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[Hataraku Saibou] Episode 3 everyone's impressions [Cells at Work!]

Episode 3

Naive T Cell is patrolling the body for influenza virus proliferation. But since he’s never taken on the enemy before, he’s completely terrified and useless. He finally ends up fleeing the battlefield where White Blood Cell (Neutrophil) and the veteran Killer T Cells are fighting. Naive T Cell is filled with self-loathing until Dendritic Cell sees him and speaks to him kindly. 


That was the fastest character development I had ever seen for a character. Unless Naive T cells actually get activated that fast
They go 0 to JOJO real quick
Shinji to Jotaro in 15 seconds
I'd love for this to be the official sliding scale for character development.
They don't. Single clones will differentiate rather quickly, but they will not proliferate fast enough and become dominant unless their T Cell Receptors are really specific to the antigen presented by the antigen-presenting cells (I'll focus on professional antigen-presenting cells below because that's what dendritic cells are).
It's simplistic, but if a Naive T cell encounters a professional antigen presenting cell in the lymph node, like a dendritic cell, then it will be activated depending on the mix of cytokines and the strength of the interaction between it, MHC*, and the antigen presented by said MHC. From there it differentiates to an effector cell, which could be CD4+ (a helper T cell or a regulatory T cell) or CD8+ (cytotoxic/killer T cell). This kind of differentiation and adaptive response takes days to develop in the specificity implied here. Also, the fact that there were memory cells that recognized the antigen so well should have been the end of the story as they would have proliferated so fast the infection wouldn't take root (it's how you have immunity after vaccination). However this could be a case where it's a second influenza infection that is so different from a vaccine or a previous infection that memory isn't very useful, which is often the case with the flu.
Another thing that was disappointingly misrepresented is how B cells participate in this battle. The show is great at replacing communication via cytokines and chemokines through walkie-talkies and phones, but for whatever reason decided that the B cell is going to be present at the battlefield. Antibody-producing B cells tend to reside in secondary lymphoid organs* as plasma cells (fully-differentiated B cells that are antibody-producing facotries, and look so creepy under an electron microscope thanks to this specialization) or as activated B cells in germinal centers undergoing somatic hypermutation (think of it as the optimization process for an antibody that proved partially potent). Plasma cells dump the antibodies they produce into circulation from the peripheral lymphoid organs, and said antibodies can do one of three things:
1) Opsonize the invaders; AKA make them easier for macrophages, monocytes,* and neutrophils to eat.
2) Neutralize the invaders, by literally covering them with antibody and sticking them together. Antibodies have two arms, and each can bind one molecule from one invader, which prevents them from dispersing as well. Additionally, if you cover the receptors and surface molecules with stuff, those can't do their jobs and the invader is disabled.
3) Activate the complement cascade: Simply-put, the complement pathway is activated by many things including antibodies. It is comprised of circulating factors that will automatically assemble into a capsule around the invader, disabling it and making it easy to phagocytose. It also can punch holes in invading or infected cells killing them that way. It can also facilitate killing by any of the innate cells, like neutrophils or natural killer cells, as well as the cytotoxic T cells.
EDIT: Corrected the location of B lymphocytes/cells.
EDIT: Changed MHC class II to just MHC because it could be either II or I depending on the differentiation pathway.
TIL every time I get the flu, the walking dead is being reenacted inside my body.
And man Macrophage is a cute!
I didn't know this was Jojo part 4.5
≫And man Macrophage is a cute!
Pretty sure a Macrophage has never been described as cute before by anyone else in the history of the Universe.

 What a time to be alive!
When the video stops to buffer and you get the best frame of the OP
Well if that ain't the most precious thing you've ever seen
In today's episode, David Production reminds us that, yes, they are still the studio animating JoJo
I feel like this cell guy might become a guy who punches anyone doing bad things regardless of gender or get recruited to some organization and have a lovable kouhai and a fuckton of servants and save history.
I want to be Dendrite – he’s got the coolest job.
Dendrite is a Pokemon Cell Trainer, lol. He makes cells mega-evolve!
This show has taught me how piss poor my biology classes were.
Omg same here we have a Aarabic teacher now and he cant even talk Swedish fluently let alone have a dialogue without explaining every word you are saying. And we have him in biology he doesnt even know the swedish terms for everything and this shit is making me learn alot more than my whole last year.
This show turned into "Naive's Bizarre Adventure" for a while there
Well, RIP this person...
The way the represented fever, chills or sweating were pretty creative, I liked it!
Oh and of course... Macrophage-sama!
And this guy isn't even "unhealthy" like the body from Cells At Work BLACK. He's just an increasingly unlucky bastard.
The last two episodes were just being over-dramatic. In episode 1, bacteria only managed to cause a single sneeze. The human probably didn't even notice there was an infection. A similiar situation has probably happened to you this last week. In episode 2, it is just a small scrape, barely the size of those small circular band-aids. This is the first time where the human actually noticed something was wrong.
≫The last two episodes were just being over-dramatic.
Which is an accurate representation of our immune system.
I think B-cell is my new favorite. All the poor boy wants is some credit for all his hard work.
When you spend all your time making antibodies, you don't have time to hang around with the cool guys.
The number of top tier VAs in this show is rather impressive.
Seriously we are only 3 episodes in and the list is already so freaking long it's amazing. I wonder how they managed to get that much amazing VAs... they even put Ishida Akira of all people on a random guy just to say a single line of dialogue lmao (at 10:02)
Not so spoiler: that particular cell would actually be important for the story. In case you missed it, he also appears on previous episodes.
Oh I did miss it so that's great to hear thank you!
Who the fuck is this guy? The host body, I mean? Every freaking week he's getting injured or sick. Now he gets two different types of influenza, back to back? Seriously, this dude must lead a shocking lifestyle.
The fan theory is that its a child. Children get hit hard with a lot in their first years. (The spinoff series is an adult)
Eta: and last week was hardly an injury- a scab from scraping your skin.
So children’s platelets are more lolier
Does that mean my platelets are more like a mature beauty?
maybe legal loli
Ara ara! Miss Macrophage to the rescue.
This is so enjoyable yet so educational at the same time, we should just do all our schooling through anime.
Yooo, Effector T is a beast!
Not much Platelets this week, but that's ok, we got a couple peeks at their daily lives.
≫Not much Platelets this week
Oh noes, let's fix that.
that first one is not the cute platelet i was expecting
Soon we'll get delinquent Platelet-chans.
Then a Metamorphosis Platelet-chan spinoff.
Amazing episode but what bugged me was that Neutrophils don't really do much in a viral infection.
There is actually a bit of uncertainty about the neutrophil role in viral pathologies, that might explain it in a way.
Man, who knew my cells were having so much emotional drama going on inside of me?
300 million cells die in your body every minute.
That makes Elfen Lied look like Non Non Biyori.
This could have made my haematology and immunology units so much fun to study for (also, macrophage is a beast)
This ED is shaping up to be one of my favorites this year.
ClariS make great music. I liked them in Eromanga sensei, and I love them here.
Next week's episode is Tsundere cell and god am I ready for it. Putting my hype for next week aside I have been dying to see this chapter animated and David Pro delivered. My heart at how manly these T cells are. Bros being dudes who support each other in the best way possible. So wholesome.
Aww yeah, I was waiting for Macrophage to play a role. She's fucking awesome! Who would've known that we have such badass women inside us?
This is oddly moving. You can do it, Naive!
Seeing those cells transform and then get killed was kind of heartbreaking
Holy shit, speaking of transformations. Naive really looking like he's straight out of JoJo's.
Damn cliffhanger, now I really can't wait for next week


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