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[Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu] Episode 3 everyone's impressions [How Not to Summon a Demon Lord]

Episode 3
"Fallen Assault"

man fuck you, you're a god damn ecchi fanservice isekai you have no right to blue ball me with a cliffhanger on the 3rd episode.

I would think that blue balling comes with fanservice...

This show is pure fan service and I'm loving every second of it.

But for real, this is actually super entertaining, way better than I expected

Probably going to end up being in my top 5 shows for this season if it continues like this, the fan service is also awesome

It's like they're trying to say something but nobody will listen.

If only there was someone who was booblingual around

somebody call Issei!!!

really enjoying this show so far

Same, fun story, good animation, sick atmosphere, and the icing on the cake is that it is gradually getting better.

Great comedy at the start, that's what I love about such shows. The last parts really surprised me though. I didn't expect to feel that much tension at the end. Now I really want to see what happens next.

Yea this show seems to be good so far with gradually building up on the emotional aspects of the show as well as the atmosphere. I'm looking forward as well!

LN reader here. Glad that the tension carried over well to the anime. Very few OP-protag stories pull this off well, but Isekai Maou does.

Potential new harem member seems promising

Shera is bobos

≫Potential new harem member

As a man with cultured taste. She's already best girl in this show. No one beats a choco skin, blonde hair and pointy ear girl!

I see you have decades of waifu taste beneath your belt. As one man with cultured taste to another, I would like you to know that you have been noticed.

So the MC is not unbeatable, at least with numbers. Fuck that ending tho

Kind of nice to get some 'real' battles though not much was animated this episode.

Between there being legitimate threats in the world and MC having to protect people it won't be a no tension 'mc can blow up everything at any time with no consequences'

I was actually shocked that it went from one shot ko to an actual challenge. Not complaining.

Surprisingly, out of the new shows airing, I think I look forward to this one every week more than any other.

This is just a fun show, pure and simple.

I am kinda bugged by CR translation of "Mazoku" (魔族) to "Fallen".

"Fallen" implies that they changed from something to worse. "Mazou" is just people of demon race or demonic being or demon

Well, they already have friendly demons who are just humans with horns, so they had to use a different word. "Fallen" actually looks like a decent translation to me, because demons are often corrupted spirits and what happened to Galluk certainly looks like corruption.

I suppose they could've called one side demons and the other devils, but that'd be confusing.

The fan translation of the novels goes with "Demon" for the race that Diablo is part of, and "Demonic Being" for the various monstrous enemy species. It's clearly a hard thing to translate with distinction, but at least that term doesn't have the additional implications that "fallen" has.

As I see it, it does have the additional implication that the monsters are related to Diablo's race, because clearly demons are demonic beings.

Dang, I didn't know that Chuggaaconroy was a Level 50 Warrior. He WOULD be the type to unironically level up his character to the max while also being a goof. (The joke is that his name is Emile btw).

Funnily enough, the music that played when the Army of Fallen appeared almost sounded like Bowser's theme from Bowser's Inside Story of all things, haha.

Freaking Shera, she's already much too powerful in the treasure chest department to become any stronger as it is!

haha regarding Emile, I actually thought it was kind of cool that they placed a character who was OP in the show, only to get defeated by the MC who is more OP. It gives good context towards the show.

Also, Diablo's comment about Shera "growing any more" was really funny "Any more, and I will reach heaven!" lol.

Lastly, Bowser's inside story was a pretty amazing game, I liked Superstar Saga as well but both mega good. I'll be re-listening to that scene you referred to to see if I can catch what you mean!

I always appreciate the character writing in this story. Rem's reason for not wanting to owe Celes any favors by taking the simple quest helps me see her as a legitimate person with her own thoughts and motivations.

Rem's cute little fang!

Really enjoying this show to relax and turn my brain off for 24 minutes.

The art for ecchi show has been improving at an impressive rate in the pass decades.The amount of quality PLOT drawn is reaching a point where it can be a temporary stand-in for more H stuff at this point.

Hey.. That's pretty good

Ah, fuck, this show is interesting. Why

I am honestly really enjoying this show. Very fun to watch. It's rare that you see a trash anime get actual good production, this has been great.

Pretty good episode. After this mission they should be skeptical of all easy mission that come there way. Can't wait to see the fight between Diablo and that lancer fallen.


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