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[Hataraku Saibou] Episode 4 everyone's impressions [Cells at Work!]

Episode 4
"Food Poisoning"

A band of Vibrio bacteria invades the stomach. Basophil warns the immune cells about it, but confuses everyone by speaking cryptically. The immune cells defeat the invaders, but one of them, Eosinophil, was unable to land any good hits and had to be rescued. The other cells mock her as a weakling, except AE3803 and U-1146. The stomach then gets invaded by a massive Anisakis parasite. The immune cells are no match for it, but Eosinophil explains she is designed to battle parasites and kills it with a single blow. The other cells apologize for making fun of her and praise her as a hero. 


Basophils confirmed edgelords.

Nobody knows what the fuck they do both IRL and in the anime.

Basophils in Tokoyami's body probably

He said it again

All in a day's work.

Every week this past month, I've been questioning myself whether I'm watching a show meant for kids. Then WBC does shit like this.

Me: this show could be great to supplement middle schoolers' biology class

Also me: we might need to consider if this is appropriate to show in clases

Me: well of course they won't show red blood cells dying during the scab, it's made for children!

Also me: but whose children exactly should be watching this?

I love how they portray Basophils. Since IRL no one knows a lot about them, he just talks nonsense lol

The Chuuni cell.

The digestion process. What a romantic first date for our two heroes.

At least it's going to be a date to never forget.

Speaking of dates... I have questions about this one regular cell...

He's protecting the platelets

How adorable is it that the Platelets use the buddy system?

Double the Platelets, double the cute.

I mean, those platelets are adorable, but I just realized how weird the image looks out of context...

White Blood Cell turned into a Red Blood Cell.

This was a good episode, with Eosinophil exterminating the terrifying the Anisakis and receiving the praise she deserves. Eosinophil blushing was incredibly cute.

Looking forward to brbEightball's notes about this episode, since I find the stomach to be quite interesting.

One of my biggest gripes about anime is that generally speaking, no one seems to have a goddamn clue how hand clapping and finger snapping work, so when they started clapping and the sound was muffled because of the gloves most were wearing was the most satisfying thing in the world. Thank you, magnificent series.

Yeah I noticed that too, great attention to detail. As an aside have we been told who those guys are yet? Can't recall that we have but they seem to be transporting pots of soup a bit like how the red blood cells transport baskets of food...?

Basophils and Sugita work so well together. XD

Eosinophil did her best, that blush was really cute. :)

Eosinophil is pink, because eosinophils like eosin stain, a pinkish dye. Likewise, Basophil is blue, because basophils like basic dyes like hematoxylin. These stain a darker purple, almost bluish compared to eosin. Hematoxylin and eosin are the two dyes used in an H&E stain, a common histology stain.

The people demand more platelets per episode

The people haven't read the manga then, because the platelets aren't protagonists again until ep 26 Which features mommy platelet

So glad my boy basophil was adapted well.

This poor body catches the worst stuff, but it's downright entertaining.

At least next episode is (probably) just a run-of-the-mill allergy.

That Akatsuki-lookalike cell looks so badass that I forgot his function throughout the whole episode.

It's unclear what their functions are irl, which is why he is just edgelord and badass lol

When the time is right, he will unleash his true power... but only when the time is right.

Man I love how the episode paced itself so that they don't fully reveal a cell's true function until they really need to and use it as your classic Shounen power up. Absolutely Animedu-tained.FuckThatWasBad

Eosinophils best girl, but honestly edgelord Basophils really stole the show.

I tend to get food poisoning somewhat often, so I look forward to seeing this anime’s interpretation of WTF goes on in my stomach

That sloshing stewpot of curry was a pretty good simulation.

And this is why I don't eat seafood.

Seafood is fine if you cook it. What you just witnessed is the reason why the FDA slaps that label on menus about the danger of rare/uncooked meat.

As someone with eosinophilic esophagitis, this makes me feel better. At least my esophagus is being attacked by cute girls.

I don't know why the subs I have sub certain things when they're already explaining them. There was a big wall of text for the gastric acid while there were also subs for the narrator saying basically the same thing. Seems to be doing this whenever the narrator introduces something or someone.

Eosinophils is pretty great.

I'm learning so God damn much in this episode.

Eosinophils are only very good at killing parasites found within the body, huh? Nice. I'd be that kind of blood cell too if it meant I can be the hero for just one day.

That Basophil didn't do anything, but he was a highlight for sure.

And of course, the platelets had their cute moment when two of them were holding hands in front of the Basophil. Man, this show is so great.


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