holy Shit, I thought at first white nova failed to activate, what a nice misleading spell casting animation that was.

I thought my player stopped during those brief seconds of no movement before the small white ball appeared.

Also, the river rushing back in to fill the void was a nice touch at the end.

Honestly the attention to detail in this show is way above expectations.

It also didn't gloss over that a fair amount of people died. Sure it was brief but showing that there were people killed during the attack was kinda cool rather than skipping back to the fanservice lol.

And the fact that each spell actually damaged the area it hit. It wasn't like "I got hit by a spell." It was "he shot me with a dark bullet in my shoulder fuck I'm bleeding."

The fact that each dark bullet shot actually "registered" on the fallen was a really nice touch. Whilst in other anime/manga it would have just shown up as a few scratches in some areas.

On that day, mankind received a grim reminder. We lived in fear of the Fallen and were disgraced to live in these cages we called walls.


Yeah she's best girl. Ya know as a manga reader for this the characters do grow and develop a good bit in this series something you dont see often in ecchi/RomCom stuff. It suprised even jaded me.

Not that I mind either way, I'm here for the nekos.

My one complaint about her is how they're neglecting ear animation, half the fun of nekos is how they emote with their ears too.

I am honestly enjoying this show more than any other show this season so far. I did not expect to be enjoying this one as much as I am.

Loved this episode as well, love seeing Diablo-san just fucking destroy his enemies and watch them having their minds and bodies blown away.

And I mean, it's also funny as hell.

I think the reason why this show is working so well is because the author clearly just wanted to make some janky fan-servicey and fun story, rather than having his editor press for something that just sells.

Point being, author actually likes doing this. Self enjoyment seems to always exponentially improve a show's quality, remember Knight's & Magic?

I actually have not seen Knights & Magic I'm totally gonna check it out now though!

It's literally just stupid fun OP mecha. The MC really represents the audience in terms of just wanting to see badass mecha fights.

Diablo is such a great character. Not gonna lie when i first heard about this I came into it expecting something that was "meh" but would scratch my ecchi isekai itch for this season. But dare I say this is actually becoming pretty damn good? Definitely exceeding all my expectations, I hear the author of the source for this is actually amazing and this is his "get away" project. Where he writes for fun and to relax and if each episode keeps getting better as they have been so far it may become one of my all time favorites in the isekai genre.

His other work is Altina the Sword Princess by the way, which is indeed quite good.


GOD FUCKING DAMNIT! Fuck this fucking anime. It has no right of being this good. It's the same fucking thing as Death March, all it did was replacing the MC with one that doesn't give you brain cancer AND LOOK AT HOW MUCH FUCKING BETTER IT IS. It's GALAXIES of improvement. Jesus.

There goes my dignity. I'm enjoying this.

The other characters have actual personalities too, which helps.

Diablo's growth is also really fun too. Hopefully we get an s2 to get to the more...interesting stuff.

And so we continue our adventure in "How not to summon a tsundere."

So much infrastructure damage, and holy shit Edelgard's a tough little one.

Is that Emile's low HP beep just before Diablo arrives back in town? Dude might be a hell of a white knight, but at least he's got the knight part of it down, too.

And apparently little bunnie guildmaster is a friggin minx.

I'd love to summon a tsundere if its like in this anime~

Tsundere, deredere, kuudere, kamidere, chuuni, nekos, legal lolis, bunny girls, demon girls, elves, big oppai, flat oppai and even a magical Christmas cake. This show only needs a yandere imouto with horns and heterochromia to be complete.

≫yandere imouto with horns and heterochromia to be complete.

Holy shit I didn't know I needed this in my life until now...

Emile is actually a badass! Here I was thinking he’d just be a complete joke last episode....

I think we’ve now seen just how overpowered Diablo actually is in this world lol

Ah man this show is just seriously great, with this and Banana Fish I love Thursdays this season

≫Emile is actually a badass! Here I was thinking he’d just be a complete joke last episode....

Emile is a jobber and knows when he's outmatched but he takes pride in his job. A little bit like Mumen Rider from One Punch Man, but more obnoxious.

This, Banana Fish and Steins;Gate 0, thursdays are awesome this season.

i love op characters :)

Same here, this is just perfect for me.

This reminds me of Overlord S1 when it was just about Ainz wrecking everyone. The spells are surprisingly well animated, was expecting a mediocre isekai harem trash, but this is definitely above average so far.

Waga na wa megu- emile! The defender of all women!

But damn, an anime that has a lot of plot, has some nice animation and OST. Can't wait to watch this each week.

Oh god, Emile's gonna die in like an instant, isn't he?

Holy shit, Diablo is so fucking awesome! How is she still alive??

Emile impressed me, I thought he'd get killed so fast

There's a seasonal best girl contest, is there a best guy contest? Because I'm definitely voting for Diablo. I love how he didn't pull the "it's wrong to kill people" shit you see sometimes and gave that bastard the death he deserved.

Bounce! Hard! Proof that flat isn't justice, she couldn't even break his fall

I really like how they showed everyone in mourning and didn't just totally ignore the guys who died. RIP you heroes.

Shera is amazing

These episodes go by way too fast. I was expecting this to be just a silly fanservice thing but it's a really fun action show so far. This is what every "main character is OP" isekai should aspire to be.

Holy shit, that WHITE NOVA had me hyped!

Diablo is a god, Emile is a true warrior to the end, in fact every important character is likable or just straight up great.

If it continues like this, it's probably the best Isekai i've seen so far next to Re:Zero and Konosuba.

This show is surprisingly actually good on numerous fronts as opposed to everything just existing to be fanservice.

Great episode! I'm loving the amount of effort the studio is putting into the show. The big magic scenes from Diablo were especially amazing to watch.

But the biggest point, is that the story actually takes time to mourn the fallen adventurer's and Celes's mage bodgyards that died protecting her and Rem. A lot of stories don't take the time to reflect on events aftermath, instead, go straight ahead into the next arc. That's not something you see a lot of and I really love that aspect of this chapter in the LN and manga.

This show is one of the most enjoyable this season! I'm glad they are doing the adaptation justice!

Hype fights, good bouncing plot and cute girls, this show really is nailing it!

This was really good episode best by far, and I realize what this anime is now

ITS ONE PUNCH MAN in isekai fantasy land

He just 1 spelled away a full army and nothing can hurt him.

And no one gets that he is strong until they fight him.

fallen girl is obviously gonna join the harem as she know sees Diablo as the TRUE demon lord she should worship.

Gotta love how Sylphie seemed to be willing to trade of the princess, ethical speaking but was stopped purely from her fear towards Diablo :)


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