Friday, July 6, 2018

[Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu] Episode 1 everyone's impressions [How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord]

Episode 1
"The Demon Lord Act"

Subaru looking ass motherfucker
I'm kind of an idiot for isekai and shonen and this seems fun, I hope it doesn't disapoint like Death March.
We got Kazuma looking dude behind the bushes
from this episode alone it looks like it will be better as a show. I can't compare how the web novels are since I haven't read it.
Holy SHIT we've reached PEAK Crunchyroll!
Not available in Spanish and Portuguese is also a mess... guess it is time to practice my lacking French x)
It doesn't translate the flavor text, though (not that you can read it without pausing).
Fortunately there are better subs out there.

That explosion was Megumin worthy.
Not voiced by Takahashi Rie though 7.8/10. /s
You asked for this, didn't you?
Harem comedy counterpart to Overlord? If they nail the comedy this could be pretty enjoyable
But Overlord is already a comedy
I'm a sucker for an isekai anime no matter how cheesy it is. Love it so far !
I just love the genre and all the shit that comes out with it.
I'm watching this for the PLOT, the cat girl, and the elf boobs.
All anyone needs.
The fact that she's named Rem is just icing on the cake.
I fucking love this. Isekai+Misinterpreted MC+ Cute girls+lewd = sign me the fuck up.
Attention: Grabbed. This is the perfect followup to DXD.
This fantasy isekai will sate my high class taste after not having one last season. Bunny/cat/elf girl harem, Demon Lord NEET MC, catchy as fuck OP....This is destined for AotY and the Smithstonian.
This was actually nice, i like the main trio a lot
The neko has some great character arcs. The elf has... meh character development. A fair bit of other characters do get well developed too.
New season of Overlord lookin' pretty nice with those plots.
Finally Ainz got his libido back!
This one episode had more plot than an entire season of Overlord
Awe yeah. Loving those near Megumin tier explosions, those cat ears, and that elf jiggle.
I have to wonder though what on Earth were they thinking with Celestine's character design? There is just so much God damn lipstick just making her look ugly. I can't help but compare to the LN illustrations and wonder what happened?
And lastly I see that Krum is as adorable as ever. May she enjoy many biscuits in this anime.
oh this is Isekai for sure it even has Subaru in it
And a the female main protagonist is called REM.. wow
I liked that the main character starts out at like max level but has problem talking to people etc so he has to pretend to an evil demon lord, the biggest difference I would say is that usually the isekai guy is all clueless and ask for help etc, and general is annoying, while this guy then has to pretend he knows everything at least :)
Rem story is so absurdly cliche and it was great how he pointed out that he better finds out her secret now before it bites him in the ass later lol, guy is obviously genre savvy.
Given how "subaru" acts towards the head mage too, lmao he white knights just as hard.
The new Rem is the best Rem. Can't beat catgirls. It's like an unspoken rule :P Best girl by far.
Initial thoughts:
Wow this looks like a lewder version of "Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon"
Cat girl > Elf girl. Change my mind
Megumin would join this harem instantly after witnessing that Explosion
Can't wait to see what situations this guy gets into. In the first ep he reduced Rem to nothing
Well I'm hooked. Anyone know if the manga is any good?
≫Anyone know if the manga is any good?
It is based on a light novel, but there is a manga adaptation too. I would recommend the LN myself because it actually geniunly reads well. The author is a pro LN writer who actually knows how to write a story. Even if it is trashy and generic, it never once made me facepalm unlike a lot of other Isekai LNs.
You can read the manga too. I think a few scenes are a bit toned down though.
(Also read the official translation of the LN)
I don't get why people are comparing this to Smartphone and Death march, it's much more similar to Konosuba/Overlord. first episode was pretty hilarious.
Looks like this is the season of Isekais. Not complaining though as i love em. Elf girl already looks like best grill.
I can't believe how many cliche lines they managed to fit into the first 2 minutes.
That aside, this is packed with fan service. I like it already.
The catgirl tortures were amazing.
I love it so far. Konosuba vibes with lewd neko and elf girls? Sign me in!
This is my jam! I LOVE Isekai anime.
This is a solid 10/10 ep for me. I'm hyped for more.
Seriously though, read the manga and it failed to impress. However, the show itself was surprisingly well done. I was expecting it to go full on DxD levels of Fanservice but they balanced it out pretty well.
I saw the lewd OP and expected nothing but this was actually a neat first episode. That animation at the end though. Gives me a Death March vibe which I love.
I liked this a lot!
All three characters are likable, not much insight on the elf besides the boobs yet though.
All that went to Rem and the MC, that ''torture'' scene was hilarious with his inner thoughts.
Alright, first isekai of summer 2018 and what a trashy decent start to the season. It was quite okay, as expected of a isekai show, and the characters are fine. Of course, the maim reason anyone would watch this would be for the PLOT! Will keep up with this show.
As someone who read the manga and found if average I have to say that this first episode was a pleasant surprise. One of my main gripes with the series was the pacing, sometimes I felt the manga dragged too much on some instances, but after watching this episode and also noticing how much the anime will cover I have high hopes that having only 12 episodes will actually be better for this show.
I was about to start reading this manga, figured I’d do it now that I randomly saw it was an anime. The first episode made it look interesting!
Woo! Another Isekai show to satisfy me! This episode was pretty good. Better than I had hoped for!


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