Friday, July 13, 2018

[Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu] Episode 2 everyone's impressions [How Not to Summon a Demon Lord]

Episode 2
"The Strongest Newcomer"

That huge blood splatter on the parchment and on the back wall for blood seal killed me

That whole scene had me in stitches; the initial splatter, his internal monologue reaction, dog girl's look of terror as she got splattered... comedy gold right there.

Not to mention the Guildmaster holding the blood soaked parchment later as shes talking to them casually.

TFW you’ll never wake up while groping the boobies of an adorable neko and a bodacious elf. Why even live?

Give it time. Every year we are making more generic MMORPG's with big tiddie elves. So the odds that you coincidentally shift to another quantum worldline that just happens to correspond with a game you played increases with every new release!

I just hope that the day a morally corrupt nation starts creating monsters girls and big tiddie elf with the use of generic engineering and CRISPR will come soon. But for that, we need to saturate the market even more with generic isekai, so more people will become as corrupted as us, making anime real once and for all!

Are we finally going to see someone pick Rem?!?

I'm sorry Rem, but I love Oppai.

Now this here looks like a demon lord.

It's worse than a demon lord. It's a demon lord's wife.

Sure, she looks like one, but so does Diablo. And as we all know, it's the demon lord on the inside that counts.

Well Rem does have a Demon Lord inside her, remember?

Yay, you got the joke!

I think I could have worded it better, so I was worried it wouldn't come across.

Loved that the blood seal is just one giant stain that covers the bottom half of the page

I was happy to see that the blood stain carried over to the next scene.

And this is why i lock my door before watching an anime.

One of the great things about being an adult and living on your own is not having to worry about that

I do love our MC falling back on the demon lord persona as a crutch for his crippling lack of social skills

It leads to some great plot situations and some brilliant reaction faces

Imagine being isekai‘d and still having to walk five hours to do a quest, I felt his pain

Imagine having to grin repeat quests with 5 hours walk each way TT

all that magic and he can't cast Fly or Haste.

He can teleport as he hinted in episode 1, he just doesn't want to rush and risk it as he can teleport halfway inside of a wall thus killing him for all he knows.

Well I'm officially trash I guess. I do like that for at least now it doesn't seem like he has a bottomless inventory of items/money from the game.

Makes sense, too. He only has what he had on his character when he was summoned, and most MMO players aren't running around with everything they've ever collected jammed in their bag.

Like if I were to get isekai'd into my WoW character, my inventory would consist of the gear I had, some consumables, and about three bags' worth of cosmetic items I carried around for funsies.

Really? I feel like you own 80% of useful stuff in your bag. I mean your gold counts too right? My bank literally consists of junk that I might need later. Like I even keep mats in my bag. But then again WoW bag space is stupidly massive lol...

At this point I'm just going to embrace all this fanservice and enjoy it

Sasuga Ainz-sama Diablo!

Ainz and Diablo teamup when?!

Maybe some day, there was already a crossover with overlord and this author's previous work (Altina the sword princess) from what I understand both authors are friends so it could happen.

Holy shit, this is among the most depraved, haphazardly written isekai garbage that we've seen yet.


This MC can be such a dick to his harem (which is kinda justified cus they tried to enslave him) But I absoloutly love that. Elf girl (aka best grill) gets the spotlight this week. This show doesnt give a fuck about all of the ecchi haters and lays it all on the table for us which is why it is probaly gunna be my aots.

I mean, he's only a dick because that's literally the only way he can actually talk to people without clamming up out of awkwardness. It's roleplay or noplay for him.

This continues to be a fun time, the fanservice scenes were done in a way that made it hilarious. I wouldn't mind these three going on constant adventures every episode.

Elf girl got her shine!

You know, in a way that ability of his ring to reflect magic kinda reminds me of Touma's imagine breaker(Toaru no majutsu no index)except it negates magic.So far the show is really great and the fan service are done right, the elf girl is somehow not just the "Breast girl" but the BEST GIRL INDEED.

Pure trash. I love it.


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