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[Hisone to Masotan] Episode 12 - FINAL everyone's impressions

Episode 12
 "Invincible us"

I had no idea what kind of ending would work for this show, and apparently, that was it. The combination of siliness and drama was wonderful. Hisone is a japanese Forrest Gump at this point. Nobody knows how she succeeds. And yet she does. Absolutely AOTS.

People saying the ending is a cop-out/not tragic enough miss the point. Sad ending would be both generic and incosistent with the tone of a show. Someone dying is not what makes drama deep.

I would be fine with a happy ending if it was explained in any way. They just hand waved it. She's fine, love wins! It's an awful ending the takes the entire premise and drama of the show and discards it. Didn't matter. MC said she would do it her way and live and she did. Garbage.

And i'll repeat it, the ending being unexplained is the entire point. It's a joke. Hisone has life skills of a crippled panda, yet she's doing fine somehow, the ending just takes it to the extreme. Island sized dragon? 1000 years old ritual? Fuck that, I'm going to beat it all with my can-do attitude.
Same for the tone. Anything like ambiguous "they're still waiting for her", or dumb "old woman sacrifices herself instead" ending would be a total non-sequitur. The ending we have logically stems from the story before it.

Well, that ending was kinda silly but I still enjoyed this anime a lot, a good 8/10 from me.

This show is very lewd sometimes. Especially when Hisone told Natsume she would take Okonogi's first time as soon as she diez

Or everything the mikos were saying.

The real reason Masotan stayed with Amakasu is because he didn't want to get cucked by Mitatsu-sama?

Also, the real reason Hisone wanted Natsume to survive was to experience the feeling of cucking someone. Savage

I'll admit the ending kinda spoiled the experience for me a bit. Like really? Hisone and Masotan just pop up out of nowhere with no explanation? Other than that it's probably in the running for best anime of the season, but man that ending.

Well it does say they are unstoppable. Most likely just flew out of before the crash. I think the ending was great and uplifting. I do not know why anybody would want any of these characters to die.

But it was three months later, if she flew out just before the crash then what the hell was she doing this entire time?

Maybe she spend 3 months trying to get out of Mitatsu insides. Masotan was all dirty after all and hungry by the looks of things

This has to be one of my favorite shows of the season and maybe year. I do not know why some people wanted someone to die. I think they handled it quite well and my only complaint is no ed!

Same, it's my favorite Anime of the year so far

So Hisone took three months to find Mitatsu's anus or what?

also I am thinking how she survived three months without food there?

Or how Masotan survived without having to have his body cooled. Or how they actually survived the ritual even though she did exactly what the previous people did.

So was Hisone "getting friendly" with Haru at the end there?

Oh yeah I meant to mention that in my comments too.. Yeah I think she pounced on him while inside Masotan.. probably kissed him ;).

I have to say, after finally seeing the ending... I feel super disappointed with how it played out.

I feel like it had an amazing premise, gorgeous animation, adorable characters, an awesome fantasy military setting, and a sense of mystery that kept me coming back every week... Hisone to Masotan had everything going for it.

I really enjoyed the nice blend of slice of life, military, and fantasy. But it started to drift away from the former, and focus more on this weird plot about human sacrifice and this giga dragon. You could say we didn't learn about the human sacrifice until the second to last episode, but it was so obvious the moment the new characters were added. "You'll kiss me if I get chosen as dragon food the Binden right?"

The first half of the series was very entertaining, but the second half just felt... Awkward. The story wasn't about Masotan or Hisone anymore. It was about this big evil sky fish that tosses and turns in his sleep every 75 years.

All in all, I liked it... But I wish I liked it a lot more...

This was a really fun show, from beginning to end. It also had its fair share of emotional moments, which were balanced out really well and helped contribute to the narrative. The characters, also, were really good. Every character served a purpose in the show, no matter how minor.

For this episode, I thought the ending was good. Seeing a character die was my biggest concern with the ending, but they didn't go that route, thankfully. Of course, we heard Hisone lick Maso one more time, before the end of the season.

Solid ending to a good show. I like that Hisone stayed Hisone till the very end. Her rants have always been one of my favorite parts of the show.

The ending was a bit too silly but it was still a great anime.

Time to download the OP now.

edit : Thank again Asenshi for your work !

This has been a beautiful flight.

That was quite a ride!

I really enjoyed this ending. I only with they would have shown how Hisone and Masotan got out. Or rather, why it took them 3 months. But it was a happy ending which is the most important to me anyway.

One of the few to not suffer any animation issues this season. Seriously stellar work by Bones. Voice acting and the art style in general were also great.

But I really found myself quite disinterested in the story and characters from after the island episode (6th ep.) towards the end. It really only picked up for me in the last two episodes, which is something I didn't expect anymore. I think the issue was that it was just kinda uneventful and slowly paced, which I know I rarely enjoy.

I'm still not sure what to think of it overall. It didn't really blow my socks off, but at the same time I find the setting and art really cool and well executed. I had fun overall, but at the same time I was bored at many point. But thanks to the finale I think I would say it's ok 7/10. I will really miss the ED though.

Can't wait to watch it all over again once the international release on Netflix happens.

My anime of the season along with Hinamatsuri. What a fantastic last episode.
Highlights for me:
  • Character design - Love how distinct each character looks and really matches their personalities/purpose in the show.
  • OP - That OP thooo~ I think it's my favorite OP of the season with Wotakoi in close second.
  • Story Telling - I personally thought that the story was very well paced. The few episodes leading to the climax the show started to reveal what was really on the line and what really happened with Sada.
  • Comedy and heart - This show was genuinely funny at times but still very wholesome.

While I think the ending could have been better paced and explained. Maybe slowing it down with an extra episode to nail down how things went in WWII and then how they did things differently in the present.

Still it was a really fun series with an entertaining cast and lively animation. I hope this comes to the rest of Netflix soon so more people can enjoy it.

There was something about this show that just oozed charm and charisma that despite its flaws it was extremely enjoyable. I do have this show as AOTS for me because of it's whimsical and upbeat nature with some really fun characters. Hisone is easily Spring 2018 Best Girl.

Damn, what a performance by Misaki Kuno (Hisone's VA). Really, kudos to her, it was amazing.

Otherwise, it was a very fun show, definitely amongst the best this season.


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  1. I wonder why whenever I watch anime, it's always the absolutely bananas underwatched anime. Oh well, not like I regret my decision.

    This is however easily the best anime of 2018. The characters were relatable, especially Hisone, and had realistic motivations, the comedy was pretty good, and the conflict of Hisone trying to bond with Masotan had enough emotional weight to carry the series on its own. But then they threw in the evil fish thing that tosses and turns in its sleep every seven decades, so if the show wasn't already insane, it's now absolutely bonkers. I did not mind that twist one bit though, as it added another conflict to the anime and it was written pretty well, and I am a fan of multiple conflicts.

    This is simply me being a history nut, but I was kind of hoping for World War II to be featured more than it was. Still, I feel it helped quite a bit to flesh out the whole "we gotta put this giant fish to sleep or Japan will be underwater" arc.

    Honestly, they handled Hisone's character pretty well. It made for some good comedy with her brutal honesty, but it also didn't turn her into a total jerk, which I really do appreciate. Hisone and Masotan's character arcs were easily the best part of the show for me, as both of their conflicts with each other were clearly defined in a well-written way.

    I'll admit, at the ending, I was legit on the verge of crying, both because they seemingly killed off the two best characters of the show, and because the "kill off the main character at the end" cliche is starting to become overused, at least from my perspective. Therefore, I was very pleased to learn that they didn't die, and I understand why some people would be confused by the ending, but I rationalized that Masotan and Hisone, due to their proximity to the center of Mitatsu-sama, were protected from the impact, and with contact lost to the outside world, they simply lived off the land for three months, although, let's be honest, the show has always been zany and goofy from the first episode, so it could also be interpreted as this show being bananas again. Also, I think everyone knows by this point what happened after Masotan accidentally nommed Haruto. ;)

    Overall, with great humor, well-written characters, and emotional weight, this show is without a doubt my new favorite anime, the first being Youjo Senki. I'm not sure if I should completely fanboy it though...Fuck it, this show's zany as hell, 10/10 I love it, hyped as hell for the Netflix release.

    (sry if the review was kinda long, I just love this show so much and I needed to get it out)