Sunday, July 15, 2018

[Hataraku Saibou] Episode 2 everyone's impressions [Cells at Work!]

Episode 2
"Scrape Wound"

The red blood cells find themselves in trouble when the vessel they are travelling on is broken by a skin abrasion, with 1446 and the other white blood cells forced to deal with all the germs that come through as a result. As the germs plot to eliminate all the neutrophils before backup can arrive, the white blood cells manage to hold them off while the platelets arrive to clot the wound, preventing more germs from getting through. 

Where were you when anime was saved by loli platelet soldiers?

I was busy being distracted by the loli platelet soldiers

I hope you were distracted in a completely wholesome way, other I may need to have a word with the Lolice.

that germ queen was kind of hot

What have we become?

We are transforming into beings of superiority and pure degeneracy.

No kind of about it she was my type.

After watching this anime:

Just think, if you scratched it, you would be undoing all of their hard work...

I think I'm gonna take extra good care of myself so I wouldn't have to force my platelet-chans to do labour for my stupidity.

I feel guilty for accidentally stabbing myself with a pencil yesterday.

At this pace the last episode better be about diabetes because this is too much!

I think the show is giving everyone diabetes just from watching it. It will most likely be in an episode

Next episode is about JoJo, though.

When the Platelets were walking down the stairs, I had the exact same reaction. Once they made it down the stairs, I was relieved. It's still early days, but Red Blood Cell is the best girl of the season.

Platelets came in big this episode with the blood clotting.

This show feels like I'm back in school, but with the addition of HanaKana's god-tier voice acting, badass White Blood Cells and the cutest Platelets ever.

So in the 2020 Best girl contest.. will Red Blood Cell and the lead Platelet count as girls? lol

Can we just replace high school biology with this show?

Why stop at biology? God dammit, I demand we make cute anime girls out of every school subject!

Why stop at every school subject? We could make cute anime girls out of everything in existence!?

can we make cute anime girls out of existence itself?

That's how we get philosophy.

HanaKana screams, the 100% guaranteed way to improve your anime.

Any HanaKana noise is 100% improvement.

I think you mean this

Can I just say how happy I am that this is being received so well? I bought every volume of the manga since it wasn’t popular enough to have easy to find scanlations online. I highly recommend it - the art is great and I think faithfully depicted in the anime.

I can’t wait until we meet more new cells, I have a feeling this subreddit is going to love them.

Thought I'd share this here too.

The Japanese Red Cross should put posters of this all over Japan. I guarantee you blood donation rates would go up.

In turn will attract the secret society of blonde loli vampires that's over hundreds of years old that happens to be stationed in Japan for whatever reason. Win-Win.


Another fantastic episode! HanaKana and the Platletes are just so cute.

Loli Rescue Squad GO! I love the one on the 2nd one on the left. She looks ready for action.

Now every time I hurt myself, I imagine a bunch of cute lolis trying to help patch me up again.

Next episode is gonna show the real reason why David Productions picked up this show in the first place.

The platelets are the cutest thing ever, watching them carry that package down the stairs at the start gave me inner peace

Tell me about it

This took everything from last episode and dialed it up a notch, from the cuteness to the action to the educational facts to the shipping. Good to know this wasn't a one episode wonder. Not that I had any doubt with those Platelets.

Oh man the CR thumbnail is of the platelets, they know what we want, this episode is already amazin.

11/10 smile.


But she protect you.

Protect the loli who protects you.


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