Tuesday, July 10, 2018

[Hataraku Saibou] Episode 1 everyone's impressions [Cells at Work!]

Episode 1

Inside a human body, a red blood cell named AE3803 is rescued from a sudden attack from a group of Pneumococcus germs by a white blood cell named U-1446. Later, as AE3803 tries to find her way to the lungs to make the delivery, she discovers one of the germs has escaped and is planning an attack on the lungs, so she and U-1446 accompany each other to the lungs to pursue it. Upon reaching the lungs and parting ways with U-1446, AE3803 discovers the germ had been hiding in her package the entire time, waiting to target red blood cells for their nutrients. However, U-1446, who had caught onto the germ's plan, arrives in time and lures the germ into a trap, where he is ultimately sneezed out of the lungs. 

Three minutes in and I can already tell this is going to be my favorite anime of the season.

[edit] We have confirmation.
soon we'll be lewding them red blood cells.
The real waifus were inside of us all along.
I wish my red blood cells were voiced by HanaKana.
You wouldn't wish your body is the one in this anime/manga series lol. You'd be suffering a lot otherwise.
Then one day, you walk into a room and your entire circulatory system blurts "TUTTURU!"
no one noticed it's the same voice as Kaos-chan?
Wow, good ear. It was indeed Akao Hikaru.
Seeing all those lolitelets doing their best made me want to cut myself.
Wouldn't be surprised to read a news article about an Otaku actually doing this
There are no adult platelets because platelets only live 2 weeks at most on average.
Between all the cells showcased so far, red blood cells seem to have the longest lifespan at just 100-120 days. This show is going to end in tragedy.
Me whenever I wash my hands
but what about 0.01% of germs
That's what the white blood cells are for.
Don't forget brushing your teeth.
I died when the Platelets couldn't unload the cargo.
Indeed, hemophilia is a terrible disease.
I'm still trying to find out what that scene is supposed to represent.
There was probably some sort of injury. Platelets use Calcium ions to form clots to stop bleeding. The cargo had Ca written on it, meaning they were having trouble unloading the Calcium Ions to form the clot. Once they get the Calcium, they start forming the clots.
I thought the use of CGI in this episode was surprisingly well done. Really liking the aesthetic overall.
Can confirm, because I haven't even noticed it was there.
Wait, there were CG aside than in the ending? I didnt even noticed it.
As a medical student, it's very fun to see a lot of the concepts I've learned in this fashion.
Not even going to question why I'm watching, let alone enjoying, a show where Kana Hanazawa voices a fucking red blood cell.
Just a really charming first episode, the synopsis was just perfect and watching it you could tell the mangaka had a ton of fun making it. Seiyuu OP and ClariS ED are really nice too.

Hanakana voicing a damn red blood cell, loli platelets, hard ass lymphocytes, sneezes being portrayed as launching off germs... this show is just ridiculous in the best way possible.
I love it. It's fun, it's cute, it's badass, and it's somewhat educational, although a bit less than I expected it to be. This is the anime I've been waiting for ever since I got interested in biology as a kid, and HanaKana is voicing in it too!
This feels more like a Genius Bonus than educational since they don't actively explain every single thing, and the viewers are the one who's supposed to decipher the reference.
Catgirls? Dragongirls? Battleshipgirls? That's old news, We'll be shipping and lewding fucking body cells in no time.
born to late to explore earth, born to early to explore the galaxy, born just in time to lewd blood cells.
So much blood for an educational anime! We even have HanaKana as a cute Red Blood Cell! And it looks like this is by David Productions! Please sneak in some Jojo references.

Definitely something to look forward to every weekends!

EDIT: Pneumococcus' design reminds me of Meruem for some reason.
I mean, the lymphocyte leader is basically Jotaro, so we have some material.
And Pneumococcus looks like an unused design for a Stand.
≫We even have HanaKana asa cute Red Blood Cell!

And we also get Mamiko Noto as the narrator.

I could swear I heard the voice of the pneumococcus before, but most likely was from shonen anime, so I can't put my finger on who's the VA.
There is so many top tier voice actors in this episode alone that's pretty amazing

Oh and Kaos's VA spoted at 15:58 (the girl on the left). Hopefully she becomes relevant later on.
My main takeaway from this show so far is that there lolis working harder to maintain my body than I do.
So far, the Platelets might be the cutest goddamn things i've seen this year in anime.

This was one great first episode. I really like the concept of this show and the characters seem fun. My favorite part was the kids having trouble with those boxes.

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